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Internships bring experience. Experience brings marketability. International experience shows imagination and self-confidence. All this can be yours interning in amazing New Zealand. You can be practical AND have a great adventure at the same time. If you're serious about your future, we have some seriously great opportunities for you. Most fields are possible, so check with us. In New Zeal...

Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Internships Abroad

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Intern, you'll develop skills in finance, marketing, and sustainable business practices through your work with a community mentor. Consult with local microfinance organizations and small businesses to introduce income-generating activities. Improve business practices, assist with marketing and public relations campaigns,...


Summer Intern in London offers 8 week customized international internships in England's fascinating capital. Participate in London's work life through an internship that complements your academic concentration and unique personal goals! The program combines work and professional development with cultural excursions: each week, you will intern for 20 hours and be involved in seminars, lectures, ...

Boston University: Auckland Management Internship Program

Join the Auckland Management Internship Program. The program combines internship with courses offered at the University of Auckland. Participants take a 4-credit internship, two courses at the University of Auckland (one of which must be a management course), and three courses: New Zealand History and Society (Syllabus). Study abroad students are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Participate in this extraordinary international work experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Connect-123 works with you to create a hands on, customized internship program that aligns with your career goals. Advisors in the city have built a thriving network of contacts that covers the spectrum from human rights, health care, business, education, law, journalism, communications and more! The e...


Do your international internship with Maximo Nivel - get international work experience in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. - Education (K-12) - Special Education - Micro-Business - Hospitality & Tourism - Human Rights - Medical Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has been a leader in educational travel and study abroad. Our work-study-travel programs host more than 4,000 people per ye...

Mountbatten Institute

International experience is highly regarded by today's employers. Through internships complemented by study in an intensive one-year programme, the Mountbatten Institute equips young professionals with the diversity of skills necessary to top an increasingly competitive labour market. With c.300 internships per year, positions are available in HR, Marketing, Accounting, Banking, Legal, Opera...

Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad

This is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in social media, medicine, international education and business, broadcasting, marketing, social work, sports education and development, graphic design, tourism and much more. Having an understanding of the Spanish language is definitely helpful but Adelante acce...

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad has been organizing volunteer placements in the developing world since 1992. Our Projects for Professionals are specially designed for graduates, professionals on a career break, and retirees with the desire to volunteer in a developing country. Our Projects for Professionals are available in various countries across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the South Pac...

Institute for Global Studies

The INSTITUTE for GLOBAL STUDIES makes dream internships come true! Work alongside top marine scientists; law firms; television stations; social workers; television, newspapers and many more! Our 90% placement rate on hard to find custom internships and global database of leading university researchers and top executives makes us the industry leader. IGS founder Dr. David Adams, a cultural anth...

Global Experiences

Are you ready to take your resumé and work experience to the next level? How about living in a beautiful, diverse city and country full of history? Then Global Experiences Internship Program in Dublin, Ireland is the program for you. They offer placements in a variety of fields ranging from marketing, graphic design, and event planning, to accounting and IT. Global Experiences gives you the...

CAPA International Education

Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For 40 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skill...

IES Internships

IES Internships, a unit of IES Abroad, offers hands-on, professional internships in some of the world's most exciting cities. Whether you chose an eight-week, full-time internship in one of our eight international locations, or enroll in a part-time internship while you study abroad for the semester, one thing is for sure: you'll add global brilliance to your résumé. With more than 300 globa...

World Internships

You're likely to fall in love while interning in the historic and romantic city of Florence, often referred to as the "Jewel of the Renaissance". Ideal for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals, Florence's rich collection of art and history is perfect for internships in architecture, art/art history, fashion, jewelry design, graphic design, handicraft, interior design, and photograp...

Volunteer Adventure Corps

As a participant of our program, located in Cape Town, South Africa, you tell us what type of internship experience you are looking for and we will create a custom internship placement based around your specific interests. You will be placed within an environment where you will make a positive contribution to your host organization while gaining invaluable and distinctive international work exp...

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Accounting Internships Abroad

Accounting skills are crucial for any aspiring business leader to have. Luckily, you can expand your accounting skill set by interning abroad. As an accounting intern, you will learn about the accounting methods utilized by a different country and come to understand alternative cultural standards and procedures. Accounting internships abroad will provide you with a glimpse into a new culture and develop numerous business skills that will help you successfully conduct business on an international level. If you want to start your career in accounting off right, interning abroad in most definitely a great first step!

