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143 Internships Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Global Experiences

Earn academic credits through internship placements in Barcelona, Spain with Global Experience. Interns will get a chance to improve their Spanish with an included language immersion course in the first few weeks of the program. Participants live in chic and centralised apartment-style housing with their co-interns and can spend their weekends and evenings exploring the unique sites of this vib...

Barcelona SAE

Intern abroad through Barcelona SAE in Barcelona. Develop skills, techniques, and a higher Spanish fluency through various internship placements in Music Business, Marketing, and Architecture. Placements are available year-round, have varying durations, and include intensive Spanish classes.

Internship Coworking Barcelona

Develop professional skills through this international opportunity program offered by Internship Coworking Barcelona. Providing a unique experience to its participants, this internship is based in the metropolitan city of Barcelona where interns get the chance to live like the locals as they stay in the Gracia neighborhood. This program has been designed by locals who have sufficient knowledge ...

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Experience Barcelona through an internship placement developed by ELI. This three-month program allows participants to brush up on their interview skills, gain knowledge on the business culture of Spain, and mold their communication capabilities in the Spanish language. To be eligible for this opportunity, applicants must be at least 18 years old.


Broaden your professional knowledge through internship placements offered by CISabroad in Barcelona, Spain. Placements last for a minimum of four weeks, but interns have the option to stay longer and to further their international experience by improving Spanish language skills. Internships are available for American and Canadian participants only.

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Connect-123 can facilitate a wide range of teaching, community service and social work related opportunities in Barcelona. Projects may include assisting with childhood literacy projects, mentoring students, working as a teacher's assistant, leading life skills workshops, assisting with sports programs, putting together youth career expos, researching educational policy, and contributing to the...

Intern in Spain with Adelante Abroad

There are 13 different internship placements available for international interns in Barcelona with Adelante. Included in all programs is a two-week Spanish course which enables interns to effectively communicate by teaching them basic terms and phrases. Internship types include Social Work, Graphic Design, Tourism, and more.

Intern in Spain with Institute for Cultural Ecology

Choose from nineteen different programs offered by the Institute for Global Studies in Barcelona, Spain. Worldwide participants can choose internship placements such as Web Design, Legal Justice, and Veterinary Science. Explore the historical city with only 20 to 40 working hours per week. Placements are available throughout the year and no prior experience is required.

Intrax Global Internships

Experience the Spanish culture through internship placements offered by Intrax Global Internships in Barcelona, Spain. Located along the Mediterranean sea, the program provides incredible opportunities for exploration and Spanish immersion. The program is ideal for Business students who have completed at least two years of college.

Intern in Barcelona with World Internships

Strengthen your professional skill set through this international program offered by World Internships. Set in Barcelona, Spain's zesty cultural basin and business hub, participants can pursue future careers in their respective fields and enhance their knowledge of the Spanish language. Internship placements available include Art History, Business Administration, and Culinary Arts.

IES Internships

United States students who have completed at least one year of undergraduate study can choose from an array of internship placements in Barcelona, Spain offered by IES Internships. Interns can explore famous tourist sites, such as the Sagrada Familia, Gothic Quarter, and Picasso Museum. Participants must have at leat four semesters of college-level Spanish and a 2.5 GPA.

Internship Programs with Performing Arts Abroad

Intern abroad in Barcelona through Performing Arts Abroad. PAA provides interns with different placements in Dance, Technical Theater, and Arts Administration. The program is open year-round and lets interns build up their portfolio while gaining international experience in the Performing Arts.

Spain - Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona

Volunteer at a youth hostel in the center of Barcelona while exploring all that the exciting city has to offer while meeting new and interesting people from all over the world! Barcelona is a vibrant city with many different historical, cultural, and architectural attractions. Volunteers will have ample free time to explore such attractions, relax on the warm beaches, or enjoy the bustling nigh...

Intern in Spain with Dream Careers

Dream Careers offers internship placements in over 25 fields of study including Performance Design, International Relations, and Liberal Arts. Located in the dynamic city of Barcelona, participants can explore the city's historic museums, art galleries, and architectural wonders. Program benefits includes weekend excursions, transportation, and career coaching.

