Language Programs in Sri Lanka

4 Language Schools in Sri Lanka


Learn Sinhala, the language of the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, with Projects Abroad. Language students from all over the world can delve into the Sinhalese culture and lifestyle while engaging in 14 or 30-hour language course taught by a local language teacher. This program includes volunteerism, cultural exploration, and language immersion.


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There’s a lot to be said about the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, but most who have travelled here will agree that it’s a place full of soul and wisdom. And anyone who enters will learn so much from its communities and be touched by the warm hearts of its people. Sri Lanka is a destination of outstanding natural beauty and it boasts everything from paradisiacal beaches and wild jungles to remo...


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Want to make a difference by changing the life of Sri Lankan youth for the better? This program from SLVP is designed to improve the English of school-aged children in two government schools, as well as in two children's homes in Kurunegala – Sputnik Girls Home and Maliyadewa Boys Home. While working at the schools, volunteers are expected to assist the local English language teachers to cov...