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767 Internships Abroad Programs in Asia

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Experiential Learning International offers an assortment of internship opportunities in Asia, including medical placements in Thailand, hospitality positions in Shanghai, and social welfare projects and teaching jobs in the Philippines. Some programs are paid internships. A majority of programs include accommodations either with a host family or in shared apartments, and encourage couples or fa...


Intern with CISabroad and work in a personalized placement in Beijing and Shanghai. Interns can choose the location and internship duration that best meet their personal preference and requirements. Internships include monthly stipends that cover basic living expenses while interning abroad.

Internships Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Learn and explore in Asia with Cross-Cultural Solutions. Throughout the year, individuals from different parts of the world can participate in a 12-week long program in India or Thailand. Program offerings include Education, Medicine, and Dentistry.

CAPA International Education

A combination of internships and exhaustive language classes is offered by CAPA International Education in Asia, with a location in China. Students are housed within the Haidan District of Beijing, at Capital Normal University, where they get the chance to interact with a number of international and local students while studying topics that range from Business to Social Sciences. Internships pr...

Internships in Shanghai with Connect-123!

Experience all China has to offer while you gain valuable work experience with a Connect-123 internship in Shanghai! Connect-123 offers a wide array of career related internship programs in various industries such as business consulting, education, health care, law and more!

Go Abroad China Ltd.

Gain international work experience while learning about the Chinese language and culture with Go Abroad China Ltd. This program gives young intellectuals from all over the world the chance to work in a Chinese business environment. Participants develop new skills and knowledge about the current world of business through internships spanning from Engineering to Management.

Institute for Global Studies

Join Institute for Global Studies in Asia on a life-changing and meaningful program. Prospective participants from all over the world can choose from a wide range of internship options such as Web Design, Veterinary Science, and Ecotourism. The program are based in India, Nepal, and Thailand.

Intrax Global Internships

Travel to Asia as an intern. Intrax Global Internships has programs where participants may live work in the fields of Health Sciences, International Relations, and Journalism, among others. Interns may be based in hospitals, embassies, or media outlets, and visit Buddhist temples, historical ruins, and mountain treks during their stay. Internships are open throughout the year and are available ...

Internship Programs with Performing Arts Abroad

Partake in career-boosting internships in Asia. Intern have the chance to work together with professional dancers in one of the most prestigious dance training schools in Thailand, the Bangkok City Ballet (BCB). This program, designed by Performing Arts Abroad, allows interns to polish their dancing skills, exchange techniques with experienced dancers, and learn about Thailand's performing trad...

The Intern Group

Earn international work experience with The Intern Group Asia. Get a position in one of the top private companies, NGOs, and state ministries for a maximum of two years. Prospective interns from all over the world can join in this internship program all year round. A large number of positions are available in different industries, including International Relations, Business Management, and Web ...

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Foundation for Sustainable Development has 53 programs in 8 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Kenya and 3 other countries.

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

ISA (International Studies Abroad) has 33 programs in 15 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China and 10 other countries.