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Israel - Jerusalem Hostel Marketing and Travel Internship

The hostel is best known for its initiatives in recycling and waste management, organic gardening and composting, and interaction with the surrounding communities. The hostel aims to provide a unique eco-friendly travel experience for backpackers and to pass on this legacy of hospitality. Participating in the hostel's internship is a great way to experience Israel while getting hands on hospita...

Teach English and Speak Arabic internship in Palestine 2014

Excellence Center (EC) located on Ain Sara, the main street of Hebron, Excellence Center specializes in providing convenient educational services to students and professionals. Due to a need for resources many Palestinians lack proficiency in foreign languages and communication skills. Come and join Excellence Center's TESA (Teach English and Speak Arabic) program as an intern. Our mission i...


Travel and earn invaluable work experience in the Middle East with OnlinePianist in Israel. Prospective participants from all over the world can have the opportunity to experience various professions through an internship. The internship program is open to participants throughout the year.

Volunteering Solutions

Individuals can boost their resumes with an international internship in Western Europe with Volunteering Solutions. Offered throughout the year, this program is situated in Spain. Participants can choose from a number of intern types including Journalism, Social Work, and Dentistry and delve into their future professions while learning more about their host country's culture, people, and society.

Study Arabic at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Engage in a semester or year long internship program in the Middle East through the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The combined course work and work placement gives worldwide students a chance to immerse fully in the culture. The program offers internship in the fields of Education and Public Administration.

Global Nomadic Ltd

We specialize in providing Serious and Affordable Volunteer & Internship Opportunities. Global Nomadic has been set up with the express intention to offer impartial and specific, accurate advice & field placement to individuals seeking to put their efforts to good use.

Israel Summer Business Academy (ISBA) for 2014!

The Israel Summer Business Academy (ISBA), is a once-in-a-lifetime, six-credit hour, educational experience for students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. This unique opportunity, open to undergraduate students of all faiths and beliefs, allows you to study and immerse yourself in the Israeli business environment. You'll learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and non-profit c...

Bahrain Diploma in Business/hospitality/retail with Interns

Bahrain Diploma in Business/hospitality/retail with Internship 26 / 52 week Program- Guaranteed Work Internship No upfront payments to the college until visa approval (1) Total fees are GBP 2000 for 6 months program (2) Total fees are GBP 3500 for 12months program (3) Visa fees Bahrain dinar 250 paid on visa approval (4) No interview/ visa issued from Bahrain authorities - NO ...