French Language Study Abroad in France

195 French Language Study Abroad Programs in France

Language study stays in France

Learn to speak the language of love in Eurocentres France location. Participants can indulge in the extraordinary architectural wonders, like the Eiffel Tower, sample French cuisines, and immerse themselves in French culture, while developing their French language abilities. Programs are available in Amboise, La Rochelle, and Paris.

Live and Study French Across France

Individuals may select from a wide array of unique language opportunities offered by Languages Abroad. Some of the programs allow students to travel in three fascinating cities in France as they learn the language, while others lets them study the language by staying with their personal teacher, and still, others pair cultural activities with intensive French classes.

Study French in France with ISA

Study French in the enigmatic city of Paris with ISA France. Students will attend at the Catholic University of Paris, the Sorbonne - Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne, or the American Business School of Paris. Students can take up classes at the Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced level. Students can also study French History and Culture at the same time as polishing their langua...

French Language and Culture Institute - ILCF Paris

Looking for a French course or programme in Paris? On the ILCF web pages, you will find information about French courses: general and specialised French lessons, business French, culture and civilization programmes and diplomas issued by the French Language and Culture Institute of Paris (ILCF Paris) of the Catholic University of Paris.


The Gastronomicom Institute is a French culinary academy offering programs in the hospitality industry, particularly food and beverages. These programs also offers intensive language courses for those participants who are French enthusiasts. Live in France for a maximum of three months and enjoy the French culture and society while learning the basics.

LSF Montpellier - Learn French in the south of France

LSF Montpellier is a leading French language school located in the beautiful south of France. LSF offers high quality language programs year-round adults, students, and juniors. The school has a very warm and friendly atmosphere making it an ideal environment to learn French and progress fast in the language.

Learn French in France with AmeriSpan

Gain a better comprehension of the French language with AmeriSpan Study Abroad. Participants delve deeper into France's culture and the French way of life as they become more proficient in the local language. Students can opt to attend classes in French for Business, French for Professionals, or French for Diplomatic Relations depending on their personal and academic needs.

International Programs

Escape to the beautiful French Riviera and explore the local culture and history on a language study program in France with International Programs. Programs are offered in a variety of locations, including Paris, Biarritz, and Cannes, and include options to do an internships. Some programs offer half-day excursions and evening activities.


Broaden your French language skills through Actilangue in Nice, France! The program provides a combination of language instruction and engaging social and cultural activities that students can take advantage of. The school provides a variety of living arrangements and is very affordable.

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)

The Institut Francais des Alpes partners with CCIS in France to offer a program in French language and culture at this prestigious university. The summer and semester program offers American participants intensive French training that covers grammar, oral comprehension, oral expression, reading, and writing.

ICS Mexico

Gain a better understanding of the French language through this program developed by Estudiantes Embajadores de Mexico (EEM) in France. Situated in the bustling city of Paris, participants have the chance to receive 20 to 30 hours of intensive French language classes, per week, while exploring the stunning city and experiencing the customs and traditions observed in the country.

ESL - Language studies abroad

We are the connection, the world belongs to you! We offer you the opportunity to embark on a language course in over 160 destinations. Whether you are interested in vacation courses for juniors, language schools for adults, internships or language courses for professionals, ESL is the solution. Connecting you to the world!

Budget Academic Programs in France with CSA!

Sign up for an intensive language study abroad program in one of the five selected locations in France with the Center of Study Abroad. A collection of disciplines related to the French culture are offered to students all over the world such as French Culinary Arts, Intensive Language, Literature, and other courses. This program is available throughout the year.

French Lessons For Your Money's Worth!

Learn French in Southern France with our dynamic and effective French language courses: Intensive French courses, business French courses, Summer courses for juniors, One-to-one French courses...small groups. Personal attention. Our French language school is located in the city centre.

Learn French With the Help of Professionals!

Learn more about French culture, traditions, and customs by going on a language program with Language Vacation in France. Students have the chance to choose from one of nearly 15 cities in the country where they can gain more knowledge on French. Furthermore, participants engage themselves in cultural excursions as well as organized activities as part of their respective programs.

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