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Medical Intern Project

Interns will quickly find out why Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and why westerners travel half-way across the world to receive expert, inexpensive medical care. Thailand's medical system is well known for its highly qualified...

Friends For Asia
IES Internships: Add Global Brilliance to your Resume

IES Internships, a unit of IES Abroad, offers hands-on, professional internships in some of the world's most exciting cities. Whether you chose an eight-week, full-time internship in one of our eight international locations, or enroll in a part-time internship while...

IES Internships
Affordable Medical Internships & Volunteer Programs

CrossContinental offers affordable medical internship and volunteer programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gain hands-on experience, improve your resume, enhance cultural understanding, and build global network. Work alongside doctors and nurses. Stay with a host family for culture and...

Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica for 1–12 weeks

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies. As a leader in the field of international volunteer travel since 1995, we know...

Cross-Cultural Solutions
ISA Internships in Australia

Students will experience an enriching full-time customized internship program throughout Australia with various placements in different fields available.

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
Intern Around the World

Our Intern Around the World Programs allow students to mix and match internships in two or three countries. You can choose from any of the countries and internships available. Typical durations are four to twelve weeks in each location. We...

Institute for Global Studies
Dance Internship in Spain

Build your performance resume, gain international arts experience, and directly contribute to a dance company, all while being immersed in Spanish culture! Deepen your understanding of international dance and expand your own skills as a performer by interning with a...

Performing Arts Abroad
Intern in Britain

BUNAC's exciting new Intern in Britain program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to work as an intern in the UK for up to 6 months. This is a great way to spend time living and working in Britain...

LoPair Au Pair China Cultural Exchange program

LoPair’s Au Pair China is a cultural exchange program that combines travel, work, and study—while giving you the adventures you crave and a chance to have fun in the beautiful Middle Kingdom! We provide you with a 3-12 month placement...

LoPair Education
Intern in Florence, Italy with World Internships

You're likely to fall in love while interning in the historic and romantic city of Florence, often referred to as the "Jewel of the Renaissance". Ideal for students, recent graduates, and pre-professionals, Florence's rich collection of art and history is...

World Internships