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177 Internships Abroad Programs in India

Intern in India with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Work alongside locals and live in India by participating in internships placements from Cross-Cultural Solutions. Participants from all over the world can partake in an immersing internship program in the cities of Dharamsala or New Delhi. Interns can complete placements in Health Sciences, Nursing, Development, and many other areas.

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Internship Placement Programs in India

Secure a challenging internship program in an engaging international environment through Knowledge Must placements in India. Internships are available in various fields allowing interns to improve their professional abilities, especially their ability to work in multicultural environments.

English instructors immersing into the Indian culture
ELI-Experiential Learning International

Travel to South India and write about your experiences in a writing internship with Experiential Learning International. ELI offers other internship opportunities in India, including positions in HIV/AIDS education and prevention, social work and community development, and environment conservation projects. Program includes accommodation and three basic vegetarian meals a day.

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Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

India, the land of beauty, spirituality, and adventure, is one of the best destinations to intern because of its abundance of culture and tradition. Explore the business environment of this land by working full time in one of the Indian companies in Madurai or Sivakasi. This Projects Abroad program is open to all aspiring interns from all over the world.

Boost up your career with internship in India

Internships in India, is an experience of a lifetime, with your best encounter with the world-class environment at work, live-projects, ideas out of the box, interactions with the best of young minds and multi-culture environment is all part of it. Join our program to build your career further!

Bridge Global Gaps Services
Intern in India with Institute for Global Studies

Earn academic credits and international work experience in India with the Institute for Global Studies in New Delhi. International participants can work with a local Indian company and become immersed in culture and lifestyle of this amazing country. The program offers an array of internship placements such as Business Administration, History, and Psychology, and programs can be one year long.

Intern Abroad with ISA in India

Based in either the city of Mumbai or the rural community of Malavli, these programs offer comprehensive placements that are meant to inspire personal and professional growth and encourage purposeful community engagement. Placement types are available in Education, Health Professions, Social Work & Psychology, Communications & Journalism and Business Management & Marketing.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Gain important skills in fields including Youth Development, Microfinance, and Gender Equity, in India through Foundation Sustainable Development. Placements are offered in cities including Jodhpur and Udaipur. Program fees include accommodation, meals, and language lessons.

Child Family Health International

Experience India with Child Family Health International's Global Health Education programs. Programs include opportunities to work in palliative care, ophthalmology, traditional medicine, and more. Locations include the eight largest cities in India, including Pune, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

Summer International Health Fellowship in India with FIMRC

Spend your summer with FIMRC as part of our Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF)! SIHF is available for 1 to 2 months at our project site in India! SIHF is open to college students, recent graduates, as well as 1st or 2nd year medical students. As part of our unique fellowship program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and to explore a healthcare system...

Incredible Internship & Volunteering opportunities in India

DestIndia Internships offers the best internships and volunteering opportunities in India for international students and graduates. We leverage our local network and knowledge to select only the best companies with the highest reputations who will give you great learning experiences. We attract the future leaders, the game changers, those who think outside the box and go the extra mile to de...

Teaching Internships in India

This one-of-a-kind teaching internship in India is perfect for students looking for both international work experience and the personally fulfilling journey of a lifetime. Interns will spend mornings volunteering and evenings working on their research papers and academic requirements. The interns responsibilities include assisting local staff in organizing and conducting projects such as teach...

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How to Intern Abroad in India

A Spicy Internship Destination

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with rich historical culture, prismatic landscapes, and innumerable destinations which showcase the country’s incredible diversity. India has so many things to offer and discover, it creates a perfect training ground for interns looking for unique work experience abroad. A trip to India will surely be pure pleasure!

Geography & Demographics

The second most populous country in the world, with over 1 billion people, India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. India borders the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The nation itself is a distinct geographical entity as it stands apart, separated by mountains and the sea, from the rest of Asia entirely; it is divided into four regions, the Himalayan Mountains, Ganges, Indus, and the southern desert.

The nation's climate varies greatly, due to the enormous size of the country and span of its borders. Other than Spring and Autumn, in general, the northern parts of India tend to be cooler, between the months of September and March. On the other hand, the coolest months in the south are November, December, and January. June is one of the rainiest times of the year due to the south-west monsoon, as well as from October to December, when the north-east monsoon is in effect.

Although there are several hundreds of dialects spoken, India only recognizes 14 official languages nationally. English is utilized most frequently when it comes to national, political, and commercial communications generally, though Hindi is the most widely spoken language overall. India’s official currency is the Indian Rupee (INR).

Food & Culture

Indian cuisine is well known for being some of the spiciest in the world, and has been highly influenced by historic events, such as foreign invasions, trade relations, and colonialism. Vegetarianism is an ever-growing dietary trend in Indian society, though lamb and chicken dishes remain common. The staple ingredient in almost every aroma-filled Indian meal is Basmati rice, served with almost every meal. Indian dishes are world-renown for the spices, which are utilized so effectively in every dish to create a plethora of incredible tastes. Commonly used spices in Indian cuisine include, various curries, ginger, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, dried hot peppers, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cumin, and many others. 

Religion is a very important aspect of Indian culture. Home to eight religions, the country is also the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism. A huge majority of the Indian people are Hindu, about 13 percent are Muslims, and the remaining consider themselves Christians, Sikhs, or Buddhists.

Things to Do

There are a number of festivals celebrated in India. Three main national holidays are celebrated by everyone anywhere in the country, Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, to honor Mahatma Gandhi. Several religious holidays are celebrated by groups of individuals across the country, which include Diwali or the Festival of Lights, Dussehra or the anniversary of the victory of the goddess Durga over a buffalo-headed demon, and Holi or the festival of colors. All of these festivals create an incredible cultural experience for interns, and at least one must be attended to truly understand how Indians celebrate cultural events.

Interning in India

Secure your dream internship in India and have the chance to apply your knowledge, develop your skills, and gain practical hands-on experience, while unraveling the many wonders of the subcontinent. India has emerged as one of the cultural and economic hotspots of the century and is well known for its excellence in major industries, like IT, entertainment, and engineering. An internship in India, will provide you with the chance to successfully work in a foreign country and invaluable work experience. Interns undoubtedly acquire new skills, learn a great deal about Indian culture, and adapt to new customs while increasing their international networks.

There are a number of intense and immersive internship programs available for pre-college and postgraduate students from anywhere in the world. These programs can help you build and strengthen your career while giving you the chance to establish important relationships with international organizations. Most internships involve development training and project implementation, and interns are typically provided with home stay accommodations. Living with a local host family gives interns an opportunity to gain an inside perspective of Indian culture daily, enjoying home-cooked meals and daily interactions with their host family.

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