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Volunteer Adventure Corps

Volunteer Adventure Corps offers professional internship placements in Cape Town, South Africa. Interns will be placed within an environment where they will make a positive contribution to their host organizations, while gaining invaluable and distinctive international work experience. VACorps customizes internship placements based on the participants' specific interests. The corps finds placem...


Internships bring experience. Experience brings marketability. International experience shows imagination and self-confidence. All this can be yours interning in amazing New Zealand. You can be practical AND have a great adventure at the same time. If you're serious about your future, we have some seriously great opportunities for you. Most fields are possible, so check with us. In New Zeal...


On Intern in China, your international internship will be customized to match your interests and how long you want to live abroad. Internships last a minimum of 4 weeks, but we encourage you to stay as long as you can. You also get to choose between international Shanghai and historic Beijing. All Intern in China students receive a monthly stipend to assist with general living expenses. We know...

Boston University Study Abroad

Spend ten weeks interning and studying in one of the most important capital cities in the world through Boston University's Washington, DC Summer Internship Program. More than just the capital city of American politics, Washington, DC also plays an important role in the sciences, law, business, the arts, and media both nationally and internationally. Program participants enroll in one course an...

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Looking for a way to make your resume really stand out? How about an international internship in one of the world's fastest growing economies. Connect-123 can help you find a tailor made internship in Shanghai, China! Internship opportunities are available in the fields of business, finance, economic development, health care, education and many more! Connect-123 can offer you the very best ...

Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad

This is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in nearly every field you can think of; medical, business, psychology, marketing, international education, broadcasting, social work, sports, graphic design, tourism and much more. Interns in Madrid work for 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday; that leaves you w...

Projects Abroad

As a Journalism intern in South Africa, you could find yourself working for a weekly soccer newspaper, a general interest magazine, or a local magazine produced by Projects Abroad. You can also contribute to Voices of the World, an online weekly newspaper and magazine for young journalists. Based in cosmopolitan Cape Town, our Journalism internships are perfect for anyone wanting some extra exp...

Internship in China - Start Your Career Today!

Go Abroad China has received good reviews from over 1,200 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from all over the globe joined Go Abroad China Internship program. Intern with Go Abroad China and get Professional internship placement guarantee, Continuous feedback about your progress and performance, Onsite support from GAC professional staff, Chinese language studies & fun ...

Institute for Global Studies

Wellington Newspaper A short walk from the parliament (affectionately known as the "bee hive") lies New Zealand's most cutting edge political and daily newspaper. Keeping a close watch on national politics and current events, the paper reaches the far corners of both islands. The exciting and bustling newsroom allows a firsthand glimpse of the rough and tumble world of Pacific politics an...

Global Experiences

Are you ready to take your resumé and work experience to the next level? How about living in a beautiful, diverse city and country full of history? Then Global Experiences Internship Program in Dublin, Ireland is the program for you. They offer placements in a variety of fields ranging from marketing, graphic design, and event planning, to accounting and IT. Global Experiences gives you the...

IES Internships

IES Internships, a unit of IES Abroad, offers hands-on, professional internships in some of the world's most exciting cities. Whether you chose an eight-week, full-time internship in one of our eight international locations, or enroll in a part-time internship while you study abroad for the semester, one thing is for sure: you'll add global brilliance to your résumé. With more than 300 globa...

CAPA International Education

Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For 40 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skill...

The Intern Group

Hong Kong is one of the most popular places for those interested in internships abroad because of its dynamic business culture and for being the place where East and West meet. Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our program will develop your career potential. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Not sure what you want to study yet? Take a gap ...

World Internships

You're likely to fall in love while interning in the historic and romantic city of Florence, often referred to as the "Jewel of the Renaissance". Ideal for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals, Florence's rich collection of art and history is perfect for internships in architecture, art/art history, fashion, jewelry design, graphic design, handicraft, interior design, and photograp...


BUNAC's Work in Ireland program allows current students or recent graduates the opportunity to live, work and travel anywhere in Ireland for 4 or 12 months. BUNAC will help secure the visa and find jobs and accommodation. Bunac's Work in Ireland program is run in conjunction with USIT and authorized by the Irish Government. The program allows you to spend up to 4 or 12 months living and wor...