Why Intern Abroad in Accounting

Accounting internships abroad are beneficial for anyone looking to delve into international business, as well as a range of other fields. In general, work experience is something that all employers highly value, and some even require. However, gaining work experience abroad will take your skills to a whole new level. Therefore, international internship experience far outweighs internship experience at home.

By acquiring real work experience through an accounting internship abroad, you will gain an understanding of a new culture and business world, which will not only broaden your understanding of the field; it will also greatly help you develop new skills that are valuable by employers sometimes even more greatly than work experience, such as adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and cross-cultural communication. Your international internship in accounting will greatly help you in your future career when you are adapting to new accounting practices, transacting with foreign business partners, and communicating with your coworkers and clients. Accounting internships abroad will ultimately serve make you a better accountant and future employee, and employers will recognize that when they see your internship experience on your resume.


An accounting department is a necessary part of all businesses across the world, so when choosing where to intern abroad in accounting, you can almost simply choose a country that strikes your interest and rest assured that there will be viable opportunities there for you. However, to be realistic, outlined below are a few countries that are particularly well-known as international business centers. Accounting internships abroad in any of the locations below will surely provide you with a wide range of placement opportunities at reputable businesses that will impress any future employer.

China. As the most populated country in the world, China is also home to thousands of businesses seeking accounting interns to help support day-to-day operations. Some of the world’s largest metropolitan cities in the world call China home, so there are literally endless accounting internship opportunities. China is a hub for international business and a place that many individuals aspire to work and live in; by interning abroad in China, you will be putting your foot in the door and making connections with companies that could become your future employer. During accounting internships in China you will gain more than work experience and accounting skills. Mandarin Chinese is quickly becoming a more popular and valuable language to know, and you will no doubt be able to pick up some general phrases or better develop your understanding of the language during your accounting internship.

England is an international center of business, commerce, and finance, so accounting internships in England will provide interns with plenty of opportunities to learn various accounting tactics and strategies used on the international level. Since English is the national language of England as well as the language of all business transactions, accounting internship in England are a great option for native English speakers who aren’t ready to confront a language. Since England’s major cities, especially London, are home to a immense diversity, accounting interns will have a great deal of networking available to them. As with China, individuals from all over the world travel to England for professional opportunity, so your accounting internship in England could be your chance to make connections and find out about potential job opportunities.

Australia is a very popular destination for international student travelers, including those who are interested in both study and internship programs. Consequently, there are a number of organizations and program providers that specialize in helping foreign students obtain internships in Australia in their desired field. Those who intern abroad in Australia will have the chance to work alongside people from all over the world, since hundreds of students and professionals flock to Australia to gain work experience each year. While the competition may seem intimidating, it is actually a good signal that the experience you’ll gain through accounting internships in Australia is valuable. The Australian economy has remained fairly stable in recent years, creating a range of job and internship opportunities for those looking for a fresh start in a new country.

Accounting Internships Abroad

There are hundreds of accounting internships abroad available for the taking which allow interns to work closely with companies of all sizes, ranging from massive corporations to small businesses to family-owned companies.

Accounting interns may be responsible for a wide range of duties, including assisting with financial reports, managing bank statements and inventory, maintaining journal entries, invoice processing, or completing data entry tasks. Depending on the specific accounting internship abroad, interns may be solely responsible for their own tasks or they may work as part of a team. You may even have the chance to help improve financial literacy in your internship destination through outreach or resource sharing.

Many accounting internships abroad are part-time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to find a full time internship too. When it comes to the timing of accounting internships abroad, it can be beneficial to intern abroad during the busier times of the year for accountants, so you can experience what is is really like to work in the field. Full semester internships are also a great option, as these limit competition with the majority of students who look for summer internships. Fall or winter internships in accounting can also be great for students who are taking a semester off or gap year before completing their studies, and for entry-level professionals in the field too.

Experience is typically not required to intern abroad in accounting, but it’s always a good idea to sharpen up your resume before submitting your application.


Adapt to Different Standards of Accounting & Benefit Your Future Career. For those who are looking to get into a career involving international business, learning to adapt to the cultural standards of a different country can be extremely beneficial to your future career. Learning different accounting strategies will not only help you conduct business within another country, it will also provide you with the practice of adapting and respecting differing business and accounting traditions.

Immerse Yourself in the Field on an International Level & Build a Professional Network. Through interning in accounting within an international context you will not only be working for a foreign company, your fellow interns, and possibly your clients, will likely be from different countries as well. This will benefit your cultural repertoire, and will also provide you with many new international connections.

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