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348 Internships Abroad in China

Au Pair China with LoPair Education

Intern as an au pair in China through this cultural exchange opportunity created by LoPair Education. Committed to pursuing intercultural learning between China and foreign countries, participants get the chance to combine international travel, learning, and experience in one well-rounded program. Furthermore, interns may choose from over ten major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and ...

LoPair Education
ELI-Experiential Learning International

Work in Shanghai, the most dynamic city in China, and gain valuable interning experience in translation, hospitality, engineering, journalism, and business with ELI - Experiential Learning International. Some placements are paid with monthly stipends to help offset cost of living in the city. Programs are open only to American, Canadian, European, Kiwi, and Australian participants.

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CAPA International Education

Intern in the city of Beijing with CAPA International Education internships. CAPA offers a wide array of internships that cater to various fields and specializations, including Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. Internships are open to American and Canadian participants only.

CAPA International Education
Internships in Shanghai with Connect-123!

Travel and work in China through Connect-123. The organization offers a wide array of internship programs in various industries such as Economic Development, Public Health, and Law. Interns are based in the city of Shanghai, and may visit landmarks such as the Potala Palace, Great Buddha Leshan, and the Great Wall. Programs are available to independent and group participants, and are open throu...

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Go Abroad China - Internship in China Program

There are over 2000 internship placements to choose from in China with Go Abroad China Ltd. Participants have the chance to immerse in the Chinese culture while developing their professional abilities in an international company. Go Abroad China offers a variety of opportunities based on prior work experience, professional background, student preference, and availability of each individual.

The Chinese flag
PAID Internship in China - Business - IT - Hospitality

Intern in your desired field in China through Worldwide Internship. Participants from all over the world can gain various skills and knowledge on the job while living in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. The program includes placements in Culinary Arts, Web Design, and Marketing.

Get Paid to Teach English in China with i-to-i TEFL

Join our 5-month supported teaching programme and be more than a tourist as you commute to school, teach English and fall in love with this amazing country… whilst also getting paid! Known as our China Internship, you will also get full internationally accredited TEFL training whilst abroad. Reserve your place today on the August 2015 China Internship with just a 50% deposit!

High-spirited students with their English teacher
Next Step Connections Professional Internship Programs

Enhance your professional skill set in an international setting with Next Step Connections in Beijing, China. Participants can choose from 12 different programs offering placements in Information Systems, Architecture, Marketing and more. The program is open to university students, recent graduates, and young professionals who are at least 18 years old.

Next Step Connections
Top Intern (Topview International Education)

Build your global horizons and career outlook with a professional internship in Beijing or Shanghai. We work with multinational and internationally focused companies to provide excellent internships throughout a variety of industries such as business, marketing, design, engineering, IT, media and many more. We'll take care of the details while you gain the experience of a lifetime.

Topview International Education (TopEDU)
Internship Programs with Knowledge Must in China

Discover the culture of China while participating in an internship program with Knowledge Must. Interns have three unique programs to choose from to improve their professional skills. By the end of the internship participants will be more highly-qualified and experienced for their chosen line of work.

Shanghai Puxi in the morning
Intrax Global Internships

Work as an intern in China with Intrax Global Internships. Gain valuable experience while working in a professional environment in Beijing and Shanghai. Placements offered in Marketing, Civil Engineering, and Accounting.

The Intern Group

Develop professional skills and broaden life experiences through The Intern Group's work placements in China. Participants from all over the globe can immerse themselves in the Chinese business environment and culture. A wide array of work positions are available, such as Hotel & Restaurant, Fine Arts, and Engineering related placements.


Enhance your resume through the CISabroad internship abroad program. A large number of work areas are offered such as Architecture, Finance, and Pharmaceuticals. This program is open to American and Canadian participants.

Student exploring China at night
Intern Abroad with ISA in China

Students will experience an enriching full-time customized internship program in Shanghai or Hong Kong with various placements in different fields available. All placements are in English.

Internships in China

ImmerQi offers a broad range of internships in China, including placements in the architecture and construction industries, education and translation sectors, and in manufacturing, trade, and logistics companies. Participants have the chance to choose between two locations for their internship placement, Shanghai or Beijing.

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Interning Abroad in China

China, the country blessed with long coastlines and vast colorful landscapes has outpaced the world in the arts and sciences for many centuries, despite major famines and foreign occupations in the past. With a long list of tourist attractions like The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, and Terracotta Warriors, China is definitely on every traveler's bucket list. As the world’s leader in industrial outputs, mining, and textile, China has become a top destination for interns who want to gain international training, work experience in the one of the world’s largest economies, and meaningful travel abroad.

Geography & Demographics

China is home to gorgeous canyons, steep mountains, desolate deserts, and crystal clear lakes. One-third of the nation’s land area is made up of mountains, with Mount Everest separating China from nearby Nepal. Thousands of rivers surround China including the Yangtze River, the world’s third largest river.

