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104 Internships Abroad Programs in France

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Work in Paris with ELI - Experiential Learning International at an internship placement following a semester study program. Participants are matched to internships according to courses taken during the program. To qualify for the study-internship program, you must have strong French skills, sufficient enough to present or express ideas in the language.

Internship Programs in Paris, France

Learn more about French culture through an internship program in the vibrant city of Paris with Cultural Embrace by API. Offered throughout the year, individuals have the chance to develop interpersonal and professional skills as they engage in various types of work types. Internship opportunities include those in the areas of Finance, Hospitality, and Education. In order to be eligible for thi...


CISabroad offers customized internship programs in Paris and Aix-en-Provence that are designed to fit individual academic interests, personal goals, and career aspirations. These programs integrate enriching social and cultural activities and leisurely excursions.


Work full-time or part-time as an intern in a fine dining restaurant, patisserie, or hotel with the help of the Gastronomicom Institute. Travel to France and stay for 9 to 12 weeks either in Beziers, Montpelier, or other cities in the country while accumulating professional work experience in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality fields. Upon completion of the program, a certificate of internship i...

Twin Work & Volunteer

Live and work abroad in France and improve your resume through Twin Work & Volunteer. Participants can choose to intern in fields including Hospitality, Sales, and French Language and Culture. Placements are offered in the city of Montpelier.

Boston University Study Abroad

Stay for a eight-week long summer internship, or a semester, in France with Boston University Study Abroad. Study and work in the hub of French and European business and culture and gain professional work experience. The program provides a unique opportunity to international students, combining classroom course work with daily experience in a French workplace.

Syracuse University Abroad in France

Experience working in a new cultural environment in France through Syracuse University. Individuals from the United States can intern in one of the nation's prestigious companies and organizations in the city of Strasbourg. Internship placements include Journalism, International Relations, and Economics.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Sign up for an internship program in France with the Institute for Global Studies. Participants will live and work in Paris for one year and gain experience working with a local company. Internship placements include Communications, Tourism, and Industrial Psychology.

Global Experiences

Gain professional experience in France through an internship with Global Experiences. Throughout the year, international participants can explore fields such as of Business, Fashion, Hospitality, or others and boost their resume. Interns will live and work in Paris. This program is available to American, Australian, Canadian, and European individuals.

Boost your Resume through our Internships in Paris!

Indulge in the sophisticated French lifestyle through an internship placement with Endeavor in France. Conveniently based in Paris, participants have the chance to be trained professionally in their respective fields while attaining greater occupational and cultural insights. Typically, this program lasts for nine weeks to three months.

Marist College

Students who choose to intern in France with Marist College benefit from a combination of coursework and experiential learning in internship placements. Program participants gain in-depth knowledge of fashion through Marist College's partnership with Mod'Spe Paris.

International Internships

Gain work experience in your desired field through International Internships LLC in France. Throughout the year, worldwide participants can live and work in the cities of Dijon and Paris. Available work placements include Journalism, Health Sciences, and Fashion Business.

Instituto Hemingway

Indulge in French culture, history, and cuisine through an internship placement with Instituto Hemingway. Interns will not only gain a better comprehension of their respective fields of expertise, they will also learn more about the French language through formal training and informal conversation. Programs are provided year-round and range from Astronomy and Mathematics to International Relati...


Individuals from all over the world can learn how to speak and understand French, while earning work experience through internships with TravelEdventures in France. Participants are enrolled in French language schools in various French cities, and gain work experience related to subjects like Tourism and Journalism. Programs are open to worldwide participants.

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