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Despite the presence of government health programs in Vietnam, vast majority of the poor and underprivileged in Vietnam remains unable to access them for various reasons, whether financial or practical. The gaps are filled in primarily by charity clinics which are supported by churches and charities and are staffed by volunteers. ELI interns have the opportunity to shadow a doctor and assist i...


Imagine spending the semester living in the heart of London, while taking classes and completing an international internship. You will split your time between the University of Westminster, where you'll be taking classes in a wide variety of topics, and gaining professional experience in an internship chosen according to your background and interests. Fulfill major course requirements and boost...

International Internships in London | CAPA International Education

Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For 40 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skill...

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Make your resume stand out against all the others with an internship in Cape Town, South Africa! Connect-123 helps those looking to add international work experience to their background find the perfect placement in this amazing city. Opportunities are available in business, entrepreneurship, human rights, economic development, health care, public health, education and many more! With onsite ...

Volunteer in Morocco with Projects Abroad

Morocco is an exciting destination in Northern Africa to spend time on a volunteer program or internship. Morocco is African and Arabic, and only a few miles from Europe. All three of these facts echo in the heartbeat of this beautiful country. Our projects in Morocco are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, including those on a college summer break, gap year...

Intrax Global Internships - Faculty-Led Custom Groups

Intrax Global Internships offers programs that are customized for student, academic, and professional groups that want immersive and experiential exposure in different countries. Leaders accompany participants into the field in Belize, Peru, or Ghana to train in practical and intercultural contexts. Past faculty-led trips include service learning projects, externship, practicum, and pre-profess...

Volunteer Adventure Corps

As a participant of our program, located in Cape Town, South Africa, you tell us what type of internship experience you are looking for and we will create a custom internship placement based around your specific interests. You will be placed within an environment where you will make a positive contribution to your host organization while gaining invaluable and distinctive international work exp...

Intern in Melbourne, Australia with World Internships

And have an amazing, practical experience to boot! World Internships offers flexible, customized internships in a variety of fields in the "Land Down Under." Realize your dream of living and working in beautiful Australia, while enjoying exceptional support and group activities that will engage you with both your fellow international interns and the locals. As the second most populous city in A...

International Internships & Volunteer Programs in Colombia

Intern Latin America is the leading provider of internship programs in the emerging market of Colombia! We provide international students with internships in top private companies, NGOs and state ministries. Our programs are regularly featured on CNN International and other mainstream media. Apply now for a wonderful experience and propel your professional development! Develop your Spanish l...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

ISA Service-Learning offers structured service-learning programs year-round, in a variety of fields, yielding valuable personal and professional experience. Through building and contributing their skills through meaningful community engagement, participants can develop real-world language skills and cultural awareness. Every ISA Service-Learning participant will develop a Portfolio throughout t...

Next Step Connections - The Professional Internship Program

Next Step Connections (NSC) offers professional internships and other learning abroad educational programs in Asia for college students and young professionals since 2008. Why Next Step Connections? A lot of students lack career guidance as to what will be their next step. While some haven't decided what they will do after graduation, others are unprepared to enter a professional workplac...


Home to 240 museums, masters of fashion and design, and some of the most stunning city views in the world, London is not only a popular travel destination, but also a smart choice for those looking to add an international experience to their resume. Panrimo offers personalized internship programs in London with a variety of industries. Students and young professionals can intern with an archite...

Knowledge Must

China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. There has always been a mix of awe and fascination for everything Chinese. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organisations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhanci...

Medical Internships in Dublin, Ireland

We offer an incredible array of medical internship opportunities in Dublin. Our strong connection with the Adelaide & Meath Hospital (Tallaght Hospital) has allowed us to present program participants interested in medicine with the chance to work in several of the departments at the hospital including, but not limited to, the department of surgery, nephrology, rheumatology, stroke prevention, a...

Atlantis Project Hospital Internships - Spain and Portugal

The Atlantis Project offers hospital internships allowing participants (known as Fellows) to shadow doctors in European hospitals. Fellows can participate on programs in the summer, winter, or spring break lasting anywhere from 1-10 weeks (depending on the time of year). The internship provides approximately 25 hours per week of unique insight into the European universal healthcare system and d...

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Biomedical Science Internships Abroad

The study of processes that create, sustain, and threaten life, biomedical sciences is a vital course of study that can improve lives worldwide; in an industry growing both quickly and globally, biomedical science internships abroad can broaden your perspective of international health issues, health care professions, and the medical field as a whole. Whether working in a laboratory with esteemed faculty and eager colleagues or in the field hands on with patients or animals, your international biomedical internship will impart valuable skills for your future. Interning abroad will also expose you to new areas of expertise, methods of communication, and professional skills.

