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695 Social Work Internships Abroad

GoEco - Social Work Opportunities in Latin America!

Our social work internships are ideal for those concerned with helping children, families and individuals with their overall wellbeing. Join one of our exciting projects in South or Central America and demonstrate your passion for helping others! Discover why so many past volunteers consider it an essential life experience!

Institute for Global Studies

The Project Every year, hundreds of Nepalese children leave their poor villages in search of work, arriving in both small and large cities. Most of these children are deprived of educational and other opportunities. After coming to cities, most of them work as child laborers in restaurants, hotels, and factories. Your primary job duties at the orphanage will be: 1) Intake of new child...

Volunteer Adventure Corps

Volunteer Adventure Corps offers professional internship placements in Cape Town, South Africa. Interns will be placed within an environment where they will make a positive contribution to their host organizations, while gaining invaluable and distinctive international work experience. VACorps customizes internship placements based on the participants' specific interests. The corps finds placem...


Internships bring experience. Experience brings marketability. International experience shows imagination and self-confidence. All this can be yours interning in amazing New Zealand. You can be practical AND have a great adventure at the same time. If you're serious about your future, we have some seriously great opportunities for you. Most fields are possible, so check with us. In New Zeal...


On Summer Intern in Dublin, you really get the best of both worlds! After an extensive introduction to living and working in Dublin, you will work full time alongside your Irish counterparts during this 6-week program. Once the workday is over, you'll have one of the greatest cities in Europe outside your door. Due to an economic boom in the past 2 decades and an influx of immigrants from aroun...

BUAbroad: Haifa Israeli & Middle Eastern Studies Program

Take part in the Haifa Language & Liberal Arts Program for a semester or academic year. The program is based in the cosmopolitan Mediterranean port of Haifa, Israel, and combines coursework at the University of Haifa, language study, and excursions. Students can also participate in an internship program. The type of placement will depend on students language abilities, background, and inte...

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Connect-123 offers a range of different hands-on, career related internship opportunities in Dublin. Internships could involve assisting with childhood literacy projects, mentoring students, working as a teacher's assistant, leading life skills workshops, assisting with sports programs, putting together youth career expos, researching educational policy, and contributing to the overall operatio...

Teaching & Community Development Internship in South Africa

Join our international team in the spectacular city of Cape Town and work with children from the local townships while developing teaching experience and qualifications on this long term internship. The internship begins with a 12 week volunteer project, where you will learn how to plan and deliver a range of educational programs in deprived township schools and edu-care centers, gaining exp...

Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad

This is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in nearly every field you can think of; medical, business, psychology, marketing, international education, broadcasting, social work, sports, graphic design, tourism and much more. Interns in Madrid work for 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday; that leaves you w...

Projects Abroad

Twice the size of Texas, South Africa's position at the southern tip of Africa has created a diversity of lifestyles and a diversity of environments, from the lofty Drakensberg Mountain range to the Cape Vineyards. Thought to be the birthplace of mankind, this land historically attracted Europeans as a gateway to Africa. At the start of the 21st century, South Africa is leading the way in Af...

The Intern Group

Hong Kong is one of the most popular places for those interested in internships abroad because of its dynamic business culture and for being the place where East and West meet. Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our program will develop your career potential. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Not sure what you want to study yet? Take a gap ...

Global Experiences

London is the most popular study abroad destination in the world which is no surprise since it's bursting with cultural history, fun nightlife, and hundreds of internship opportunities. No matter your industry, London has something for everyone. The Global Experiences London Summer Program allows interns to gain first-hand professional experience for two months while living in downtown L...

IES Internships

Apply for a summer Social Work internship abroad with IES Internships. Get the opportunity to experience various cultures and meet new people. Placements are available in London, Rome, and Sydney.

CAPA International Education

Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For 40 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skill...

World Internships

Gain Social Work experience through internship placements abroad. World Internships provide opportunities for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals. All placements are customized to individual professional and personal requirements.

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Social Work Internships Abroad

Social work internships abroad will give you the chance to improve the lives of people and communities who are greatly in need of international help. Not only will you be helping impoverished individuals, families, and communities, but you will also be gaining insight into the concepts of economics, law, education, psychology, sociology, health, and medicine on an international scale. Social work is an all-encompassing practice that encourages a well rounded education for both those giving and receiving necessary aid, an education that is easily provided through internships abroad.

