Language Study Abroad in Central America

158 Language Study Abroad Programs in Central America

Spanish Lessons at Maximo Nivel

Our Native Spanish Program appeals to adventure seekers, working professionals, and entire families because we offer the most intensive and professional Spanish programs available. Whether you want to boost your standing at university, add to your career skills, or put your world travels on the fast track, we have a Spanish course and a certified, native, Spanish teacher for you.

Spanish Abroad, Inc.

Take Spanish Language Studies in various locations throughout Latin America! Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers courses in many different schools. They take pride in providing expertly designed language immersion programs.

COINED International

COINED International is a specialist in Latin America committed to delivering intercultural Life-Changing experiences. We are present in 22 destinations in 4 different countries of Central America. You can choose among a wide range of Spanish courses, including Spanish & Salsa, Volunteer programs, such as rescuing sea turtles or teaching English to young kids, and even Internships in Costa Rica!

Languages Abroad

Learn Spanish while experiencing the Central American culture with Languages Abroad. Students have the chance to indulge themselves in well-rounded language classes, combined with cultural activities that helps them understand the country's culture and traditions. Programs vary for every country as they may provide either Mini-Intensive, Super-Intensive lessons, or Standard and Combined lessons.

Language Study Abroad

Take up a Spanish Language course while studying academic programs in other various areas with ISA Central America. Based in Costa Rica, participants with different Spanish communication skills will attend the Universidad Latin-San Pedro or the Veritas University. Students may opt to take their classes along with local students or with other foreign students.

ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI - Experiential Learning International offers a Spanish language program for medical students and professionals in the Central American country of Guatemala. The two-week language course focuses on medical vocabulary and on taking health histories. Program includes orientation, accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day, and an optional volunteer placement at community health centers.

Teen Travel Programs with 360 Student Travel

360 Student Travel offers a perfect combination of adventure, language learning, and community service in Central America. Participants can learn Spanish and put it in a good use while volunteering in local communities and institutions. The program provides hotel lodging and adventure-filled activities such as waterskiing, surfing, and scuba-diving.

Toucan Education Programs (TEP)

Spend the summer in Central America improving Spanish skills through a language program in Belize with Toucan Education Programs (TEP). Aside from academic experiences, the program also offers cultural activities that expose participants to the daily use of the language. Program includes at least eight co-curricular excursions and a two-day stay in Mexico.

Rustic Pathways

Whether on a beach or at a cafe in San Jose, learn Spanish with one-on-one lessons from native Spanish speakers. Experience the culture with homestays, adventure travel on weekends rafting or zip lining, or just relaxing on the beach. Let learning Spanish be a fun and fulfilling time in Central America with Rustic Pathways.

EPA! Espanol en Panama

Travel to Central America and study Spanish in Panama with EPA! Espanol en Panama. All participants are welcome to enroll. Explore Panama's spectacular sceneries while immersing yourself in the country's language. Program fees include accommodation, excursions, and cultural workshops.

Low Cost Quality Programs with CSA !

Centers for Study Abroad in Central America has been promoting comprehensive international programs to students worldwide. The intensive language program offers different levels of Spanish courses in Costa Rica, as well as Adventure Travels, Cultural Exploration, and Student Tours. The semester, trimester, and academic year programs are offered throughout the year.

Academic Programs International (API)

Limited to American and Canadian individuals only, this API language program allows students to learn Spanish at the Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica. Participants may select language courses depending on their levels. Language classes are offered throughout the year. Students will get the chance to live like a local as they practice their Spanish with conversation partners, partake in volunte...

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Since the year 2000 Academia Columbus has been offering high-quality language courses. Our international Spanish schools in San Jose / Heredia - Costa Rica, Quito - Ecuador and Playa del Carmen - Mexico offer year-round Spanish courses either in small groups or in private lessons. Academia Columbus Costa Rica, founded in 2005, is located in the picturesque town of Santo Domingo, just 3 miles...