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Journalism Internships Abroad

Journalism internships abroad are a great way to experience a multifaceted field in an entirely new environment. The most attractive thing about journalism internships abroad is that you can choose from a range of concentrations within the broad scope of the field and work alongside seasoned professionals. By interning abroad in journalism, you will be able to acquire new skills and understand new perspectives, all while sharing important news and information with the world. While you absorb the talents of professional journalists, gain exposure in the field, and learn essential skills, you will venture on a journey of research, writing, interviewing, and so much more.

Why Intern Abroad in Journalism

Not only is the field of journalism diverse, it is also constantly changing and keeping up with the times. Interns can expect to learn a lot about history and current events through journalism internships abroad, as well as be introduced to new technologies required to be successful in the field. If you love to learn about what is happening in the world and connect current events with the past, then journalism internships abroad may be perfect for you!

There is never a dull moment when interning abroad in journalism, because the world is full of exciting and evolving events and developments! Gaining such an incredible experience abroad will only further your understanding of a new place, environment, history, and of course the field of journalism itself. Journalism interns will come to understand the field from a completely different viewpoint than their home country and learn the ins and outs of the field from talented professionals.


Journalism internships in Africa are a great way to work on raising awareness and understanding of issues, needs, and meaningful projects and developments in a somewhat misunderstood continent. Many journalism interns choose to work in Africa in order to report about issues that may not be so well known in the rest of the world; interns will be exposed first-hand to current events and unique problems affecting various areas of Africa. Due to the high number of developing countries in Africa, interns are highly sought after to become consciousness raisers and change-makers through either written or spoken journalism.

The United States, and specifically its capital of Washington D.C. on the east coast, is a perfect location for journalism internships focused on the political side of the field. As a world leader, the U.S. has much to offer journalism interns looking to learn more about political issues in the U.S. and the world. Interns will be able to learn from politicians, reporters, lobbyists, and numerous related organizations (for profit and not for profit). Journalism interns in the U.S. may even be able to attend special political events and press holdings during their journalism internship!

With so many up and coming countries in Asia, as well as its large population, there are plenty of opportunities for journalism internships in Asia. More specifically, China is becoming a major global leader, with a booming economy, education system, and modernizing lifestyle. It has become a popular location for journalism interns interested in current events in China, but also for those who want to share happenings within the country with other nations and explore China’s international relations. Interns will have plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge in the field, due to the country’s fast paced, ever-changing social climate. Those who choose to intern in China should be aware of restrictions imposed by the Chinese government when it comes to media and journalism, and be mindful of their place in society as well as their rights as a novice journalist.

Journalism Internships Abroad

Since journalism covers such a wide variety of topics, interns are sure to find an internship placement that interests them somewhere in the world. Many companies and organizations offer journalism internships abroad focused on developing creativity in various ways. Journalism interns most often find themselves working for news stations (radio or TV), publication agencies (magazines and newspapers), or not for profits that focus on spreading awareness and encouraging freedom of speech.

Journalism internships abroad at news stations (either radio or TV) are great opportunities for interns who are interested in broadcasting and want to get experience with “big name” companies. Tasks will vary, depending on the type of media being produced and the level of responsibility each intern has, but typically include administrative support and copywriting, such as editing scripts.

Interning abroad with magazines will give interns a more focused experience of journalism, due to the fact that each magazine focuses on different topics of interest. When it comes to journalism internships abroad with publication agencies, the options are endless; the most popular areas for print journalism internships are in sports, fashion, and business. Interns can expect to write and edit articles, take photographs, and design the layout of pages during a journalism internship abroad, depending on what skills they bring to the table.

For all types of journalism internships abroad, interns will also be sought after to provide fresh new content and ideas to their teams and the company or organization as a whole.

Although journalism is a year-round subject, interns should start looking for international internships at least six months ahead of time, to guarantee their first choice location and placement. Most companies and organizations that offer journalism internships abroad do not require interns to have any previous experience in the field; however, they will expect interns to take a lot of initiative and to be very creative and hardworking. Additionally, prior experience may help interns on a day-to-day basis, in terms of tasks related to writing, producing, and reporting.


Raising Awareness. Journalism internships abroad are wonderful opportunities for young journalists to be exposed to issues around the world that they may not have known about otherwise. By actively promoting in these issues, you will be introducing the world to many more noteworthy news stories and fresh ideas.

Professional Development. Completing a journalism internship abroad will show future employers that you can handle being overseas and working in a foreign, and often challenging, environment. This experience will give you an edge when applying for jobs in the future, especially if you are looking to work abroad.

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