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Teaching School English Volunteer Abroad Chile La Serena with A Broader View

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9/ 10

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Volunteering in Chilean Schools

ABV is a not for profit organization and really keeps the focus on the volunteer and the work that the volunteer does, instead of the business. I highly recommend ABV--my host family was extremely kind and helpful, the coordinator was involved and always available, and the people I worked with wanted me to be there and made me feel useful. All of the promised services were provided. However, as with any volunteering experience, situations are different and never match up to expectations. Most importantly the success of a volunteer depends on the volunteer. You must be the type of person who can take initiative and doesn't wait for others to come to you. You have to be comfortable with being different, and embrace those differences, always sharing and learning with others. I helped teach English in Chile, and felt like a celebrity in the school. Whenever I entered into the patio students would rush up to me with their many questions for me about life in the U.S., or my personal life. The constant questioning never bothered me, and I looked at it as an opportunity to build connections, while allowing kids to practice their English.