There are more people in China, with a population of more than a billion, than in any other country on Earth. China is not short of wildlife either, there are more than 3800 species of fish and hundreds of amphibians and reptiles in China’s rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Hundreds of other plant and animal species reside in China’s more than a thousand diverse nature reserves.

Due to China’s location, it is a great choice for those who wish to intern in a country with opportunities to visit neighboring countries at a minimal cost. The cheapest countries to get to are Hong Kong and Macau, although a good chunk of spending money is required. Travel to Pakistan is also possible via the Karakoram Highway to Kashgar in Xinjiang Province. Other neighboring countries include Tibet, Vietnam, and Russia, all distinctly different from one another and from China.

China’s weather varies from tropical to subarctic because of the nation’s size, with five temperature zones spread across many miles. The winters are cold yet typically dry, and summers are hot but mostly rainy, therefore monsoons are common during the summer months.

Packing Tips:

China gets hot in the summer and very cold during winter. Heating systems can be unreliable sometimes so winter jackets and boots is a must if you're traveling during winter season. If visiting China during summer time, do not forget to bring the usual sun essentials.

For tall guys and gals; bring enough shoes for all possible occasions because you'll have a hard time finding shoes that will fit you. China sizes are quite a bit smaller in comparison to the U.S. and Europe. Don’t forget other clothing in your size too, unless you plan on having it privately tailored.

Food & Culture

Food is an integral part of every travel experience. Considered one of the best cuisines in the world, Chinese dishes represent China’s magnificent culture impeccably. Chinese food integrates color, taste, shape, and fineness harmoniously , which has led it to be one of the most popular cuisines around the world. Usual staple foods are rice and wheat. Steamed bread, noodles, deep-fried dough sticks, steamed stuffed buns or dumplings, and cakes with special flavors are all delightful treats in China. The best of Chinese cuisine is not just available in fancy restaurants but also in ordinary eateries that are much cheaper. Most very appetizing local snacks are sold at roadside eateries, night markets, and street restaurants.

Table manners and courtesy among diners is an important aspect of the Chinese cultural tradition. For interns living with local families, you should not start eating until the host says a couple of words for greetings, otherwise it will cause displeasure and appear as disrespectful to your homestay family. Always remember to give the best or the biggest share of food to the senior members of the family. Also, the use of chopsticks has been a part of Chinese food culture for centuries so there are a few things to remember when using the chopsticks to avoid misunderstanding or being laughed at. Never use chopsticks to point at others, it is regarded as an accusatory gesture. It is also impolite to suck the end of the chopsticks, Chinese people will think that you lack family education. Also, don’t insert it vertically into bowls or dishes, locals do this only when they burn incense as a sacrifice for the dead.

Putonghua is China’s official dialect, known most commonly worldwide as Mandarin. Cantonese is also spoken frequently in China by most locals. For the most part Mandarin is spoken in the most northern parts of China and western China, although in Hong Kong, southern China, and many surrounding nations Cantonese is more frequently spoken. 

China’s official currency is rén mín bì or RMB, meaning “the people’s currency”; it is often referred to as Yuan, or Kuai. The RMB currency features China’s founder Chairman Mao Zedong on the front and famous attractions on the back.

China was a long standing communist state, but in recent years it is gradually moving towards a more capitalist style society and economy. There is no official religion in China; more than 50 percent of the country’s population claims to be Atheist, meaning they are not affiliated with any religion whatsoever.

China has quite a number of traditional festivals. The most celebrated festival in the country is the Chinese New Year celebration, a 15-day celebration every mid-January until early February. Iconically, the new year is celebrated with fireworks and dragon dances around cities across the country. Another festival that is widely celebrated in China is the celebration of Confucius, the Philosopher. Believers come together and pilgrim to Shandong province, the philosopher’s birthplace to celebrate his life.

Interning in China

A wide variety of internship opportunities are available in China, in almost every industry. China is one of Asia’s largest Advertising markets, along with Japan, making Marketing and Advertising internships very popular and beneficial. The consumer market is very competitive and interns will have an intensive training that will help them land corporate jobs and bigger salaries in their future careers. Of course any type of business or economics internship is ideal in China, considering its ever-growing place in the global market.

Hospitality and Tourism internships are popular in China too. Where else can you learn the perfect etiquette for food and customer relations? These types of internships can even lead to placements in 5-star hotels and other high class establishments giving interns the opportunity to mingle with different kinds of people from around the world with high standards of service.

Interns are usually housed in shared apartments, group living arrangements, or homestays. Most interns choose a homestay accommodation because they get to experience the ways of  the locals firsthand with a few extra benefits, like learning bits of the country’s language and tasting the best of home-cooked dishes.

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