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115 Internships Abroad Programs in London, England

Intern in Britain

Intern in the world-renowned city of London through internship placements developed by BUNAC. Open to current students as well as to recent graduates, this program allows participants to gain firsthand experience of authentic British life and culture, while obtaining practical techniques relevant to their course of study and career path. Participation is limited to American citizens.

Spring and Fall Internships in England

Live and work in London with a program from Global Experiences. Participants from across the globe can gain professional experience, boost their resumes, and build an international network. Fall semester internship placements include Culinary Arts, Political Science, and Accounting.

Intern Abroad With GlobaLinks Learning Abroad!

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers a broad spectrum of internship types in London, which include Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, and Landscape Architecture. Participants have the chance to build their global career while bridging cultures and gaining professional experience. To be eligible for this internship, applicants must at least be 18 years of age and hold a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
The Intern Group

Expand your professional networks through an internship placement in the leading global city of London with The Intern Group. Partnering with international companies and NGOs, interns can fully enhance their career potential whatever their field of interest. Programs are available all year round.

Intern Abroad in London with Panrimo!

Over a dozen internship placements from Web Programming to Health Care and Administration are offered by Panrimo in London, England. Experience the city's fine architecture and culture with provided road trips and cultural immersion activities. Interested individuals must have previous work experience in their desired field of study.

Boost your Resume through our Internships in England

Strengthen your network of contacts through this international internship placement offered by Endeavor in London. Set in England's most highly-appreaciated city for its culture, history, and people, this opportunity allows participants to gain professional growth, earn academic credits, and enjoy guided excursions as well as cultural activities. Furthermore, they can choose from a variety of i...


CISabroad offers internship placements in London that complement the students’ academic endeavors and personal goals. The program effectively combines professional development efforts with exciting cultural excursions. Participants benefit from the on-site staff support and highly sought-after location.

Internships in England with Academic Credits

CAPA International Education offers internship opportunities in London, England to American and Canadian undergraduates. With a variety of placements from Environmental Studies to Engineering, interns can gain relevant work experience and international exposure. To be eligible, participants must be in good standing at their home campus with at least a 2.8 GPA.

Boston University Study Abroad

Combine classroom learning with hands-on work experience through internship placements offered by Boston University Study Abroad in London, England. International participants have the opportunity to meet with internship program advisers to be matched with work placements that fit the abilities and professional goals of each intern. Interns work full-time for only four days a week.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Gain professional experience through internships in London, England with the Institute for Global Studies. Get hands-on experience in Film Production or work with the community news and entertainment stations through a Television and Multimedia internship. Placements are available throughout the year and open to individuals from around the world.

Intern in London with World Internships

Acquire on-the-job knowledge in a city known for famed inhabitants such as Shakespeare and The Beatles. World Internships offers placements in areas like Computer Science, Museum Studies, and Accounting to international participants in London, England. Programs are open to individuals who are at least 18 years old and have an intermediate level of English.

Internship Programs with Performing Arts Abroad

Work in a music company and be involved with managing record labels in recording studios. Or be part of a theatre company and get technical experience in lighting, sound, and costume design. Performing Arts Abroad in London, England offers Theatre, Drama, and Dance internship placements to individuals from around the world. Participants can get intensive classes from professionals and work for...

IES Internships

Spend your summer completing an internship placement, in fields such as Political Science, Museum Studies and Music, offered by IES Internships. Get to know the city of London by partaking in extracurricular activities and cultural events along with internships. Programs are open to individuals who are at least 18 years old with a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Live, Work, & Study in London with Mountbatten

Mountbatten Institute supplies internship placements in London, that let students work and study in England in order to earn postgraduate certification or a degree. Participants get hands-on training in Business by fulfilling a internship placement in a leading global company. They are given a monthly living allowance, and upon completion attain either a Postgraduate Certificate in Internationa...

Business Internships in London

Our main purpose is to provide students and professionals with the opportunity to travel abroad to work for a well-known international company and be able to understand the changing world we live in. We work as professionally as possible following international standards.

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The famous Big Ben in London, England.

How to Intern Abroad in London

Gain A Competitive Edge

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." (Samuel Johnson). A lot has changed since the adventures of Samuel Johnson. London was big even then, but now the city boasts an astoundingly large population of around eight million, making it the most populous city in the European Union. More than 300 languages are spoken within its borders. London proudly has four UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted around the city, 857 art galleries, and more than 170 museums. An internship abroad in London, one of the world’s most storied cities, is a major step on a path to a truly well-rounded career.

Things to Do

When your working day comes to a close, the real fun begins! Spend your free time checking out London’s fantastic historic sites, museums, and art galleries. Re-live history at the Tower of London, home to the Queen’s Crown Jewels, or try to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty from the gates of Buckingham Palace itself. Enjoy a panoramic view of London from Europe’s biggest Ferris wheel: the London Eye. Or marvel at the entire city of London from the top of The Shard, Europe’s largest skyscraper.

This city is well known for its abundance of nightlife. This includes hipster favorite bars of East London’s Shoreditch; university and tourist haunts in Old Street and Brick Lane; and glamorous nightclubs of Leicester Square, Mayfair & Piccadilly Circus, where you will find a packed dance floor.

London is a shopper’s fantasy. Immerse yourself into London life by visiting the many outdoor markets scattered across the capital, where anything and everything is for sale. From scrumptious food and fresh fruits and veggies to vintage clothes, cutting-edge fashions, funky art, and impressive antiques, London’s got it all.  Check out world famous department stores on Oxford Street, Regents Street and Knightsbridge, home to upmarket Harrod’s, known as the grandest store in the world.

Interning in London

A London-based internship program provides access to not just a fantastic city, but to international work experience in one of the major world capitals. London has grown into a leading global hub for finance, music, business, fashion, research, medicine, and tourism. From the financial districts of the City of London and Canary Wharf (second in prominence only to New York) to the abundance of not-for-profits in London, the city is full of exciting opportunities with high-level, well-known, and industry-respected firms and organizations.

As in any internship, London-based placements give you the chance to explore career options related to your interests, values, skills, and personality; to develop valuable workplace skills, boost your self-confidence, and gain knowledge about your chosen industry; and form important networks and connections in London and beyond.

It is more crucial than ever that job seekers set themselves apart from their counterparts all fighting tooth and nail for every job opening created. An internship abroad in London gives you the upper hand, distinguishing yourself from others in terms of skills, knowledge & expertise. Come to London and see what awaits you!!

Heidi Kitson

Heidi Kitson is the Director of London Study Abroad Experience (SAE). She began her university studies in the U.S., but decided to finish her undergrad in Social Anthropology and Sociology in London after falling in love with the city. While studying in London, she worked in the International Department and realized her desire to help students experience all that her new and wonderful home had to offer. Heidi has lived in London since 2003 with her British husband and two young children. Follow her on Instagram at #londonsae or Twitter: @LondonSAE.