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South Africa Is Alive With Possibility


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Internships in Cape Town with Connect-123!

Experience life in South Africa by interning with Connect-123. Programs for interns are available in a wide range of fields, including Human Rights, Economic Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Health Care. Interns live and work in Cape Town, enjoying the cities rich cultural history, impressive natural beauty and pristine beaches. Programs are available to participants from all...

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs
VACorps Professional Internship Program in Cape Town

Intern abroad in Cape Town, South Africa with Volunteer Adventure Corps. Internship placements include those in Landscape Architecture, Labor and Industrial Relations, Sustainable Development, and more. Interns not only get internship credits, they also get the chance to join volunteer activities as well as learn one of South Africa's Official Languages, the Xhosa language.

Intern in South Africa
ELI-Experiential Learning International

Go for an internship program with ELI - Experiential Learning International in South Africa and discover diverse African wildlife, white sand beaches, and outdoor sports. Choose a program from a wide variety of fields, including animal conservation, engineering, non-profit management and development, tourism and leisure, and marketing, media, and graphic design. Interns must be at least 18 year...

Global Vision International

Gain experience with hospitality internships in South African, luxury, game lodges. Global Vision International (GVI) provides participants of this unique program with the chance to gain international work experience and develop valuable culinary and tourism knowledge. They can also engage with the country’s diverse culture and explore local wildlife.

Internship Programs with Performing Arts Abroad

Help the local children in South Africa develop their musical skills through Performing Arts Abroad. Internship placements are available in the city of Nelspruit. Program fees include housing, excursions, and travel, medical, and accident insurance.

Performing Arts Abroad
Wildlife, Game Ranger & Medical Internships in South Africa

Explore a beautiful South African destination while completing your internship requirements. Frontier offers programs in the fields of Medicine, Wildlife, and Veterinary Studies. On top of the practical experience they will gain, participants will get the most out of their time in a country with a wide range of cultural experiences prepared for them.


CISabroad offers internships in Cape Town, South Africa that are available throughout the year. Students get a host of internship options to choose from, ensuring that their individual professional and personal interests are met. They also experience all the many exciting activities available in one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Experience working outside of the country with a Projects Abroad international work placement in South Africa. Travel and live with a host family in Cape Town for a month or more and engage in an interactive work environment. This program is open is open to all aspiring interns from different parts of the world.

Interning in South Africa

Gain professional experience by interning abroad in Africa through African Impact. Participants can choose to intern in a range of fields, from Marketing and Business to Horse Management. Internship placements are available in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and other nations throughout Africa.

if i could...

Gain international work experience in South Africa through if i could. Participants can choose various internship programs including Creative Writing, Graphic Design, and Marketing. Placements are available in Cape Town.

Intern in South Africa with Institute for Global Studies

Learn the culture and lifestly of South Africa through an internship placement from the Institute for Global Studies. Participants will live in Cape Town, South Africa for a year and gain international work experience in a specific discipline such as Sociology, Tourism, or Anthropology. This program is open to participants worldwide.

Child Family Health International

Discover South Africa in a whole new way with Child Family Health International. Programs are fit for those who wish to learn more about South Africa's health issues, immerse in the local culture, and provide primary health care to the locals. Intern get to participate in a humbling yet professionally rewarding experience that can increase their professional and cultural competency.

Eko Tracks

Earn valuable work experience on an internship program in South Africa with Eko Tracks. The program places interns at the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in Polokwane, where they monitor African wildlife, including elephants and lions, and contribute to the conservation of species and their habitats. Program includes room and board.

Worldwide Experience

Worldwide Experience provides this intellectually stimulating internship program in South Africa. Located in stunning Port Elizabeth, this program allows participants to receive both theoretical and practical training in the areas of Zoology & Wildlife Sciences and Animal Sciences. Typical program duration is one to two weeks.

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An intern gets up close and personal with a duiker antelope at one of South Africa's many nature reserves

How to Intern Abroad in South Africa

South Africa Is Alive With Possibility

It’s hard to think of a country more diverse than South Africa – in every sense of the word. With 11 official languages, this multiethnic society is a unique blend of African cultures with European and Asian influences. The range of this cultural diversity can be seen walking the bustling streets of Johannesburg, experiencing traditions first hand in a tribal village, or getting up close and personal with the magnificent wildlife of the Kruger National Park. South Africa – the Rainbow Nation - truly does have something for everyone! 

Geography & Demographics

South Africa is known for its warm, friendly climate and sunny days. It is bordered by ocean on three sides and enjoys a subtropical climate. Summers runs from mid-October to mid-February and are hot, sunny, and filled with short thunderstorms. Land sports like hiking, backpacking, and  camping are typically more popular outside of these months to avoid the heat. Autumn begins in February and offers those perfect in-between temperatures and less rainfall.

