Intern Abroad in Canada

25 Internships Abroad in Canada

Intern in Canada with World Internships

Experience the far north, while on program with World Internships. Where the vast untamed wilderness is only a few short steps away from a bustling metropolis in Vancouver, Canada. An internship with World Internships gives participants the opportunity to live and work, in what was recently rated as one of the worlds most livable destinations. World Internships in Vancouver, offers internationa...

Dream Careers

Gain a competitive advantage upon completing an internship program provided by Dream Careers in Canada. To be eligible for this program individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and be keen on learning about a new culture. There is a wide range of intern types available including Communications, Engineering and Law.

Global Resource Bureau

The Global Resource Bureau gives individuals the opportunity to travel to and work in Canada with their internship programs. Interns, who are proficient in the English language, can take advantage of paid placements in Restaurant, Housekeeping, Bar, or Front Office Operations.

Critter Care Wildlife Society

Participants will develop skills in the fields of Animal Sciences, Zoology, and Wildlife Sciences, through this intensive internship program developed by the Critter Care Wildlife Society in Canada. Conveniently nestled in Langley, this opportunity allows interns to have hands-on experience by taking care of animals such as beavers, raccoons, and opossums.

EA Ski & Snowboard

Participate in the Instructor Internship Program in Canada with EA Ski & Snowboard and benefit from the superb combination of training and instructor certification. Enjoy beautiful snow-laden locations in Canada, and complete an internship that is filled with adventure, excitement, and fun – plus a guaranteed job opportunity upon completion.

USEH International Inc.

Work in a Canadian business environment with USEH International and gain valuable work experience. Participants from around the world can live and work in the city of Vancouver and become immersed in the local culture. International programs include placments in Engineering, Information Systems, and Business Administration, amoghtst others, and are available year-round.

Coop Program

MILC offers a wide range of services and language courses. They provide courses based on participants' schedule, region or country, and availability. Students can choose from the following programs: - Intensive French Immersion or Intensive English Immersion Courses ideal for participants who want to learn quickly and can commit to a full-time schedule - Part-Time French or Part-Time Englis...

Rewarding Internships in Canada 2015

Internship Provider is the leading facility which helps international students secure internships abroad. The organization currently offers a wide range of opportunities in Vancouver, Canada. Depending on the motivations, goals, and qualifications, the intern can undertake an internship from 3 months to 6 months. Internships available in multiple fields. For example; Markteting, Communications ...


Stepwest College and Internship program is a very diverse and easily accessible program with options ranging from six months to two years. The program is equally divided between two sections: 50 percent study program at a top Vancouver college or university and 50 percent co-op internship where participants can put their educational experience to practical use in a professional environment. The...