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ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Earn your degree at James Cook University with ISA Degrees Abroad. Your study abroad experience is all about you! JCU prides itself on its excellent support services for students, to ensure they achieve their best in their studies. Services include: international student advisers, accommodation service, careers and employment service, study skills centres, counseling service and English lan...

Degree options in Brisbane or the Gold Coast with Griffith

At Griffith, one of our goals is to develop graduates who will make a difference to the world in which we live. Griffith is a large public institution which offers more than 300 degrees across a diverse range of study areas. Griffith’s 5 campuses are located in sub-tropical South-East Queensland. Enjoy either the relaxed, beach lifestyle of the Gold Coast, or the bustling, inner-city life o...

King's College London

King's attracts curious minds. From the academics making discoveries that push the frontiers of knowledge to the students informing and learning from their research, we insist that a spirit of inquiry permeates everything we do. This helps us create a learning and research environment that inspires and equips the next generation of world thinkers as they seek to answer some of society's most pr...

Curtin University - Bachelor or Master Degree Abroad

Curtin University of Technology has earned a reputation as a dynamic and innovative Australian university, and has gained recognition as a leading provider of education in the international arena. With students from over 100 countries, Curtin is an outstanding international university. The University's main campus is situated in Perth, a clean and modern city with a low cost of living, and less...

Middlesex University, London UK

Middlesex University offers a range of innovative and challenging courses. Students will experiment with the latest technology, access and contribute to world-leading research, meet like-minded practitioners and build international contacts through our exceptional industry practice links. Our students are provided with study areas, practice equipment, and support services ensuring a fully immer...

Across the Pond

Whether intending to study in the UK or completing an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree, Across the Pond can help. For 10 years, this reputable institution has been helping students from North America, Latin America and Norway find and be admitted to over 35 of the top colleges and graduate schools in Britain. A dedicated team of Study Abroad Experts offer support on every aspect of the r...

Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus

Students at Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus can study abroad for a summer, semester, year, or complete a full degree abroad. Over 150 universities in the US and around the world send their students to study abroad at SLU-Madrid. On campus, study abroad students enjoy the benefits of a 4-year campus: modern science laboratories, a full-service cafeteria, computer labs, Wi-Fi throughout th...

Immersive Study Abroad in Northern Spain

This semester or year abroad program is perfect for a student, with at minimum intermediate level Spanish skills, who wants an authentic study abroad experience. You will take classes at an accredited Spanish university and take classes in your major alongside Spanish students. At the beginning of the semester, we offer intensive Spanish language courses to help prepare you for the semester...

Nursing Bachelor's Degree - CEU -Cardenal Herrera - SPAIN

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera offers a four-year European Degree in Nursing Studies at its campus in Valencia, Spain. The degree program is aimed at students who want to reach a higher level of competitiveness and chances within the job market. The degree provides an array of competencies related to employability and entrepreneurship. The first two years of the program are taught in English,...

Nursing in Australia at Murdoch University

Murdoch's Nursing degree offers a great mix of theory-based learning and practical technical experience. Whether you're exploring the physiology and biology of the human body, discovering the inner workings of the mind, or learning about health on a molecular level, you'll drive the health of the communities around you with your degree. The Bachelor of Nursing at Murdoch University boasts a ...

University of Virginia in Valencia, Spain: Global Health

Spend a month in Spain improving your fluency in Spanish and at the same time learning about the structure of healthcare systems in different countries. Spain's healthcare system is ranked 7th in the world and through site visits to local health organizations and health care sites, students will get to explore this system first-hand. Developed with pre-med, nursing, and global health majors i...

Winter Degree Program at the Brandon University

Brandon University, located in Brandon, Manitoba Canada is a small public liberal arts school, of approximately 3000 students, founded in 1899, offering degrees in Arts, Sciences, Health Studies, Music and Education, as well as graduate programs. It is a traditional liberal arts university of over 100 years old that has a low classroom (12:1) student to professor ratio. Also, there is free prov...

Study Abroad at Deakin University, Australia

Deakin University, Australia, is a top-rated university with world-class graduates. Industry-focussed degree programs and a strongly international outlook mean that Deakin graduates are ready for the global workplace. Deakin is ranked in the Top 3% of universities worldwide and was named the 2014 International Educator of the Year by the Government of the Australian State of Victoria. Deakin...

Study in India - Exchange Semester, BA, MA, MBA, Post-Grad

Whether you are interested in an exchange semester or want to pursue your bachelor, master or post-graduate degree in India, we assist you in locating and enlisting in the best suited study programs. Our services cover all formalities, from the selection of the most suitable educational institute and the first point of contact to the application process and finding appropriate accommodation. ...

James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is the second oldest university in Queensland and Australia's leading university in the tropics. Offering excellence in teaching and research, JCU is a vibrant, multi-campus university with campuses in the Queensland cities of Townsville and Cairns, and a modern city campus in the city-state of Singapore. Total student enrolments are more than 18,000 and growing, ...

