Counseling Internships Abroad in Melbourne, Australia

6 Counseling Internships Abroad Programs in Melbourne, Australia

Internship Programs Abroad Available in Australia

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers internship programs in Australia that provides academic credit and that are available in various fields of study. Students benefit from the 24/7 on-site support and highly informative group orientation. The placements are custom built and tailored to the students’ needs and personal preferences.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Internship In Australia

Complete an internship in Australia or New Zealand through EiAbroad. EiAbroad is here to assist you in your path of discovery throughout the internship experience. We design our programs so that our local and overseas staff are available 24 hours a day to support you in health and safety matters and are also key in enhancing your intern experience. Through our planned activities and resident di...

Internships Programs in Australia

Australian Internships (AI) is a specialist organization dedicated to arranging internship opportunities for university students and recent graduates in Australia. the AI Internships Program include voluntary and remunerated internship placements in most industry fields and are available Australia wide.

Internship Placements in Australia and New Zealand

Oztimum is a young start up specialised in long term internships (3 to 6 months) in Australia and New Zealand. Our professional commitment includes many services which competitors will consider as "payable options." When applying for one of our internships, we don't only guarantee you the internship, we follow and help you all along until your return to your home country. Also, each intern g...

Take an Internship with Internships Down Under!

Formerly known as the Sydney Internships, the company adopted the name Internship Down Under in 2013. Established in 2004, they continue to provide comprehensive services to students from all over the world who want to complete their internship in Australia. Aside from providing direct assistance to local and international students, Internship Down Under is also contracted by several renowne...

Internships Abroad in Australia

Interning Abroad in Australia, one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world is both an exciting and rewarding experience. Through Internship Provider, individuals who wish to explore the culture of Australia and jumpstart their career can fully realize these goals. Quality internships await participants in the various cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Anyon...