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Maximo Nivel offers Spanish immersion programs at our institutes in San Jose and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Our Native Spanish Program is ideal for students, professionals, and adventure seekers. Basic to Advanced levels are available. Expand your studies with optional service learning and internship programs. University credit is available via our School of Record: California State Universtiy...

Maximo Nivel Costa Rica

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Learn more about the Spanish language with Enforex in Costa Rica. There are six different programs that students may choose from as they embark on a journey towards a language immersion like no other. Some of these language programs are paired with cultural trips, recreational activities, or guided tours. Enforex offers these programs throughout the year.


Take the most out of your Spanish studies with Intercultura Spanish language school at two special locations – Vibrant Historic Heredia and Tranquil Tropical Samara Beach. We offer year-round Spanish and Cultural Immersion Programs for all ages and interest groups. Combine both locations in order to experience the best of Costa Rica and the diversity of activities offered at each campus.


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Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers Spanish Language Studies in various locations in Costa Rica. Students benefit from the program that combines language training with cultural activities, academic credits, and weekend excursions.


Four well-rounded programs are available for individuals to choose from with AmeriSpan Study Abroad in Costa Rica. Participants undergo intensive Spanish language classes for 20 hours every week. Additionally, participants can partake in organized activities and weekend excursions to expand learning and cultural exposure..


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Experience living abroad in Costa Rica while learning Spanish with Languages Abroad. Students may choose from two program locations and three program choices. As they immerse into the language, they will gain a better understanding of the Costa Rican culture.


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Costa Rica is the perfect country for a Spanish adventure. You can zip through the rainforest like a monkey, relax on beaches that will take your breath away, try your hand at surfing in one of the top destinations for the sport in the world, experience incredible biodiversity in its many national parks and rainforests, and of course do it all while practicing your Spanish with some of the most...


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• Academia Tica is proud to be one of the first Spanish schools in Costa Rica. After more than 25 years educating people from all over the world, we can say that we know our business very well. • Academia Tica is recognized for its quality by Instituto Cervantes and accredited by ADES and many other language institutions. • Special programs - Academia Tica offers Volunteering and Internship...


* Learn Spanish while meeting international friends and experiencing the "pura vida" of Costa Rica. Spanish Courses: - 15 morning classes a week (3 classes per day for 50 minutes each) - Classes are taught by native Spanish teachers who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language - Students receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course * Activities and Excursio...


Come learn Spanish quickly while seeing the amazing sights of Costa Rica! Our school is located in downtown Liberia, a safe, mid-sized city in Guanacaste, the cultural and nature-rich center of Costa Rica. The international airport is just 10 minutes away, and everything in town - supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, homestay families - is within walking distance. Why choose Instituto Estelar B...


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Explore the verdant cloud forests and tropical coastlines of Costa Rica, while immersing yourself into the local language. Learn Spanish in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, located in the heart of Central America. Our programs are located in either Heredia, a picturesque Costa Rican city located in the central highlands, or in Atenas, a traditional Costa Rican community.


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Learn Spanish in a national refuge on the Pacific Ocean in Nosara. Our intensive Spanish programs are designed to teach practical Spanish skills in a safe, modern and comfortable environment. We also offer homestay options, sport and cultural activities and much more. Come see why National Geographic and The New York Times rate Nosara as one of the top travel and surf destinations in the world.


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Learn the Spanish language at Veritas University situated in San Jose with ISA Costa Rica. Undergraduate students may take Spanish courses while studying other general electives in English or Spanish. The courses are offered as intensive month classes, so you can advance through several Spanish levels in just one semester.


Study the Spanish language in Costa Rica this summer with Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad. The eight-week program, based at a prestigious university in the capital city of San Jose, combines intense language immersion and creative assignments for a unique learning experience.


While taking up electives in Costa Rica's Universidad Veritas, participants may also take Spanish language courses. In this program, American and Canadian students will delve deeper not only into the Costa Rican culture but also into the language in order to have a more meaningful experience. Language courses are available throughout the year.

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Language Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, which literally means “Rich Coast”, offers a level of natural beauty that renders it worthy of its name. Located in the heart of Central America and among the most progressive and stable countries in the region, Costa Rica is a treasured travel destination. With its accentuated, slow, accurate and clear pronunciation, Costa Rican Spanish is regarded as one of the best spoken in the world, making the country an ideal destination for Spanish language study abroad. Language learners will love the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica and the warm Ticos who truly embody their national mantra.


Costa Rica abounds with Spanish language schools and numerous opportunities to gain Spanish language fluency. Those who want to study Spanish in Costa Rica will be able to choose between programs in a city, a small community, or even a beach town, which all offer an intensely Costa Rican experience.

San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica and the hub of economic and political activities. The cityscape does not always offer the best of views, with its decrepit infrastructure, outdated commercial buildings, crumbling sidewalks, and potholed streets. But nevertheless, beyond this gritty downtown facade, San Jose unveils a charming maze of quirky spots, sophisticated boutique hotels, refined international restaurants, contemporary art galleries, colonial mansions, and historic neighborhoods.

