Language Study Abroad in South Korea

18 Language Study Abroad Programs in South Korea

BestFriend Korean Language & Culture Center

Learn to speak Korean while surrounded by native speakers in South Korea. BestFriend Korean Language & Culture Center has a language study program that focuses on the different levels of the Korean language, including basic, advanced, and business levels. Students may also learn authentic Korean cooking, cultural studies, and attend immersion parties with fellow Korean students. The program is ...

Languages Abroad

Attend Korean language classes with Languages Abroad. As individuals immerse themselves in various activities to gain more understanding on South Korea's culture, they also have the chance to learn the Korean language either for a short (one to two weeks) or long (four to twelve weeks) period of time. This program is based in the enchanting city of Seoul.

Study Korean in South Korea with ISA

During the Summer programs at either Korea University or Konkuk University, students can enroll in courses from a variety of academic areas in English, as well as Korean language courses. Thorughout this Summer program, students will experience Korean culture alongside students from around the world in Seoul.

Quality Language Lessons? No Sweat, enroll directly!

Since 1990, Center For Study Abroad (CSA) has been providing low cost study abroad opportunities to students and adults worldwide. CSA offers a wide selection of programs with our “Global Partners” that include Universities, Colleges, and Language Institutes located around the world. For over 20 years, our mission has been to offer programs at lower cost, as well as provide more flexibility, in...

Master the Language With the Help of Professionals!

Program participants have the chance to gain mastery in the Korean language while immersing into the country's culture, people, and society. Tailored by Language Vacation, students learn in the cosmopolitan city of Seoul at a school located near Yeoksam Station in Gangnam Gu. Upon completion, students earn a language proficiency certificate.

Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program

Introduction about Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program A 5-week program that combines Korean Studies Seminars taught in English (by Korean and international faculty) and intensive Korean language instruction. International students will take classes together with Korean students, so that the students can also learn from each other. The Korean language program is 3 credits and the Ko...

LanguBridge Education Centre

Delve into the culture of South Korea while attending Korean language classes with LanguBridge Education Centre. Situated in the city of Seoul, intensive lessons are conducted by instructors who are experienced in the field. In addition, students can also engage themselves in weekend culture trips, live with a host family, and get to be part of a summer language immersion like no other.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Settle into South Korea and study the Korean language and culture through a program with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The program embraces a learner-centered education system and offers language courses at the university level. The courses are divided into regular courses, which run for ten weeks, and short-term courses or special courses, which are four weeks long. The program is base...

AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Gain a deeper appreciation of South Korean culture by learning Korean. Situated in the vibrant city of Seoul, AmeriSpan Study Abroad's program allows students to live with a local host family and practice there new language skills. All participants complete 12 hours of intensive language classes every week.

Learn Chinese in Shanghai Mandaringarden

Learn Chinese at Mandarin Garden. This language center offers a wide range of Mandarin courses for students with varying needs. Mandarin Garden is a well-established Mandarin teacher training organization and Chinese teaching center in Shanghai. They have seven centers in China, and three centers abroad. All the centers provide a Chinese environment, so students can assimilate into the Chinese ...