Degree Programs in North America

209 Degree Programs Abroad in North America

Grand Valley State University Degree Programs

Strategically located to foster an efficient learning environment, Grand Valley State University features a vibrant residential main campus on over 1,000 beautiful acres situated between peaceful Lake Michigan and the nearby city of Grand Rapids. The campus is equipped with modern classrooms and many brand new residential buildings, as well as a newly built state of the art Library facility. ...

Visual Effects and Animation 1 Year Program

Study Visual Effects and Animation with Epics Visual Effects School. Their Mexico studio branch caters to clients from Europe and the United States, doing visual effects for TV commercials, film, and a variety of high quality computer-generated work like matte painting, digital compositing, dynamic simulation, character animation, etc. Individuals interested in the industry of Animation and ...

University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans has become one of the defining attributes of New Orleans. One of the most unique and fascinating cities in the world, no other city provides the same mix of innovation, culture, and history. The University's hallmark programs draw upon the institution's historical strengths and location, and the unparalleled experience they provide.

Intensive English and University Pathway Program in California

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) offers an Intensive English and University Pathway Program based in Los Angeles, California. The program aims to provide an advanced method of teaching English to international students who want to become more familiar with the American society, culture and lifestyle. CSUN's 171 academic programs and centers enjoy international recognition for e...

Fairfield University Office of International Studies

In this international degree program, students get the chance to take up educational courses in Engineering with Fairfield University's School of Engineering. Courses challenge participants to gain a deeper understanding of the discipline. The North America program is based in the United States. International students can study among fellow logical thinkers in an engaging learning environment.


Win a scholarship to complete your bachelor's degree at The New School! If you are an adult or transfer student looking to complete your bachelor's degree, join the Public Engagement Competition and compete for a scholarship to complete your studies at The New School for Public Engagement in New York City beginning fall 2015. 1 full- and 1 partial-scholarship for the Bachelor's Program for ...

Study in the USA! Choose from Top US Campuses at USjournal

Congratulations on your decision to study in the USA! Smart move. The United States host some of the most prominent colleges, universities and English language programs in the world. We help non-U.S. students decide which U.S. campus is best for you. USjournal is not a comprehensive listing of thousands of campuses. We represent an exclusive list, deliberately kept below 100 campuses. All o...

International Programs

Go on a degree program in the North American country of Canada with International Programs and study in a liberal arts school in Manitoba. Participants attend classes at Brandon University, a 100-year-old school with a low professor to student ratio, where they take 30 hours of courses over two semesters.

Jacksonville University

JU is an extraordinary place to learn and grow as a human being. And, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the momentum growing on this beautiful riverfront campus. You can expect to be impressed by the warmth and professionalism with which the JU community approaches their work. As a recent addition here myself, I can tell you that you can expect to be impressed by the war...

Schiller International University

Earn a degree in North America with Schiller International University. This program offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in several subjects including Business Management, Hospitality, and International Business. Program participants from around the world can spend a semester or summer in the United States.