High School Study Abroad in South Korea

5 High School Study Abroad Programs in South Korea

Youth For Understanding USA

Come to South Korea to learn about its ancient heritage and tradition and see the new Korea, the "Asian Tiger" that is now a major player in the global community. Learn about a culture as different from US culture, as East is from West.

Experiment in International Living

Ancient traditions are still practiced in the majestic country of South Korea, where study abroad students can learn through various excursions and cultural immersions about the history and culture of the country. Experiment in International Living offers summer programs for high school students to help them experientially learn about the world.

LanguBridge Education Centre

High school students will gain a better understanding of the culture and traditions of South Korea when they participate in this program offered by LanguBridge Education Centre. This four-week summer program in Seoul offers cultural and language immersion like no other. They will partake in intensive language classes paired with several cultural activities and a homestay program.

Free Counseling and Placement Services for Language Courses Abroad

AEI study abroad agency offers free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroad, including: language courses in language schools abroad, language courses abroad for kids (summer/winter), language courses abroad for seniors, learn a language + work experience programs, learn a language + internships/volunteering programs and au pair programs abroad.