Interior Design Internships in Canada

3 Interior Design Internships Abroad in Canada

Dream Careers

Gain a competitive advantage upon completing an internship program provided by Dream Careers in Canada. To be eligible for this program individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and be keen on learning about a new culture. There is a wide range of intern types available including Communications, Engineering and Law.

Internships in Canada for International Students

Guaranteed Internships in Canada for International Students Professional internships (paid & unpaid) in a variety of fields across Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) Student Internship Program: unpaid professional internship Ideal for international students who require an internship as part of their university education. Programs available for 4 –- 12 weeks in Vancouver, Montreal or Tor...

Student Internship Program

Stepwest Student Internship Program is designed to benefit participants in the best way possible. Students can choose to take part in an unpaid internship in over 20 industries in one of Canada's top 4 cities  Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or Calgary. Develop a marketing portfolio at a cool Vancouver start-up company, learn about the North American financial system with a Toronto-based account...