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Interning Abroad in Barcelona

Barcelona is quickly becoming the city where students elect to build their resumes and professional skills. Why choose an internship in Barcelona? It’s clearly a world-class city, but what makes it an ideal setting for students to work and learn here?

Food & Culture

The attraction of Barcelona starts with the city itself. This is the kind of place where visitors, after only an hour in the city, are often heard declaring: “I think I could live here.” Barcelona has crystal-clear blue skies, miles of beach in the city center, tantalizing cuisine, and a laid-back lifestyle. Its deep sense of history permeates the streets and buildings, its social atmosphere is vivacious and friendly, and the city puts on non-stop activities and festivities. These are a few of the endless reasons for this feeling of comfort that draws people in and makes it so hard to leave. 

Things to Do

Barcelona has so much to offer. You can wander through the medieval streets, soak up the Gaudí modernist parks and architecture, dance the night away, visit world-class museums, join sports teams, shop in cool independent stores, scale majestic Montjuïic, sample amazing cooking, or simply grab your camera and discover scenes that will make fantastic photos. Interns who are here between May and October always take advantage of Barcelona’s beaches, consistently ranked as some of the best in the world.

Interning in Barcelona

Internships in Barcelona are available in a wide variety of fields, in English or in Spanish — with multinational corporations, booming start-ups, or NGOs that are changing lives. For students looking to boost their resumes and get a step ahead, they should look no further than Barcelona. The city attracts large multinational companies, but also fosters home-grown entrepreneurship through business incubators and help from the government. Barcelona attracts business and enterprise because of a strong local work ethic, a privileged location including a major port, and a relentless campaign to maintain its distinction as a top tourist destination. Students can find internships in management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, and other fields of business study.

Though business is the most popular field of placement for internships in Barcelona, there are definitely placements available for international interns in other fields. Companies in Barcelona offer internships in psychology, public relations, communications, engineering, law, theater, education, music, non-profits, health care, and graphic design, just to name a few.

Internships are available for academic credit, or purely for the work experience. For an intern to receive academic credit, there is often an accompanying university course or seminar. Some students must complete a research paper about the internship to gain credit. This can be arranged either by the host program in Barcelona, or by the student’s university directly. Programs that offer academic credit tend to cost slightly more.  

Many students seek an internship just to gain experience and professional development, but not for academic credit. For people who are changing careers, or have graduated but do not have much work experience yet in their field, a non-credit internship in Barcelona can kick-start their new professional path.

But I Don’t Speak Spanish ... Doesn’t matter. Barcelona is host to many companies whose language of operation is English, along with Spanish and/or Catalan. Of course, a student who speaks both Spanish and English will have a wider variety of options. You may want to take a class in Spanish or in Catalan, the lovely musical language of the region that sounds like a blend of Spanish, Italian, and French. Barcelona is a truly bilingual city where anyone growing up here speaks both Spanish and Catalan.  

Common Questions:

What Are These Program Fees? Almost all internships are unpaid, but participating in an internship abroad program does cost fees. In addition to a job placement in Barcelona, internship program providers take care of the major details for the intern. This includes airport transportation, housing, language classes, emergency assistance, professional workshops, cultural and group activities, and more. Program fees pay for an all-inclusive intern abroad experience with safe and comfortable living conditions, appropriate work experience in the chosen field, academic direction, local guidance and support, and cultural and social enrichment.

What Type Of Visa Do I Need? The type of visa required varies, depending on the duration of the internship, the country the intern comes from, and the type of work placement. An internship could range from 4 weeks to a year, but the average is about 9 weeks. Your program provider will tell you all that you need to know about visas, depending on your specific circumstances.

What Will My Work Schedule Look Like? Internship programs and schedules vary widely, depending on the student’s academic course load and the needs of the host company. You could work anywhere from 8 to 40 hours at your host company per week, or you could work part time and take classes part time.

Interning in Barcelona offers endless professional growth opportunities, the chance to build your resume and earn academic credit, and the luxury of living in one of Europe’s great cities. It could be the best decision you ever made.

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