French Language Study Abroad in France

205 French Language Study Abroad Programs in France

Passeport pour les langues - French Summer Classes

Learn French with us in Cannes, on the French Riviera ! Our French programs welcome you in a friendly environment and offer students from around the world the opportunity to learn more about France, its language, people and culture. We provide French instruction in an interactive and fun environment.

Passeport pour les langues - French Summer Classes
Live and Study French Across France

Individuals may select from a wide array of unique language opportunities offered by Languages Abroad. Some of the programs allow students to travel in three fascinating cities in France as they learn the language, while others lets them study the language by staying with their personal teacher, and still, others pair cultural activities with intensive French classes.

Language study stays in France

Learn to speak the language of love in Eurocentres France location. Participants can indulge in the extraordinary architectural wonders, like the Eiffel Tower, sample French cuisines, and immerse themselves in French culture, while developing their French language abilities. Programs are available in Amboise, La Rochelle, and Paris.

Study French in France with ISA

Study in the vibrant cities of Paris or Lille with ISA France. Students will attend highly respected French universities and can take courses in English and/or any level of French. With courses in language, culture, business, arts, science and engineering, and more, ISA France offers programs well-suited for students from many disciplines.


The Gastronomicom Institute is a French culinary academy offering programs in the hospitality industry, particularly food and beverages. These programs also offers intensive language courses for those participants who are French enthusiasts. Live in France for a maximum of three months and enjoy the French culture and society while learning the basics.

LSF Montpellier - Learn French in the south of France

LSF Montpellier is a leading French language school located in the beautiful south of France. LSF offers high quality language programs year-round adults, students, and juniors. The school has a very warm and friendly atmosphere making it an ideal environment to learn French and progress fast in the language.

French Language and Culture Institute - ILCF Paris

The French Language and Culture Institute offers two intensive language programs in the beautiful country of France. These programs are ideal for participants interested in gaining fluency and proficiency in the French language. Situated in the remarkable city of Paris, students can explore French culture by conversing with locals, partaking in cultural activities, and visiting breath-taking si...

International Programs

Escape to the beautiful French Riviera and explore the local culture and history on a language study program in France with International Programs. Programs are offered in a variety of locations, including Paris, Biarritz, and Cannes, and include options to do an internships. Some programs offer half-day excursions and evening activities.

Twin Work & Volunteer

Learn the French language in the awe-inspiring city of Montpellier through this comprehensive four-week language program offered by Twin Work & Volunteer. Participants get the chance to be part of a a prestigious provider of educational, training and employment opportunities for individuals from around the world. Furthermore this opportunity allows them to stay with a local host family and teac...

Budget Academic Programs in France with CSA!

Sign up for an intensive language study abroad program in one of the five selected locations in France with the Center of Study Abroad. A collection of disciplines related to the French culture are offered to students all over the world such as French Culinary Arts, Intensive Language, Literature, and other courses. This program is available throughout the year.

Alpine French School

Alpine French School in the French Alps is a unique language school offering quality French classes combined with amazing activities since 2003! Combine learning French with Skiing/Snowboarding/Mountain Biking/Climbing/Other adventure activities. We also offer a wide range of other French Courses, choice of accommodation & social & cultural activities.

Global Works - Travel with Purpose

High school students from all over the world can improve their French language skills for a short period of time with Global Works. Travel and live in France for two to four weeks, and have a rewarding learning-service experience. This study abroad program includes activities and excursions such as Volunteering, Student Tours, and Cultural Exploration.

Andeo-International Homestays

Andeo is about people, cultural adventures and our future in a global community. Andeo International Homestays (formerly International Summerstays) was founded by our director Melinda Samis in 1981 as a nonprofit organization specializing in short-term summer programs.

Greenheart Travel

Learn the language of love through Greenheart Travel's language program in France. Participants will attend daily four-hour French classes in a school near the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees while living with a host family in Paris or Antibes. They may also opt to particpate in cross-cultural activities. Participants must be over 18 years old.