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  1. How about you got a healthcare hands-on experience of a lifetime?

    What are the advantages of having your elective organized by Elective Abroad? We provide a safe and structured elective for you while abroad. The elective is designed and monitored by a qualified doctor or registered nurse, and we encourage clinical directors to work with us to customize an elective experience that meets your unique institutional requirements. You'll get extensive hands-on experience. We evaluate our participants at the end of the program and lastly at the highest level of the organization. We are based locally, hence we have strong relationships with the hospitals we place students in and the doctors they work with; this ensures that students get a very productive experience. Contact us and learn more about this opportunity!

  2. Apply Now for a Summer Internship Abroad with World Internships!

    Explore a new country and your career path with an international internship! World Internships offers a wide array of locations and placement types. We scour each of our local networks to find the best placement available for you. We’ll also support you before, during and after your program, ensuring that your transition abroad is nice and smooth, you make the most of your time there, and your program is everything you expected and more after you return!

  3. NEW Intern programs let you earn credit and gain international experience

    CISabroad has new, customized internships around the world to match your academic focus, career aspirations, and personal interests. “More and more US students are looking for a 4-12 week international internship as part of their US university requirements,” says Jeff Palm, Executive Director of CIS. “We expanded our offering in 2011 to meet this demand.” Write for a fashion magazine, work at a tourist agency, teach at an orphanage, or participate in tropical rainforest research. CISabroad has internships in Australia, Barcelona, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Florence, Mexico, New Zealand, Seville, Dublin and London. Call us today to apply or for more information: 1.877.617.0327.