Internships Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

120 Internships Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gap Journey

Witness the wonders of Argentina through internship placements offered by Gap Journey in Buenos Aires. Develop professional skills by spending five to eight weeks working in the fields of Architecture, Marketing or Finance. The program includes housing and various events and excursions for participants to enjoy and deepen their understanding of the Spanish lifestyle.

Mente Argentina

Gain professional experience through internship placements in the fields of Journalism, Business, or Advertising through Mente Argentina. Discover the rich city of Buenos Aires by working alongside Spanish speaking people in top companies and organizations. Placements are open to individuals from all over the world.

ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI (Experiential Learning International) offers a broad range of internship placements such as Politics & Human Rights, Law, Social Work, and Graphic Design. Intern in a Spanish-speaking country and explore the European style architecture and cultural venues of Buenos Aires. Interested individuals must have a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency.

Internships in Buenos Aires with Connect-123!

Live and work in Argentina with an internship from Connect-123. They offer customizable internship programs in Business, Human Rights, Health Care, among many other fields. Interns are based in the capital city of Buenos Aires, and will enjoy many local activities, such as tango lessons, soccer games, eating local asados and learning Spanish. Programs are available throughout the year!

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Live with an Argentinean family while partaking in an internship with Projects Abroad in Buenos Aires. The program offers Education, Dentistry, Medical Elective internships where interns can teach English in the rural areas of the city or shadow doctors or dentists at local hospitals. The program accepts participants who are as young as 16 years old.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Intern in Web Design, Television, Multimedia, or Human Resources among many other areas offered by the Institute for Global Studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Work with Argentinean locals and experience an exceptional urban adventure while working only 20 to 40 hours per week. Programs are open to individuals worldwide throughout the year.

API International Internships in Argentina

Live in one of South America's most cosmopolitan locations by interning in Argentina with API. Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a 2.50 GPA or higher. Interns will have time to explore Buenos Aires' vibrant nightlife, attend cultural events, and maybe even learn how to Tango.

Join Frontier for a Journey of a Lifetime!

Begin a career in Journalism in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires through Frontier's internship abroad program. Available throughout the year, individuals from all over the world can gain valuable experience while working for a local Argentinean NGO. This program includes accommodation, airport pick-up, and a free Frontier t-shirt.

Internship in South America with COINED

Intern for two to 12 months in one of the largest cities of Latin America, Buenos Aires. COINED International offers placements such as Communications, Medicine, and Law. Work for local and international companies in both the public and private sectors. Gain intercultural competence and greater Spanish proficiency and save money with these low cost programs.


Our internship program is ideal for Spanish language students looking to improve their language skills and gain professional experience in their field of interest. When you sign up for our internship program, you automatically have a week of intensive Spanish (15 classroom hours) included at our school, at no additional cost! Even if you already have an advanced level of Spanish, we highly reco...

Intern in Argentina - Buenos Aires

Experience Argentina in the exciting city of Buenos Aires, frequently referred to as the "Paris of South America". Explore the beautiful European-influenced architecture and immerse yourself in the Argentine culture while gaining hands-on experience in your field. World Endeavors Intern in Argentina program includes a wide range of available professional internship fields, including Museum & Cu...

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas provides quality internship positions all around the world. Have the opportunity to work through them as an intern for a local organization in Buenos Aires. Internship fields offered include Horticulture, Ecology, and Nursing.

International Internships

Earn academic credits through internship placements offered by International Internships LLC in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spend your free time skydiving through clear blue skies or embark on an urban adventure in the beautiful European-style city. Programs are open to individuals who are at least 18 years old with two to four semesters of college level Spanish.

Hospitality management paid internship in Argentina

Our Paid Jobs program guarantees a placement in a top restaurant/hotel in Argentina. Accommodation, meals and pocket money are covered. You will earn enough to cover basic expenses. We do guarantee placement but not location. You need to be flexible. You will work on average 35-40 hours per week and will have one day off. The type of position will depend on your level of Spanish, experience ...