Monteverde is a small community in Puntarenas, and is an important ecotourism destination in Costa Rica. Nestled between two primary cloud reserves, Monteverde is a lush mountaintop paradise. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve boasts multi-century old strangler fig trees, virgin rainforests, and a rich biodiversity with its share of endangered species. The reserve attracts wildlife lovers, bird watchers, and scientists from all over the world.

Playa Flamingo. Located in the vacation province of Guanacaste, Flamingo Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, offering an ideal vacation getaway, with fine white sand, pristine blue waters, lush vegetation, refreshing lagoons, and a rich variety of outdoor activities. Language students in Flamingo Beach will have access to several secluded lagoons and beaches amidst incredible mountain formations. 

Language Study in Costa Rica

Spanish is the most prolific language offered by language schools in Costa Rica. Language students can choose to take private, semi-private, group classes, or a combination of all these options. Some courses taught at language schools in Costa Rica provide transferable University credits. Most language programs in Costa Rica are offered throughout the year, and tend to be flexible to the needs of each student. Students will find courses taught by a variety of instructors, from university professors to local college students or elementary teachers.

Almost all language programs in Costa Rica are highly immersive, taking advantage of the colorful Costa Rican culture and the surrounding natural beauty to help individuals get a well-rounded learning experience. Therefore, language students will have plenty of opportunities to practice their Spanish outside the classroom, all while exploring numerous beaches, volcanoes, national parks, traditional Costa Rican towns and farms, and other incredible local attractions.

Along with exploration and learning through experiencing the country and culture, some language schools in Costa Rica offer cultural classes and excursions, such as traditional Costa Rican cooking classes or salsa and merengue dance lessons, and even surfing lessons. Taking learning even further, some language programs give participants the chance to earn various other certifications on top of their language skills, including yoga and scuba diving certifications, or participate in volunteer projects.

Costs & Affordability

Students can find Spanish language programs in Costa Rica for less that $200, with discounts often available for long-term programs. Additional costs usually mean additional benefits, activities, or course components, so you will get what you pay for! Most language study programs in Costa Rica offer reasonably affordable packages that include basic essentials, such as meals and accommodation.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is generally lower than that of the United States, but it is not as cheap as you might expect. While you can enjoy a vacation-worthy lifestyle in Costa Rica that is much more affordable than what you can have in the United States or other comparable countries, it is a noteworthy fact that Costa Rica has the highest cost of living in Central America and the rest of Latin America. To put this price difference into perspective, a Big Mac costs about $4 in Costa Rica, compared to less than $3.50 in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru and about $2.50 in Venezuela.

Language learners in Costa Rica can easily learn some tactics that will help ease any budget constraints and lesson overspending, like skipping chain franchises or fine restaurants and opting for sodas, which are small, tico-run eateries that offer meals for $2 to $4 as opposed to $10 to $15 at larger restaurants. It is also best to utilize local markets for fresh produce and baked goods if you are looking for a deal; you can buy a large pineapple for only $1, a bunch of bananas for less than $0.50, and a fresh loaf of  bread for $1 to $2 at local markets.

Accommodation & Visas

Most language programs in Costa Rica offer participants the opportunity to live in homestays with local Costa Rican families, an arrangement that fosters deeper cultural immersion. Some programs also offer accommodations in student apartments, private apartments, hostels, and hotels, which can be ideal options for students who want more privacy or independence.

Citizens with a valid passport from most nations can stay in Costa Rica for 30 to 90 days without a visa, although evidence of onward travel is typically required. You may be refused entry to Costa Rica if you are unable to furnish evidence of return or onward travel, which may come in the form of a return ticket or a ticket for travel to another country.

Benefits & Challenges

The Pros of a Higher Price Tag. The cost of living in Costa Rica may be higher than that of other countries in Latin America, but its higher standard of living offsets the extra monetary costs. With slightly higher costs comes plenty of options, in terms of consumer goods, amenities, services, and housing. During your language program in Costa Rica, you can choose to go easy on your budget and live like a local, or spend a little more and live like a king.

Safety. By choosing to attend a language school in Costa Rica, you will also be choosing to study Spanish in one of the most politically stable, safe nations in the entire region. Costa Rica has a reasonably low crime rate, especially in comparison to other nations in Latin America.

Reliability & Structure. Although you may have to deal with rough roads (literally) to get from point A to point B, strolling along a secluded, untouched beach or hiking through Costa Rica’s cloud forests will make all the transportation woes worth it. You may also have to deal with an overall lack of punctuality, in terms of language classes starting on time or appointment times being abided by, but eventually you will come to love the laid-back, slow-paced pura vida lifestyle. Through studying Spanish in Costa Rica, you will learn how to live simply and worry-free.

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