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Nursing Degrees Abroad

Nursing is a field that has employment opportunities in all regions of the world. It is an occupation that involves providing care, guidance, and education about health conditions to people of various cultures and backgrounds. By choosing to earn a nursing degree abroad, you’ll be choosing to gain international knowledge that can be applied to your professional clinical experience in hospitals and community agencies, which will help you become a more successful nurse. As you invest in your future and gain an international perspective first-hand, you’ll be on your way to becoming a leader in the healthcare industry. 

Why Earn a Nursing Degree Abroad

The traditional and emerging responsibilities of a nurse are often decided by the developing needs of society. You will learn to collaborate with global health care provides and gain a deeper understanding of the nursing culture in a new environment while earning your nursing degree abroad. As you interact with patients, your flexibility will increase and you’ll learn to adjust your skills based on the needs of your patients. Moreover, with an increased emphasis on preventative care and a strong demand for healthcare services, the future of nursing jobs and those seeking out a career in nursing is positive, especially those with international education under their belt. 


Nursing degrees vary from country to country. When evaluating your nursing degree program abroad, keep in mind that credentials earned in another country often need to go through a verification process by your future employer. Be sure to assess the benefits of each nursing degree abroad and choose the best degree program that suits your goals and future aspirations.

Some of the strongest nursing degrees abroad are found in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As fluency in your program’s main language is highly important for communication, both during university lectures and on-site work, the latter countries are a great choice for students that are fluent in English or native English speakers.

In the United States, the demand for nurses is much higher than the supply, making nursing job opportunities more prevalent throughout the country. Three of the most prestigious universities in terms of nursing degree programs in the U.S. include the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of California - San Francisco. 

The United Kingdom’s nursing degree programs utilize their time by focusing 50 percent on lectures and 50 percent on practical hands-on experience.

If you want to improve your foreign language skills as you earn a nursing degree abroad, consider attending a nursing school in Spain or Turkey. While some class options will be in English, your daily life outside of university will involve a deep cross-cultural experience in either of Turkey or Spain. By immersing yourself in a country with a different language from your own, you will be providing yourself with a challenging, but rewarding opportunity.

Nursing Degree Programs Abroad

For acceptance into nursing degree programs, significant experience in the field may be required, especially if academic requirements are not met. The amount of nursing experience you have will be based on the documents, transcripts, diplomas, and noted work experience that you submit with your application to each nursing school abroad. Every nursing degree abroad will have different prerequisites and requirements for acceptance, as well as different end goals for graduates. Be sure to review all types of nursing degree programs before choosing the one you’d like to pursue to be sure it matches your academic and career goals.

Nursing degrees abroad at the undergraduate level focus on a multidisciplinary approach to understanding adult care management, maternal-child health, community health, and mental health. The final stage of a nursing degree program usually involves hands-on preceptorship. Depending on the course, a nursing degree can take four to five years to complete. A bachelor’s degree in nursing can prepare students to work in a variety of nursing occupations, including home health care, public health, school care, and primary care.

A graduate level nursing degree usually involves approximately one to two more years of study on top of an undergraduate degree in nursing. During a master’s degree program in nursing, you’ll focus more on critical thinking and decision making needed in the field. Students will also be able to actualize the role by incorporating professional standards, legal and ethical guidelines, and interpersonal skills in professional relationships with clients, families, and health care team members. During this phase of your nursing education, you can specialize in a specific field that can prepare you to enter higher-level positions, like a nurse administrator and nurse informaticist. 

Finally, if you have the passion to become a nursing leader or advanced practice clinician, with a desire to examine current theoretical and practical health issues, obtaining a doctorate degree in nursing might be the right path for you. Doctorate nursing degree programs often involve years of additional study, research, and hands-on experience in multiple disciplines. Choosing to go on this path will enable you to become an exceptional nurse that can lead healthcare changes in local communities.


Nursing Careers Vary Over a Lifetime. The profession has a variety of occupations within the field that allow people to change career paths. As you gain a competitive edge by earning a nursing degree abroad, you’ll learn how to become flexible and adapt to ambiguous and rapidly changing environments throughout your career. 

Broaden Your Perspective. By choosing to earn a nursing degree abroad, you will be adding to your skillset and developing an international perspective. During your nursing degree program abroad, you’ll be able to hone your approach to nursing as you combine the knowledge and interpersonal skills you learn in and out of the classroom.

Explore Other Opportunities Abroad. From an educational standpoint, earning your nursing degree abroad will prepare you for an array of opportunities in the future. From a more personal perspective, you’ll expand your network and make lifelong international friends. As the world becomes even more intermingled, your extensive network may come in handy when you need another colleague’s advice or when you’re searching for a new nursing job abroad in the future.

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