Language Study Abroad in Central America

153 Language Study Abroad Programs in Central America


Maximo Nivel offers the most intensive and professional Spanish language program in Latin America. Our programs are open to individuals as well as university, corporate, and religious groups. Our Native Spanish Program emphasizes oral communication and integrated skills development to help you really build your Spanish language proficiency. Live and study in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala and ...

Spanish Abroad, Inc.

Take Spanish Language Studies in various locations throughout Latin America! Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers courses in many different schools. They take pride in providing expertly designed language immersion programs.

COINED International

COINED International is a specialist in Latin America committed to delivering intercultural Life-Changing experiences. We are present in 22 destinations in 4 different countries of Central America. You can choose among a wide range of Spanish courses, including Spanish & Salsa, Volunteer programs, such as rescuing sea turtles or teaching English to young kids, and even Internships in Costa Rica!

Languages Abroad

Learn Spanish while experiencing the Central American culture with Languages Abroad. Students have the chance to indulge themselves in well-rounded language classes, combined with cultural activities that helps them understand the country's culture and traditions. Programs vary for every country as they may provide either Mini-Intensive, Super-Intensive lessons, or Standard and Combined lessons.

ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI - Experiential Learning International offers a Spanish language program for medical students and professionals in the Central American country of Guatemala. The two-week language course focuses on medical vocabulary and on taking health histories. Program includes orientation, accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day, and an optional volunteer placement at community health centers.

International Programs

If you're ready to start learning Spanish for the first time or want to vastly improve your existing Spanish, there's no better place to do it in than right here in Panama, one of Latin America's most dynamic and beautiful countries. Whether you're a beginner, experienced, or somewhere in between, our Spanish Language School in Panama: EPA! Espanol en Panama has a selection of world-class c...

Join Frontier for a journey of a lifetime!

Study Spanish in various countries of Central America. Students will learn the language under the guidance of experienced professionals. The rigorous programs put emphasis on cultural understanding as an important component of the study abroad experience.

SPI Study Programs International

Delve into the pura vida way of Costa Rica while enhancing your Spanish. At the same time gain volunteer experience and college credit through SPI Study Abroad's high school study abroad program in any of Costa Rica's cities including Bajos del Toro, Flamingo, Guanacaste, and more. The program runs typically for two to four weeks during the summer with activities like teaching, participating in...

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)

Central America is known for its mild climate and serene setting: a perfect destination to study Spanish language. With the College Consortium for International Studies, students from the United States have the chance to strengthen conversational and oral comprehension skills in Spanish. This language study program is available throughout the year.

Study and Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Intercultura Language School in Costa Rica offers a series of 18 courses designed by curriculum specialists, using interactive small groups in an environment of total immersion in Latin American culture.

Panama: Spanish Immersion and Islands Expedition

On BST's Panama program students will receive a total of 40 hours of Spanish language instruction as well as the opportunity to participate in a number of service projects and adventure activities. The journey begins in Panama city where we have a brief orientation before setting out to explore the city. Site visits will include Panama's old town of Casco Viejo, the Panama Canal, and an overnig...

Language Programs with Projects Abroad

Delve into the Central American culture while learning Spanish in Costa Rica through a Projects Abroad international language study program. By being surrounded by the language, culture, and customs of Central America, practicing the language is much easier. This program is available year round.

Academic Programs International (API)

Limited to American and Canadian individuals only, this API language program allows students to learn Spanish at the Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica. Participants may select language courses depending on their levels. Language classes are offered throughout the year. Students will get the chance to live like a local as they practice their Spanish with conversation partners, partake in volunte...

Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala

The Pop Wuj "Spanish for Teachers" Program is designed for elementary and middle school teachers, as well as students and professionals in the educational field interested in Spanish immersion and gaining teaching experience in a Spanish environment. Learn and share education methods with Guatemalan teachers and teach study techniques to Guatemalan children in urban and rural schools in the hig...

Universidad Veritas

We're a private university in Costa Rica that specialize in Art, Design and Architecture with an important recognition in the Latin American academic community. The university provides an intercultural environment actively promoting international student exchanges. In order to provide an intercultural environment the CIP (Center for International Programs) of the University developed a Spa...