Art History Internships in Germany

9 Art History Internships Abroad in Germany

Twin Work & Volunteer

Intern abroad in Germany in fields including Media, Automotive, and Law, through Twin Work & Volunteer. Placements are available in the city of Berlin. Programs include food, accommodation, and excursions.

Educational Programmes Abroad

Work in an exciting and challenging internship in the field of your choice that helps you gain self confidence, new skills, valuable work experience and an outstanding resume. Study academic courses taught at local universities that broaden your perspective and nurture your personal growth. Explore new ways of thinking and living that deepen your knowledge and understanding of different culture...

City Travel Review

City Travel Review organises study/working gap projects for young people that combine cross cultural language training with creative team working research projects within Berlin (Germany), Edinburgh (Scotland), Madrid (Spain), Lyon (France), London (England) and Barcelona (Spain).

Cultural Vistas

Gain practical work experience and learn how to speak German in Germany through Cultural Vistas. Placements are available in cities including Freiburg, Heidelberg, and Mannheim. Program fees include a monthly stipend, housing, and a one-month language course.

Instituto Hemingway

Learn about authentic German culture, traditions, and history while partaking in an internship program with Instituto Hemingway in Germany. Participants have the chance to improve and develop their professional skills while exploring the fascinating city of Berlin, learning German, and working alongside locals. Program placements include Accounting, Fashion Business, and Hospitality.

Exciting Intern Opportunities in Germany

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