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Be an Intern in Australia on Environment, Fashion, and Manag

Global Experiences offers customized international internships in Australia for participants from all over the globe. Interns will gain invaluable professional experiences by working with a company or organization in Sydney. Placements include ares such as Computer Science, Journalism, and Fashion Business, amongst others.

The Intern Group

Intern abroad in Australia with The Intern Group. Participants will have the opportunity to choose a professional field experience in areas including Law, Music, and Tourism. Placements are available in Melbourne.

The Intern Group
CAPA International Education

CAPA International Education offers quality, affordable study abroad programs, consisting of academic classes and internships. Our programs weave experiential and academic learning together with internships, co-curricular activities and methods of instruction; these create a total learning environment, ensuring every student gains the deeper contextual relevance before, during and after their s...

CAPA International Education
Intern in Australia with CISabroad

CISabroad offers internship programs in Australia that take into account students’ specific career goals, skills, and interests. The internships are generally offered for a minimum of four weeks, but students have the option to stay longer. The ultimate goal is to help the participants meet both their academic and professional goals.

IES Internships

Open to participants who are at least 18 years old, this international internship in Australia allows participants to develop skills in the fields of Tourism, Communications, or Social Work. In order to be eligible for this IES Internships placement, they must also possess a 2.5 GPA and have completed at least a year of their undergraduate degree. Participation is limited to American citizens.

internship abroad in australia IES Internships
Internship Programs Abroad Available in Australia

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers internship programs in Australia that provides academic credit and that are available in various fields of study. Students benefit from the 24/7 on-site support and highly informative group orientation. The placements are custom built and tailored to the students’ needs and personal preferences.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Intern in Australia with World Internships

World Internships offers this competitive placement in Australia where participants may choose to live and work in Sydney or Melbourne. Candidates must be at least 18 years old who have good command of the English language and possess a valid passport. No prior experience is required.

Internship Programs with BESTEP Consulting

Participants can strengthen their resumes and build self confidence through an internship in Australia. Developed by BESTEP Consulting, this program allows participants to travel to Australia for six months to a year while interning in their respective fields of expertise. The program is open to American, Canadian, European, and South African participants.

BESTEP Consulting
Paid Hospitality and Hotel Internships in Australia

Live abroad in Australia and get paid while interning through Aliance Abroad Group. Interns may choose in the fields of Bartending, Recruitment, and Front Desk services. Placements are available in cities including Ayers Rock, Brisbain, and Cairns.

Alliance Abroad Group
Internships Programs in Australia

Australian Internships (AI) is a specialist organization dedicated to arranging internship opportunities for university students and recent graduates in Australia. the AI Internships Program include voluntary and remunerated internship placements in most industry fields and are available Australia wide.

Intern NZ and Intern OZ

Jump start an international career through an internship placement through Intern NZ and Intern OZ in Australia. Available in over five locations including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, participants have the chance to broaden their knowledge and improve professional skills while abroad. Open to participants from across the globe, this program is offered throughout the year.

Intern NZ and Intern OZ
International College of Management, Sydney

Sign up for an internship while you complete a trimester study program in Sydney. The International College of Management offers administrative, business, and tourism internships for credits during the study abroad program. Upon completion of the program, participants may choose to continue their internships or move to paid placements. Students are housed in a dormitory on campus.

International College of Management, Sydney
Boston University Study Abroad

Combine professional work experience with course work while exploring the Australian culture and society with Boston University Study Abroad. Take a core course and an elective of one of the many fields available in the internship program. This program is offered to all American participants who are interested in gaining work experience and a building career prospects in Sydney, Australia.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Gain work experience in Australia with Institute for Global Studies. Worldwide participants can live and work in the cities of Brisbane, Cairns, or Sydney for up to a year. The program offers a wide range of internship options including Sustainable Development, Environment Studies, and Legal Justice.

Paid Internships in Australia

Earn practical international work experience through an internship in Australia with Cultural Embrace by API. Participants have the chance to live and learn in a foreign country, build lifelong friendships, and strengthen their resumes, as they complete their first step towards an international career.

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