South Africa is a pretty dry country all around, but most of its rainfall comes in the winter (May to July). Nights are cold and can produce frost, but days are still relatively warm. The Cape provinces are famous for their delightful spring weather and the beautiful flowers that bloom everywhere.  

Food & Culture

South African cuisine is also quite diverse and can range from dining in a world-class restaurant nestled in the Cape Winelands to eating a Cape Malay delicacy at one of the many creative food fairs, to tasting “smilies” (which every visitor should at least witness), and other traditional street food from the townships to throwing together a braai (barbecue) with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Culture vultures can explore South Africa’s fascinating political history, experience its diverse cultures, and learn more about social change and development in a new democracy. Sites such as the Apartheid Museum, the South African National Gallery, Robben Island, Everard Read Gallery, Design Indaba, and Spier Cultural Centre offer great insights into where South Africa has been, where it is now, and where it’s headed. 

For those looking to experience more of an urban pace, there are several importantcities to choose from. The largest city, Johannesburg, has a distinctly African buzz and is the financial capital of the country. If you’re looking for a more laid back yet cosmopolitan vibe, Cape Town might be just the city for you. Durban is famous for its uninterrupted white sand beaches and warm Indian Ocean water.

Things to Do

Nature lovers will find a vast network of diverse national parks and opportunities to go on safari and interact with the Big Five (elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards, and rhinoceros) as well as penguins, baboons, and more! South Africa is brimming with coastlines to surf, beaches to enjoy, and mountains and trails to hike. The scenic charm of the Wild Coast and the seemingly never-ending natural beauty of the Garden Route are just waiting to be explored. 

Adventure enthusiasts and thrill seekers will never tire of enjoying some of the world’s most intense outdoor activities, such as taking the plunge at the world’s highest bungee jump, cage diving with sharks, or sea kayaking with whales off the coast. There are also abundant opportunities for skydiving, paragliding, rappelling, canyoning, sand boarding, surfing, and white water rafting, just to name a few. 

Pretoria serves as the de facto national capital, although, South Africa actually has three – Pretoria being the executive capital, Cape Town, the legislative capital, and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital. And when you need a break from city life, the road system is very well established and there are endless road trip options that can help you get to know the country from a different angle.

Interning in South Africa

Internship opportunities in South Africa are as diverse as the Rainbow Nation itself. Business, marketing, and finance interns can experience the exciting world of entrepreneurship in a developing market. While Johannesburg is the country’s financial capital, there are many young and creative enterprises popping up all over Cape Town. The emerging field of social entrepreneurship is becoming quite popular as well, as many organizations are attempting to use business practices to tackle important social issues.

In the healthcare realm, South Africa has a high incidence of infectious diseases that are typical of developing countries, (HIV/AIDS, parasitic infections, TB) as well as increasing levels of chronic lifestyle diseases more commonly found in developed countries, such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Interns interested in the healthcare field can work in an environment geared towards exceptional learning, alongside some of the finest medical professionals in the world. 

Opportunities to work on human rights or public policy campaigns are especially poignant in the land where Nelson Mandela famously fought for social justice. Despite years of progress, massive inequalities continue to be seen all around the country – in terms of basic human rights, including literacy and education, healthcare, and safety. Socially minded interns can make important contributions to organizations looking to redress these imbalances, especially in the fields of education, social work, and youth development. While South Africans celebrate their diversity, their multiculturalism, and their history of immigration, there is still much work to be done in terms of economic and social inclusion.

South Africa is one of the top megadiverse countries in the world and opportunities to work with nature abound. The country boasts two oceans, numerous coastal reserves, and over 20 national parks, so there are ample internships available in both marine and wildlife conservation. 

With Cape Town’s Table Mountain and fynbos, the Johannesburg city lights, and great bush of Kruger National Parks as your backdrop, these internship experiences will allow for self-transformation in an absolutely incredible international setting! Get to know this wonderfully unique country while you build your global work experience and have the time of your life!

Lea Levy

Lea Levy co-founded Connect-123 Internship and Volunteer Programs in Cape Town with her husband Steven. They realized that many local organizations could use the help of skilled, international students while at the same time, students could benefit from real, hands-on, international work experience. Prior to establishing Connect-123, Lea earned a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Stellenbosch and worked in Russian with the top PR, below-the-line and communications consulting firm. Originally from South Africa, Lea has also lived in Russia and Argentina, and now calls Barcelona home. She loves to walk her dog Chloe, and is learning how to play polo as a horse lover.