Internships Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

117 Internships Abroad Programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Internship Programs with BESTEP Consulting

BESTEP Consulting provides this international internship program in Argentina where participants learn about a new culture, gain exposure in the global sphere, and mold professional skills. Located in Buenos Aires or Cordoba, this program lasts for one to six months. A wide array of intern types are available including Computer Science, Journalism, and Accounting.

Mente Argentina

Travel to Argentina and work in one of the international or domestic companies in Buenos Aires with Mente Argentina. The internship abroad program is open in the field of Business, Journalism, Social Media, and other industries. Participants all over the world have a unique opportunity to explore the Argentinean culture, society, as well as business and work environment while gaining profession...

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Intern in a Spanish-speaking country with ELI - Experiential Learning International. Choose from a wide variety of programs, including graphic design, legal, business and marketing, politics and human rights, and teaching internships in the colorful capital of Buenos Aires. To participate in internship programs in Argentina, you must have high intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency.

Internships in Buenos Aires with Connect-123!

Gain valuable work experience while you experience all that Buenos Aires has to offer with an international internship from Connect-123! Hands on internship opportunities are available in many different areas including business consulting, human rights, health care and more! Improve your Spanish while you explore one of South America's most exciting cities!

Institute for Cultural Ecology

International participants can build their expertise with Institute for Global Studies. Interns will live, and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with placements available throughout the year. Participants can experience the culture and ambience of an Argentinean work environment. The program includes internships in Tourism, Social Sciences, and Biochemistry.

Internship Programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Intern in Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, with Cultural Embrace by API. International interns can delve into the Argentine culture, traditions, and customs as they gain work experience in an intellectually-stimulating environment. In order to qualify, participants must be between the ages of 18 and 30.

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Work at an Argentinean company and gain fantastic international experience through internships offered by Projects Abroad. Internships are offered throughout the year and open to worldwide participants interested in the fields of Medicine, Sports, and Journalism.


With BridgeAbroad, interns can learn about global business practices by completing internships in an international setting. Participants can spent five weeks working and living in Argentina, teaching Spanish or English and expand the education of local students. Interns can also participate in private classes to improve their Spanish proficiency.

Gap Journey

Gap Journey provides international internship opportunities in Argentina. Located in the heart of the country - Buenos Aires, participants not only become part of a new cultural and live in an economic hub, but also get the chance to gain practical training in their professional fields. The short term internships last for about five to eight weeks.


ESLstarter offers international internship programs to participants from all over the world. Participants have the chance to stay in one of 29 cities in Argentina, including Azul, Bahia Blanca, and Alto Rio Senguer. The teaching internship program includes housing, TEFL certificate, and meals throughout the program, which typically lasts for five to ten months.


Road2Argentina offers non-paid internships in Buenos Aires for interested individuals who can fluently speak and understand Spanish. Placements are available in the medical, law, and business sectors. Programs include internship placement, a cell phone you can use for the duration of the program, tango lessons, housing at a flat, student residence or host family, and group activities.

Internship program in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Mar del Plata

Internships in Argentina with Connecting Worlds will give our participants a valuable opportunity to gain experience in a real work environment while improving their Spanish considerably. The Connecting Worlds Internships include a wide variety of work in different cities of Argentina (Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Mendoza)., meeting the needs and interests of participants, and con...

Join Frontier for a Journey of a Lifetime!

Unique and exciting internships to develop your workplace skills and experience are available, so spend your gap year on an internship abroad or take a career break and work at our London HQ! Work in journalism in Africa or Fiji, or medical volunteering in Africa, India, or Nepal, the perfect way to build your CV while enjoying all the fun of your gap year.

International Internships

Work in a company or organization in Argentina and earn academic credits through International Internships LLC. Interns worldwide can live in Buenos Aires for a maximum of one year and gain professional work experience. Program options include Art History, Information Systems, and Computer Science.

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