Why Intern Abroad

More and more, biology and medicine are global sciences, as discoveries and advances are shared to help everyone on Earth live a healthier life. Therefore, on top of practical knowledge, biomedical students are expected to exemplify oral and written communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and time management and organizational competency, all skills that can be gained through internships abroad. In this way, interning abroad not only indicates real world experience in the field, but also suggests the possession of abilities needed to fulfill a health care role in an unknown city satisfactorily and successfully. Interning abroad in biomedical sciences is a uniquely impactful experience, combining important field experience with opportunities to explore different languages, procedures, food, cultures, and skills.

Interning in the field that sustains life is bound to improve your own life profoundly.


Since biomedical science courses and field experience are the prerequisites for medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and a slew of other professional schools in the healthcare field on an international scale, biomedical internships can be found most everywhere in the world, whether in the lab and in the field. Many interns look for projects they’re interested in joining and then see what locations options they have available to them, while others have a specific continent or country that interests them and the type of internship is a secondary priority. No matter what your goal in interning abroad, the following locations should get you thinking about all the possibilities in front of you.

China is the world’s leader in several biomedical fields, including genomic research, which is often hailed as the key to unlocking most biomedical mysteries and improving drug efficacy. China’s government has increased their biomedical research and development budget by nearly 33 percent in the past year, resulting in a growth of medical jobs, and internships. National research centers in Shanghai and Beijing receive governmental funds and research grants, opening up the potential for many biomedical projects and subsequent internship openings.

Akin to China, many other Asian countries have increased their biomedical research budgets to keep up with a global standard in the last few years. At the top of the list of increased budgets is South Korea, Singapore, India, and Japan.

Though a budget increase isn’t the most important thing in securing a biomedical science internship abroad, it indicates the country’s willingness to make biomedical sciences a priority, and therefore the ability to upgrade laboratory equipment and hire interns, among other things.

Pharmaceutical research is prominent in much of Western Europe, most notably Germany and the U.K. German laboratories lead the world in research in antibiotic research and other drug development. The U.K., home to two of the top leaders in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the largest respiratory research center, has much to offer biomedical interns, especially those looking to intern abroad in an English speaking nation.

Biomedical Sciences Internships Abroad

With a degree in biomedical sciences, students can work in a wide range of industries, from anatomy to zoology. Therefore, fortunately, biomedical students and graduates can tailor their internship abroad to fit their interests, career goals, or graduate school plans.

Many biomedical science students plan to eventually apply for medical or dental schools, and therefore seek biomedical internships in hospitals, clinics, or dentist offices, where they can complete a variety of tasks, including handling patient paperwork or performing rudimentary tests. These biomedical internships abroad can often be filled by individuals who have yet to complete their undergraduate studies in many locations.

Similarly, if you are looking for veterinary work experience to embellish your resume or application for vet school, interning abroad in biomedical sciences may be a good option. Veterinary internships may put you into contact with a variety of animals, from household to exotic, or allow you to work with animals unique to a specific geographical region, such as elephants in a wildlife sanctuary or protected species in animal orphanages.

For those more laboratory inclined, lab internships abroad are a great way to learn about the scientific techniques of scientists the world over. Securing a biomedical research internship abroad can also allow you to work under notable scientists. Biomedical research interns have been involved in researching new pharmaceutical drugs, testing biotechnology applications like synthetic heart valves, and evaluating environmental pollution on public health.

Though the daily work of a lab or research internship abroad may be very similar to a domestic position, keep in mind that tasks, such as filing paperwork and communicating with teammates, as well as life outside of the lab, will likely be very different than what you’re accustomed to doing. The opportunity to take part in a potentially life-changing research project while getting to travel and explore new places is a mind-opening opportunity afforded to few.


Traveling to a new location while interning in biomedical sciences, when it is a field you are passionate about, can be the experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to see how the biomedical field works in a different country, while working on important research projects or interning at a local medical facility, will better prepare you for future employment or entrance into the graduate program of your choice.

As a competitive industry, every biomedical science student is looking for a way to set themselves apart from their peers, including volunteering, extracurricular activities, and most importantly, relevant internship experience. Completing a biomedical internship abroad sets you two steps ahead, as you can show you have the experience required for the position and the ambition to overcome challenges and adapt to new situations. Aside from professional benefits, the memories made and connections forged during your biomedical science internship abroad will influence you for years to come.

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