Intern Abroad in Zimbabwe

18 Internships Abroad in Zimbabwe

Interning in Zimbabwe

African Impact offers internship programs in its true home – Zimbabwe. The organization was first founded in the country and still has offices in the picturesque capital city of Harare.

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad

Over 200,000 lions used to roam the African continent, as recently as 1975. The latest estimates show an 80 - 90% population decline in the last 30 years. The end objective of the Victoria Falls lion project, along with our Antelope Park programme, is the reintroduction of the offspring of captive-bred lions into the wild by means of a four-stage process, which you will learn more about during ...

Horse Riding Internship in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a small landlocked country home to an abundance of spectacular wildlife and natural landforms making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure junkies alike. Home to the majestic African plains, Zimbabwe offers a sanctuary for the big five African lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, African leopards and black/white rhinoceros. In addition these stunning creatures, Zimbabwe...

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide offers internship programs in Zimbabwe. Participants get the chance to work in a placement that lets them experience the excitement of working closely with lions and lion pubs.