High School Programs Abroad in Costa Rica

84 High School Programs in Costa Rica

SPI High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Program allows students to study and travel in the different eco-systems of the country. They have 3 locations in the most pristine yet distinct natural areas of Costa Rica; Monteverde (rainforest), Flamingo (beach), and Heredia (San Jose).

SPI Study Abroad
Volunteer in Costa Rica with Aspire by API!

Journey to Costa Rica with Aspire by API for a two-week community service program! Students will meet and interact with locals as they travel around this beautiful Latin American country, in a program designed to intoduce participants to Costa Rica's many communities and diverse natural environments.

Aspire by API
Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel offers high school study abroad programs in Costa Rica. Students experience Spanish language immersion, international volunteer work, and cultural excursions.

Maximo Nivel
Travel to Costa Rica and Marvel at its Beauty!

Partake in an incomparable program provided by Travel for Teens. High school students have the chance to explore Costa Rica while rendering community service in two local schools, partaking in rewarding projects, and lending a hand in cleaning a beach. In addition, they get to visit fascinating ecosystems, engage in various enthralling activities, and learn about the local culture.

High School Programs with Projects Abroad

Costa Rica is a country of environmental wonders and is renowned for its biodiversity and fascinating wildlife. This year, experience the tropical paradise with Projects Abroad through its international high school program. Enroll in a full-time education in one of the Costa Rican high school institutes and engage in volunteer projects and cultural explorations to have a better understanding of...

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways program in Costa Rica is ideal for students seeking an exciting combination of community service, language immersion, and action-packed adventure. Students will be immersed in the Costa Rican culture while giving back to the communities and exploring the countries natural wonders.

High School Study Abroad with ISA-HS in Costa Rica

Indulge in the Tico culture together with other high school students through ISA's programs in Heredia. The program has a typical duration of one to two weeks and is designed for participants who are 15 to 18 years old. Students will live in a homestay, have intensive language and culture classes at the Universidad Latina, and enjoy organized weekend activities. These activities, which includes...

Lifeworks International

Participate in humanitarian projects in Costa Rica with Lifeworks International. High school students will participate in programs led by Gail Nystrom, a former Peace Corps member. These programs will help improve the conditions of the Costa Rican community.

Experiment in International Living

In the Costa Rican journey with Experiment in International Living participants discover an ecological paradise containing a substantial share of the earth's biodiversity, wrapped into an unspoiled natural environment. Students learn the pure life of Costa Rica through immersive cross-cultural experiences and life-changing community service projects.

Travel to Costa Rica... the 360 way!

360 Student Travel provides programs that encourage individual’s inner and outer growth and character. High schoolers travel to Costa Rica and spend the summer in one of the selected locations in the country. Get involved in a diverse program that combines Community Service, Language Immersions, and Adventure Travel.

High School Programs with CIEE

Embrace the Costa Rican culture by heart with Council on International Educational Exchange. Study in an accredited high school institution in Costa Rica and have the opportunity to gain international understanding. American participants will have the option to attend a pre-university International Baccalaureate program or get involve in an environmental education program.

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School has 3 programs in 1 location. Programs are offered in Costa Rica

Adventures Abroad with Broadreach

If you're looking to experience the world, climb aboard. Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 12,000 students on adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students. Prepare for hands-on experience, trying new things, making lifelong friends and having amazing adventures while earning a pile of certifications as proof of your achievements. The world awaits!