Intern Abroad in Africa

677 Internships Abroad in Africa

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Choose from a wide range of internship programs in Africa, ranging from environmental conservation and agriculture placements in Benin to media and marketing positions and community development projects in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda, from ELI - Experiential Learning International. Most internship placements include orientation and in-country travel assistance. A few programs offer board and...

Internships Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Participants from all over the world can experience the culture of Africa through Cross-Cultural Solutions intern abroad program. Interns can travel to the astounding beauties of Ghana and Tanzania for a maximum of 12 weeks. This year round internship program includes focuses in Health Sciences, Medicine, and Social Work.


CISabroad offers internships in South Africa. Students can choose from a wide range of program types and durations so they can find just the right program to suit their individual requirements. Interns can enjoy the many exciting and highly cultural activities offered in one of the most sought-after travel destinations.

Internship programs with Global Vision International

Obtain an international internship through GVI in Africa. Internship placements are located in Kenya, South Africa, and Seychelles. Participants can choose to take part in a wide array of placements depending on the location they choose, such as those in Hospitality and Community Development.

Internships in Cape Town with Connect-123!

Experience life in South Africa by interning with Connect-123. Programs for interns are available in a wide range of fields, including Human Rights, Economic Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Health Care. Interns live and work in Cape Town, enjoying the cities rich cultural history, impressive natural beauty and pristine beaches. Programs are available to participants from all...

Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Gain international work experience in one of the distinguished companies and organizations in Africa with Projects Abroad. Have a chance to work alongside professionals in different fields including Medicine, Business Administration, and Journalism. This program is offered to applicants worldwide.

Institute for Global Studies

Individuals worldwide wanting to experience a new culture should sign up for a program in Africa from Institute for Global Studies. Interns can develop a better understanding of local culture and gain international work experience in South Africa for a semester. The internship program includes placements in Environmental Management, Marine Science, and Anthropology, amongst others.

Internship Programs in Africa

Interns can have incomparable opportunities to show off their talents and improve their professional abilities by undertaking an internship program with Performing Arts Abroad. Participants intern in a challenging but engaging atmosphere in the fascinating country of Ghana. Placements revolve around the fields of Music, Theater, Drama, and Dance, all of which are offered throughout the year.

Intern in South Africa with World Internships

An international internship with World Internships in South Africa gives participants a front row seat to one of Africa's most diverse and internationally active countries. Interns will be granted the opportunity to live in Cape Town, South Africa's second largest city and the seat of the National Parliament. Internships in South Africa range from engaging, hands on internships in the fields of...

VACorps Professional Internship Programs in Cape Town

Have you considered what type of internship in South Africa would best suit you? We are connected with an extensive list of companies and organizations in Cape Town. We will place you in a working environment where you will make a constructive contribution to your selected organization while gaining the useful internship experience you desire.

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad

Help a community grow and develop by mentoring and teaching the locals how to follow their dreams and become business savvy. This program is great for individuals with strong business knowledge and the passion to teach others to be better businessmen and women. Most of the local adults have ideas about what they want to do, but lack the skills of how to start their business. Volunteers will h...

Work the World

The role of pharmacists can be significantly different in the regions we work compared to back home. For this reason we have developed a program encompassing time spent in the dispensaries of regional and district hospitals as well as ward rounds with senior medical consultants, assessing patients and consulting with other healthcare students and hospital staff. The focus of these placements is...

Teach in South Africa: TEFL Internship

Your TEFL Internship in South Africa takes you on an teach and travel experience unlike any other! Upon arrival into iconic Cape Town you'll have chance to explore your new home in the seaside town of Fish Hoek with your fellow teachers. Over the next 2 months you'll be working in a local township school where you'll get chance to really enhance your practical teaching skills. Most of your t...

Professional Volunteer Work Ghana

Make your professional skills worthwhile by volunteering in Ghana. This programme allows participants to help local businesses/organizations, by sharing their professional experience and knowledge gained at University and at the same time gain practical skills while working in a professional environment. This is a fantastic way of supporting and improving businesses and experiencing the cultur...