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Internships in Cape Town with Connect-123!

Experience Cape Town's cultural richness and diversity with a Connect-123 internship! Opportunities are available in human rights, entrepreneurship, public policy, education, public health and many more. Gain career related international work experience while you explore South Africa!

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs
VACorps Professional Internship Program in Cape Town

Intern abroad in Cape Town, South Africa with Volunteer Adventure Corps. Internship placements include those in Landscape Architecture, Labor and Industrial Relations, Sustainable Development, and more. Interns not only get internship credits, they also get the chance to join volunteer activities as well as learn one of South Africa's Official Languages, the Xhosa language.

Intern in South Africa
if i could...

Gain international work experience in South Africa through if i could. Participants can choose various internship programs including Creative Writing, Graphic Design, and Marketing. Placements are available in Cape Town.

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Go for an internship program with ELI - Experiential Learning International in South Africa and discover diverse African wildlife, white sand beaches, and outdoor sports. Choose a program from a wide variety of fields, including animal conservation, engineering, non-profit management and development, tourism and leisure, and marketing, media, and graphic design. Interns must be at least 18 year...

Global Vision International

Gain experience with hospitality internships in South African, luxury, game lodges. Global Vision International (GVI) provides participants of this unique program with the chance to gain international work experience and develop valuable culinary and tourism knowledge. They can also engage with the country’s diverse culture and explore local wildlife.

Internship Programs with Performing Arts Abroad

Help the local children in South Africa develop their musical skills through Performing Arts Abroad. Internship placements are available in the city of Nelspruit. Program fees include housing, excursions, and travel, medical, and accident insurance.

Performing Arts Abroad

CISabroad offers internships in Cape Town, South Africa that are available throughout the year. Students get a host of internship options to choose from, ensuring that their individual professional and personal interests are met. They also experience all the many exciting activities available in one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Experience working outside of the country with a Projects Abroad international work placement in South Africa. Travel and live with a host family in Cape Town for a month or more and engage in an interactive work environment. This program is open is open to all aspiring interns from different parts of the world.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Learn the culture and lifestly of South Africa through an internship placement from the Institute for Global Studies. Participants will live in Cape Town, South Africa for a year and gain international work experience in a specific discipline such as Sociology, Tourism, or Anthropology. This program is open to participants worldwide.

Child Family Health International

Discover South Africa in a whole new way with Child Family Health International. Programs are fit for those who wish to learn more about South Africa's health issues, immerse in the local culture, and provide primary health care to the locals. Intern get to participate in a humbling yet professionally rewarding experience that can increase their professional and cultural competency.

Interning in South Africa

African Impact offers internship placements in South Africa. Participants can gain work experience amidst a backdrop of stunning wildlife reserves, mountain ranges, arid desert islands, and coastal regions. Whether an avid adventurer, a wine lover, or a fond explorer of heritage, wildlife, and culture, participants will love the time they spend in South Africa!

ESL - Language studies abroad

We are the connection, the world belongs to you! We offer you the opportunity to embark on a language course in over 160 destinations. Whether you are interested in vacation courses for juniors, language schools for adults, internships or language courses for professionals, ESL is the solution. Connecting you to the world!

Experiences that Make a Difference!

Make a difference while earning internship credits with African Insight. Placements are located around Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and ZuluLand in various fields, which include Environmental Management, Zoology and Wildlife Sciences, and Heritage Tourism. Programs are available throughout the year and open to worldwide participants.

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