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Year Founded: 2001

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French Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

France : Aix-en-Provence, Antibes and 12 other cities , Arles, Avignon, Cannes, Cassis, Eze, Marseille, Monaco, Nice, Paris, St-Laurent-du-Var (French Riviera), St. Tropez, Versailles Show less

High School Study Abroad Programs in France The French possess an enduring pride in their traditions, philosophies, and attitudes, and for good reason. Delectable cuisine,...

Nice: Residential French Immersion

France : Antibes, Cannes and 4 other cities , Eze, Monaco, Nice, St. Tropez Show less

Take French Studies in the Arts, Language, Culture, and Sports and Recreation. The program combines a major in French Language and electives in various courses, including...

Barcelona: Residential Cultural Immersion and Travel

Spain : Barcelona, Girona (Gerona) and 3 other cities , Madrid, Segovia, Toledo Show less

Take Spanish Studies in the Arts, History, Culture, and Language. Students can take Major courses in Spanish Literature, Spanish Language, Drawing, Spanish History, Art History,...

Florence-Rome: Residential Cultural Immersion & Travel

Italy : Cinque Terre, Florence and 5 other cities , Lucca, Pisa, Roma (Rome), Siena, Viareggio Show less

Italian Cultural Studies in Studio Art, Art History, Language, Cuisine, Fashion, and Photography Join us in Italy this summer for a study abroad adventure! Our Italian...

Cádiz: Spanish Immersion & Homestay

Spain : Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz and 6 other cities , Conil de la Frontera, Cordoba, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Ronda, Seville (Sevilla) Show less

Take Modern Spanish Studies in the Arts, Culture and Society, and Language and Literature. Students will be participating in fun activities like organizing a cookout on the...

Western Civilization: Athens, Rome, Florence, Paris

-Multi-Country Locations : France, Greece and 1 other location , Italy Show less

For those who are interested to gain more understanding about European history, philosophy, art, archeology, and mythology, consider joining this extraordinary academic adventure...

Aix-en-Provence: Pre-College Residential French Immersion

France : Aix-en-Provence, Arles and 4 other cities , Avignon, Cassis, Marseille, Paris Show less

French Studies in the Arts, Language, Culture, Sports and Recreation There's a reason why Aix-en-Provence is known as le petit Paris au soleil. Cobblestone streets lined...

St-Laurent-du-Var: Residential French Immersion & Homestay

France : Antibes, Cannes and 6 other cities , Eze, Monaco, Nice, Paris, St-Laurent-du-Var (French Riviera), St. Tropez Show less

French Language Program and Studies in the Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation Looking to get an authentic experience of French culture? Want to meet people who will

Italian Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

Italy : Cinque Terre, Florence and 6 other cities , Pisa, Pompeii, Roma (Rome), Siena, Tuscania, Venice Show less

Study abroad in Italy through Abbey Road's high school program, and experience Renaissance art, classical opera, mouthwatering pasta alla sorrentina, and various other wonderful...

Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

Spain : Barcelona, Cadiz and 7 other cities , Conil de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Girona (Gerona), Madrid, Ronda, Segovia, Toledo Show less

Take part in a high school study abroad program in Spain offered by Abbey Road. Students will enjoy the modern destination with a complex and rich history. Characterized

College & SAT Prep: Pre-College Residential Immersion

United States : Boston

College Admissions Counseling and ACT/SAT Test Prep with The Princeton Review College-prep is a two or four week intensive test and admissions prep program designed to...

Study Abroad Programs for High School Students

-Multi-Country Locations : Austria, France and 5 other locations , Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, United States Show less

Founded by Stanford University alumni and operated by experienced professionals from other top schools such as Harvard, UCLA, and NYU, Abbey Road Programs brings together...

Modern Europe Paris-Normandy-Berlin-Dresden-Prague

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

Join a program that combines adventure, history, travel, and cultural immersion. Abbey Road features the fast-paced Modern Civilization program, which is ideal for students...

Young Diplomat Academy : Stanford International Relations

United States : Palo Alto

Take courses in Global Studies & Strategy for Young Leaders, Activists & Entrepreneurs in the magnificent Stanford University, one of top universities both in the U.S. and...

College Prep. and International Leadership Programs

United States : Boston, San Francisco

Summer Programs in College & SAT Prep., as well as Leadership & International Studies Our College Prep and Leadership Academy programs offer two clear pathways to success...

Recruiter/Student Admissions

United States : New York

A study abroad company for high school students (Abbey Road) is looking for a Sales Associate / Admissions Director to conduct client meetings and follow-ups, boost admissions...