Internships in Cork, Ireland

6 Internships Abroad Programs in Cork, Ireland

Work in Ireland

Choose between two internship programs in Ireland with BUNAC. Open to American participants, these programs are available in over 15 cities including Dublin, Limerick, and Belfast. The length of each placement may vary, but each one gives a uniquely remarkable experience to interns that prepares them for future international careers.

World Endeavors

Ireland is a country with charming people, dramatic landscapes, and a bustling diverse economy. It is the perfect location for enthusiastic interns looking to gain professional work experience, special skills, and knowledge. World Endeavors provides internship programs to worldwide participants throughout the year. Enjoy the authentic Irish lifestyle and culture either in Dublin, Galway, or Sligo.

ESL - Language studies abroad

We are the connection, the world belongs to you! We offer you the opportunity to embark on a language course in over 160 destinations. Whether you are interested in vacation courses for juniors, language schools for adults, internships or language courses for professionals, ESL is the solution. Connecting you to the world!

Intern in Ireland with Practigo

If you would like to go to Ireland to experience the culture whilst improving your English through an internship, we can help. With our extensive network of companies and contacts we are in the perfect position to offer you all the support you need in your application for an internship in Ireland.

WHITE in Ireland, Ltd.

We are an English Language, hosting, training, and intermediary company, in various mobility projects, based in Co. Cork, Ireland. We are available as your partner in the implementation of European mobility projects. We provide Work Placement / Internship Services and English language training in Ireland.