Why Intern Abroad in Social Work

Social work is a learning experience for all who are involved. By interning in social work abroad you will be exposed to a culture different from your own, which is an eye-opening experience. Helping less privileged communities through family therapy, rehabilitation, or government aid offers a better appreciation for your own life, and can instill a sense of obligation to give back and inspire you in your future career. 

You will learn how to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, which is crucial in any field or industry. Through crossing cultural and language barriers, you will also develop a broader platform for communication that will greatly enhance your ability to creatively think quickly and problem solve in social work jobs in the future. Helping an individual or group of people will give you confidence in yourself and your ability to make a difference in people’s lives through social work.


As a country that is constantly working to better its identity, there is no shortage of help needed in the field of social work in Ghana. Since the European colonization of the country, Ghana has strived to establish its independence, and name within an international context. But as a result of numerous setbacks and hardships, Ghana is still behind much of the modern world in many different aspects.

As one of Africa’s first nations to declare its independence, Ghana holds very rich traditional values as well as prominent influences from the rest of the world. As a result, Ghana is caught in between rapid progress and rural neglect. Through social work internships in Ghana, you will have the chance to assist in charity work that places a strong influence on education and public health. 

Asia’s biggest and most populous country, China offers a wide range of social work internships. Based on its size and demographics alone, China covers a wide variety of people and lifestyles, creating many opportunities for social work internships and personal growth. Interning in China can include a range of duties, from office work to more hands on experiences, and is especially beneficial for anyone from the Western hemisphere looking to break free from their comfort zone. 

Gain a new perspective on life by learning and sharing experiences with locals through social work internships in Costa Rica. Known for its tropical weather and breathtaking scenery, Costa Rica provides a serene environment for interning abroad. Although it can be hard to look past the natural beauty, the nation faces many tribulations. A great deal of the people in Costa Rica face poverty and hardships they don’t confront because of the pura vida lifestyle they live by.

Costa Ricans tend to be very grateful for the things they have instead of focusing on what they lack, but this does not mean they are not welcoming to outside help. Through interning in social work in Costa Rica, you will find that the people are not only welcoming and easy-going, but are great sources for wisdom as well.

Social Work Internships Abroad

Interning abroad in social work can cover a range of fields and industries that encompass numerous companies and organizations.

One of the most common internships abroad within the field of social work is in education. Interning in education will provide great fulfillment for international interns and allow them to experience the interaction of social work in education. There are plenty of programs that offer teaching and assistant teaching internships for individuals interested in the field of social work. When teaching abroad with an emphasis on social work you may involve working with children with disabilities who may have been abused or neglected.

While interning abroad in these types of placements you will not only be serving as a mentor and teacher, but will also be providing much needed emotional and psychological support to students. The children you will work with during an education-related social work internship abroad may come from abusive households with parents who are coping with drug and alcohol problems, so your internship may include providing them with necessary guidance, nutrition, and other health services too. The future of a society depends on our children, and education is the most powerful tool for bettering a community through social work.

In addition to education, health and general caretaking are other popular areas for social work internships abroad. This can consist of volunteering at a health clinic or soup kitchen for disadvantaged members of a community. Although the work may seem minimal, the effect it has on a community is monumental and will leave you with a sense of achievement and purpose.

Social work internships abroad may provide interns with the chance to assist in environmental projects too. Helping nations establish sustainable energy can greatly enhance the quality of life for communities, which is the foundation of social work. Daily responsibilities in this field will include research and data analysis pertaining to wind and solar power, economic development, biodiversity, wildlife preservation, and housing development. Sustainable energy not only helps individuals by providing them with unlimited accessible resources, but it also greatly benefits a society as a whole by limiting the costs and energy spent on acquiring finite energy supplies.

  • Help Others. While the experience of traveling somewhere new and unknown is an experience in and of itself, knowing that you helped ease the burden of just one person greatly supersedes the thrill of the journey there and back. Providing food, education, or just an open ear and some encouragement can go a long way to help overcome personal adversities.
  • Develop a Newfound Respect From Those Around You. Adapting to unknown environments and circumstances for the sake of others will prove your worth in any work environment. You will develop keen analytical skills that will sharpen your decision-making abilities which is sure to make a lasting first impression on any potential employer.
  • Gain a New Perspective to Help Future Clients. Through witnessing some of the worst injustices of the world, you may develop a better appreciation for what you have. By reflecting on some of the misfortunes dealt to various societies of the world you may notice the very nature of you demeanor change to no longer concern yourself with minor inconveniences. Traveling to disadvantaged parts of the world to perform social work broadens your world perspective to gain a better understanding and oneness with the world.
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