High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica

104 High School Study Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

SPI High School Study Abroad in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Program allows students to study and travel in the different eco-systems of the country. They have 3 locations in the most pristine yet distinct natural areas of Costa Rica; Monteverde (rainforest), Flamingo (beach), and Heredia (San Jose).

SPI Study Abroad
Spanish Study in Costa Rica to Connect with Others!

Now more than ever, it’s so important to become a citizen of the world. Connecting with others through experiences that illustrate our differences as well as our similarities is what will keep us moving forward and looking ahead to an exciting future. Aspire is here to be a part of this transformation.

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Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel offers high school study abroad programs in Costa Rica. Students experience Spanish language immersion, international volunteer work, and cultural excursions.

Maximo Nivel
Travel to Costa Rica and Marvel at its Beauty!

The charm and splendor of Costa Rica is almost tangible; from arrival to sad wave goodbye, the warmth of the people and the marvel of natural beauty is a truly spectacular and indispensible experience. Come learn the meaning of Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures helps high school students experience Costa Rica with programs in Guanacaste, Coco Beach, and San Jose. With two to four week program durations, students are immersed in the local culture and can explore the famously biodiverse national parks of Costa Rica.

Global Leadership Adventures
High School Programs with Projects Abroad

Costa Rica is a country of environmental wonders and is renowned for its biodiversity and fascinating wildlife. This year, experience the tropical paradise with Projects Abroad through its international high school program. Enroll in a full-time education in one of the Costa Rican high school institutes and engage in volunteer projects and cultural explorations to have a better understanding of...

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways program in Costa Rica is ideal for students seeking an exciting combination of community service, language immersion, and action-packed adventure. Students will be immersed in the Costa Rican culture while giving back to the communities and exploring the countries natural wonders.

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Go on a high school study program in Costa Rica with ISA and earn academic credits for college. Students on the program attend the Universidad Latina in Heredia and have intensive Spanish language and culture courses Monday through Thursday. Weekends of the four-week program are reserved for excursions and cultural activities, such as tours of Inbio Park and the Britt Coffee Plantation, as well...

Lifeworks International

Lifeworks has 4 programs in 4 different locations. Programs are offered in Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and British Virgin Islands

Costa Rica: Nandamojo Expedition

Beyond Student Travel’s Costa Rica Nandamojo Expedition feeds the adventurous side of students interested in exciting outdoor activities while also working to preserve the countries natural beauty. Students will volunteer with research projects to protect Leatherback turtles and also work with community and NGO leaders to help restore the watersheds of Costa Rica. Adventure activities include ...

Beyond Student Travel
Sol Abroad: High School Spanish Programs

High school students can study abroad in Costa Rica through Sol Abroad. Sol Abroad offers Spanish and cultural immersion programs in Heredia or Atenas. Programs include staying with a host family and are open to participants worldwide.

Experiment in International Living

In the Costa Rican journey with Experiment in International Living participants discover an ecological paradise containing a substantial share of the earth's biodiversity, wrapped into an unspoiled natural environment. Students learn the pure life of Costa Rica through immersive cross-cultural experiences and life-changing community service projects.

Global Works - Travel with Purpose

Maximize what Costa Rica has to offer through Global Works. The high school program provides worldwide participants a chance to engage in Community Service, Language Immersion, and Fun Recreational Activities for two to four weeks. Explore the Costa Rican customs, traditions, and cuisines in one of 26 cities, including Monteverde, San Jose, and La Fortuna.

Travel to Costa Rica... the 360 way!

360 Student Travel provides programs that encourage individual’s inner and outer growth and character. High schoolers travel to Costa Rica and spend the summer in one of the selected locations in the country. Get involved in a diverse program that combines Community Service, Language Immersions, and Adventure Travel.

Putney Student Travel

For 62 years, Putney Student Travel has offered high school and middle school students the opportunity and insight to shape their world through travel, unique cultural engagement, friendship, and fun. Our summer programs include community service, language immersion, adventure travel, pre-college enrichment, and global awareness. We believe that an essential component of every young person’s ed...

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