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26 Summer Jobs High School Study Abroad Programs

SPI Study Programs International

We believe traveling abroad develops independence and maturity by expanding students' knowledge of the world and increasing their understanding of other cultures.

Costa Rica: Nandamojo Expedition

Beyond Student Travel’s Costa Rica Nandamojo Expedition feeds the adventurous side of students interested in exciting outdoor activities while also working to preserve the countries natural beauty. Students will volunteer with research projects to protect Leatherback turtles and also work with community and NGO leaders to help restore the watersheds of Costa Rica. Adventure activities include ...

Language Vacation

We offer short or long term language courses and total cultural immersion abroad. Studying abroad, in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language.

Mandarin Garden - Summer Programs for Juniors

Mandarin Garden is one of the biggest Chinese school in Shanghai with 8 years history, there're more than 6000 students have studied in our school, and most students are from their friends' recommendation. Our school is also an International Chinese teachers trainning centre, 95% Chinese teachers in Shanghai are from our school, and they are all degree and certificate holders. They all have ...

Get Into China

Get in2 China is open for everyone and ready to accept any number of participants for any period of time. A tailor-made program with Chinese classes, accommodation, activities and travelling will be specially designed according to your needs.

Next Step Connections High School Programs

As part of Next Step Connections commitment to help the next generation of future leaders take their first steps into the professional world, comes the NSC Young Entrepreneur program in Shanghai for overseas high school students aged between 15 and 18 years old.

Children's Needs Assessment/Documentry in Sierra Leone

Volunteer abroad in Sierra Leone. The community development program we want to engage on for this summer is that, since our organization is young, we are developing a community needs assessment - simple questioners/documentary which we will administer to slums communities, community non formal schools to know the real situation of children and their parents, children like orphans, street kid...

Spanish immersion for high school students in Guatemala

This program has earned the accreditation of the Secretary of Education of Guatemala. It features an immersion program that caters to the specific needs of both middle and high school students taking Spanish classes, CIS, AP, and IB in high school. Beyond just the academic program, students will be volunteering in small communities, and will be taking fun educational trips. Colonial Quetzaltena...

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