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93 Language Study Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

Spanish Immersion—Be Fluent in Costa Rica!

Maximo Nivel offers Spanish immersion programs at our institutes in San Jose and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Our Native Spanish Program is ideal for students, professionals, and adventure seekers. Basic to Advanced levels are available. Expand your studies with optional service learning and internship programs. University credit is available via our School of Record: California State Universtiy...

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Learn Spanish. Step Into the Castilian Soil!

Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers Spanish Language Studies in various locations in Costa Rica. Students benefit from the program that combines language training with cultural activities, academic credits, and weekend excursions.

Learn Spanish and Experience Culture in Costa Rica

Experience living abroad in Costa Rica while learning Spanish with Languages Abroad. Students may choose from two program locations and three program choices. As they immerse into the language, they will gain a better understanding of the Costa Rican culture.

Spanish in Costa Rica with the Internship & Volunteer Option

• Academia Tica is proud to be one of the first Spanish schools in Costa Rica. After more than 25 years educating people from all over the world, we can say that we know our business very well. • Academia Tica is recognized for its quality by Instituto Cervantes and accredited by ADES and many other language institutions. • Special programs - Academia Tica offers Volunteering and Internship...

Join Frontier for a journey of a lifetime!

Improve your Spanish language proficiency in Costa Rica. This program places an emphasis on the understanding of the local culture, an important component of studying abroad. Cultural activities like cooking lessons, Latin dance lessons, and additional conversation practice are incorporated into the program.

SPI Study Programs International

Immerse yourself in the Tico culture of Costa Rica while improving your Spanish language proficiency with SPI Study Abroad. This language immersion program paves way in digging deeper into the language by letting students live with local host families and take part in cultural activities. Programs are available for two to four weeks during the summer in Agua Buena, Alajuela, Arenal, and more lo...

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)

Throughout the year, the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) in partnership with CONVERSA offers students from the U.S. a four week Intensive Spanish Language program in Costa Rica. The program will be held either in San Jose or Santa Ana. Strengthen oral comprehension and conversation skills in Spanish while participating in cultural activities and outdoor excursions.

Spanish and Cultural Immersion at two locations, Costa Rica

Intercultura is a language school and cultural center with two special locations in Costa Rica - Heredia City & Playa Sámara. Move easily from one campus location to the other, without any interruptions in your learning process due to the consistent teaching methodology, class structure and philosophy at both schools. And the best of it - you’ll experience two different lifestyles of Costa Rica...

Language Programs with Projects Abroad

Travel, live, and learn Spanish with a language program in beautiful Costa Rica this year with Projects Abroad. Learn to understand the culture and customs through an intensive Spanish language course in Liberia. International students will have a chance to live with a Costa Rican family for two weeks or a whole month.

Expand Horizons, Broaden Knowledge, Master Spanish!

While taking up electives in Costa Rica's Universidad Veritas, participants may also take Spanish language courses. In this program, American and Canadian students will delve deeper not only into the Costa Rican culture but also into the language in order to have a more meaningful experience. Language courses are available throughout the year.

Universidad Veritas

We're a private university in Costa Rica that specialize in Art, Design and Architecture with an important recognition in the Latin American academic community. The university provides an intercultural environment actively promoting international student exchanges. In order to provide an intercultural environment the CIP (Center for International Programs) of the University developed a Spa...

WAYRA Spanish Institute

Enhance skills in the Spanish language by studying through WAYRA Spanish Institute. Students get to stay for a minimum of one week to as long as six months in Tamarindo. Program is open to American, Australian, Canadian, and other participants, where they get to choose their type of housing from Apartment/Flat, Home-stays, Group Living, and Independent Living.

5 Week Summer Expedition in Costa Rica & Panama

Live the ultimate Outward Bound Costa Rica experience by partaking in all of our summer expeditions. Hike, dive, serve, and surf on this unforgettable program that includes the Rainforest Hike & Home-stay, Caribbean Scuba & Service, and Pacific Surf & Cert Extension. Spend five incredible weeks participating in adventure activities that bring you to new heights with a waterfall rappel and explo...

Rustic Pathways

Let Rustic Pathways take you on a journey to Costa Rica. Become immersed in the culture by staying in a homestays and taking Spanish one-on-one lessons, the best way to learn the language. While you exploring the beautiful Caribbean beaches to and lively night life, Costa Rica will become your second home.