Internships Abroad in Central America

192 Internships Abroad Programs in Central America

ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI is offering agricultural, education, health, and women's empowerment internships in Central America. Most Experiential Learning International internship program in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica require participants to have intermediate Spanish language skills and a background in the chosen field. Interns are housed with host families for the duration of the program.


CISaboad offers customized internship programs in Costa Rica. Participants get the chance to gain work experience that matches their personal requirements and career goals. They can also enjoy a host of exciting experiences while working abroad, such as zip lining in the rain forest and exploring nearby volcanoes.

Internships Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Experience working alongside locals in Costa Rica or Guatemala with Cross-Cultural Solutions. Participants can join programs for a total of 12 weeks. This CCS internship program offers a variety of field placements, some of which include, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Occupational and Environmental Health.

Internship programs with Global Vision International

The GVI Internships Abroad program offers personal and professional development opportunities in a broad range of exciting career paths, located in exotic locations around the world. The program offers formal training and hands on professional work experience, with a GVI staff mentor to guide you along the way. Durations range from 2 weeks to 1 year.


Intern in Central America with Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad. The program, based in the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose, includes placements in Journalism, Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. Participants can choose between going on a non-academic and academic internships. Accommodation with a host family is provided.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with an international organization in Central America through a program with Institute for Global Studies. Participants from all over the world can take part in a internship program throughout the year. A wide array of internship placements are offered, including Journalism, Archaeology, Hospitality, and Photography.

Intern in San Jose, Costa Rica with World Internships

As the capital of Costa Rica, San José is an important city and major hub, making it an awesome location for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals to intern in a variety of fields. Its lush landscapes and diverse ecosystems are perfect for internships in biology, conservation, education, environmental studies, and sustainable development. As a popular tourist destination, Costa Rica...

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Foundation for Sustainable Development has 53 programs in 8 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Kenya and 3 other countries.

Internship Programs in Central America

Individuals have the chance to explore Central America while completing an internship program with Cultural Embrace by API. Based in Costa Rica, participants will gain practical work experience in a foreign country, get the opportunity to brush up on their Spanish communication skills, and broaden their worldview. Placements usually last for at least four to twelve weeks and are offered through...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

The welcoming Central American environment is ideal for interns to broaden their horizons with various internship types offered by ISA, in the region. Based in Costa Rica, participants will undergo an extensive internship program aimed at sharpening their capabilities and becoming ready for an international career in the future.

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural environment and the vibrant culture of Central America through international work placement. Work side by side with local employees and other interns in the various industries such as Biomedical Sciences, Media, and Education.


Experience working in international health care with BridgeAbroad in one of the most bio diverse areas of the world, Central America. Work 20 hours per week as a medical expert while learning extensive Spanish language. Participants also have the option to register for additional excursions including a trip to Tikal and Rio Dulce, Lake Atitlan and Chichicastenango Market, and El Salvador Beach.

Dream Careers

In today’s competitive global economy, international internship experience is a valuable addition to any portfolio. With Dream Careers, create your own internship success by taking advantage of our internship placement guarantee.

Dream Careers

Dream Careers is the premier internship program provider, offering thousands of internships from the most coveted companies. Create your own internship success, by taking advantage of our internship placement guarantee. We can put thousands of exclusive internships within your reach. Start by choosing your city and your industry of interest, and we will match you with an industry expert who wil...

World Endeavors

Central America is one of the most biologically diverse place on earth, experience the Central American culture in a meaningful way through World Endeavors international internship program in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Participants from all over the world can work in local communities through volunteering in Indigenous Women Development and Environmental Conservation projects. Live with a host f...

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