High School Summer Jobs Programs Abroad

27 High School Summer Jobs Programs

High School Program

Go Abroad China's High School program is the preferred option for most parents for their children. We are preferred option because, we guarantee safety and meet client expectations. Choose a high school year or semester program with Go Abroad China and get the complete Chinese immersion experience through a caring homestay (Host Family Accommodation) experience arrangement, intensive Mandarin (...

Next Step Connections High School Programs

As part of Next Step Connections commitment to help the next generation of future leaders take their first steps into the professional world, comes the NSC Young Entrepreneur program in Shanghai for overseas high school students aged between 15 and 18 years old.

Get Into China

Get in2 China is open for everyone and ready to accept any number of participants for any period of time. A tailor-made program with Chinese classes, accommodation, activities and travelling will be specially designed according to your needs.

Spanish Immersion at 2 Locations in Costa Rica - City/ Beach

Intercultura is a language school and cultural center with two special locations in Costa Rica - Heredia City & Playa Sámara. Move easily from one campus location to the other, without any interruptions in your learning process due to the consistent teaching methodology, class structure and philosophy at both schools. And the best of it - you’ll experience two different lifestyles of Costa Rica...

Language Vacation

We offer short or long term language courses and total cultural immersion abroad. Studying abroad, in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language.

Intern & Volunteer Abroad: from USD180

CrossContinental offers affordable intern abroad, volunteer abroad, culture/language immersion programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gain hands-on experience, improve your resume, enhance cultural understanding, and build global network. Stay with a host family for culture and language immersion. Affordable program fees start from only USD180 (accommodation & meals included). These vo...

Camp Experience Program for EU, NZ, Australian Participants

NYQUEST helps young adults (19-27) travel to Canada to work abroad at the best resident summer camps in the country. Camp Counsellors/Activity Leaders should have the ability to: * Supervise 1-12 children or teenagers * Relate to other staff * Accept supervision and guidance * Assist in teaching an activity NOTE: Due to Work Permit restrictions, we only accept participants from the...

Health Care Volunteering in Guatemala

GPSA for Health offers this incredible opportunity for high school students who are interested in healthcare to volunteer at a clinic in Guatemala. Students will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on local communities while seeing the world and gaining valuable international experience in the field of healthcare. Volunteers also receive health care, cultural, and language training a...