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ELI Abroad – Internships and Adventures in Kenya

Boost your CV and gain practical experience in law, microfinance, special education, veterinary science or wildlife by working in Nakuru, Kenya’s 4th largest city and home to the stunning Lake Nakuru National Park. Housing is provided, and on weekends you can join a safari or relax in nearby cafes and bars. Internships don’t get more exciting!

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Affordable Intern Abroad Programs: from USD180

Make a difference as an intern in Kenya with programs offered through CrossContinental. Participants can choose from an array of programs ranging from Community Development, Business Coaching, to Language Immersion. Programs are offered year round with flexible start dates. Included is room and board as well as around-the-clock in country support.

Paramedic Missions, Inc.

This rewarding Medical Mission is open to all healthcare professionals, volunteers and students. The mission will allow you to acquire new skills or put your skills and expertise in a more challenging environment to help the communities and families in need. This program provides much needed support to the community by offering basic healthcare services but more importantly, it facilitates info...

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Kenya is known for its magnificent landscapes, tribal cultures, and hospitable people. Travel, live, and work in this African country with the help of Projects Abroad and gain international work experience. This program is open throughout the year to prospective interns from all over the world.

Interning in Kenya

African Impact offers all-in-one working holidays and volunteering programs in Kenya. The location boasts sunny climate on pristine beaches and warm turquoise waters. The rich protected wildlife reserves and prime savannah also make the country a worthwhile internship destination.

Pamoja International Voluntary Services

Pamoja International Voluntary Services is set in an African tradition way of life thus focusing on its vision to improve the people's way of life by working with them from grass root levels. Come and join us!

Inspire Volunteering for Kenya and Sri Lanka

Travel to Kenya with Inspire Volunteering and get the chance to gain international professional experience in the field of Media at a local newspaper. At the Kenya Times, interns or volunteers work within a staff of about 30, excluding those involved in its press unit and circulation. Volunteers can get involve4d in the research and writing of news articles on national events, environmental iss...

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide offers internship placements in Kenya that lets participants join an unforgettable adventure. They can earn new skills, create a solid understanding of the local culture, and cultivate professional and personal development.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

FSD's programs are located in two regions of Kenya—Mombasa and Kakamega. FSD works with nearly 40 community-based organizations in the Kakamega and Mombasa regions to address a wide spectrum of development issues at the grassroots level.

The University of Minnesota

Learn about International Development in Kenya and work in one of the prestigious organizations and corporations in Nairobi through the University of Minnesota. Choose from their study and internship abroad programs. The students will focus on the theoretical and practical implications of international development and intercultural issues. The program includes field trips, intercultural immersi...