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  1. 23 Oct 2016

    Volume 17 Issue 43

    • Live, Work, & Study in London
    • Earn Credit Studying in Verona, Italy
    • A USD2,500 scholarship to travel abroad with ScholarTrips
    • Looking for a professional internship?
    • Exhibit your work in a Parisian art gallery!
    • Looking for a fun way
      to experience China?
      This is the program!
    • What’s Rewarding, Affordable Worthwhile and Fun?
    • Plan Spring & Summer Internships Abroad Now!
    • Cloud Forest Conservation Project in Ecuador!
    • Internship Placements in Auckland and Sydney
    • China Experience.
      Global Education.
    • Study Abroad in Cusco
    • Study at Franklin University in Switzerland
    • Travel, explore and teach
      in Central America
  2. 16 Oct 2016

    Volume 17 Issue 42

    • Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
    • Volunteer to teach English in Chile!
    • WIN a Scholarship to Study Abroad!
    • Teach English in the Galapagos
    • Last Chance to Study Abroad in Spain This Spring
    • Make a REAL difference
      with Love Volunteers!
    • Become a Global Education Fellow
    • Gain hands-on career experience in Dublin, Ireland!
    • Orangutan Conservation in Borneo
    • Environmental Studies and Conservation Internships in South Africa
    • Earn Your Degree at the International University in Geneva
    • Study Abroad Programme at Brunel University
    • Development, Sustainability & Happiness
    • Dance Internship in Spain
    • Learn French in Quebec City with Edu-inter
    • Hansard Society Scholars Programme
  3. 09 Oct 2016

    Volume 17 Issue 41

    • Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
    • Live, Work, & Study in London
    • Study Abroad with
      NYU Global Programs
    • Limited Time Offer: Early Bird Tuition Discount
    • Earn Credit Studying
      in Brazil this Spring!
    • Teaching English in Rural Honduras
    • CYA - Study Abroad in Greece!
    • Last chance to study and intern in Italy this spring!
    • Responsible Wildlife Sanctuary Programmes
    • Film, Photography and Community Volunteering in Nepal
    • Highly rated TEFL training
      Chiang Mai, Thailand
      So much more than you imagine
    • Teach English Abroad with LanguageCorps
    • Study Abroad with American College of Thessaloniki
    • Global Science Course, The University of Tokyo
    • ENGLISH High School
      in Quebec City
  4. 02 Oct 2016

    Volume 17 Issue 40

    • Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
    • Experience Life Down Under
    • Spend New Year's Eve in Spain
    • Explore the medieval streets of Viterbo, Italy
    • Study Abroad + Community Internship at Griffith University
    • Kick-start Your Global Career
    • Study Fashion in the
      Heart of Paris
    • A USD2,500 scholarship to travel abroad with ScholarTrips
    • Intern in Barcelona!
    • Widen your horizons teaching English in Thailand
    • Participate in activities only for you!
    • Explore the Northern Plains and Himalayas
    • Russian Language Program
      in Moldova
    • Habla Ya - Spanish in Panama