Degree Abroad Programs in the Netherlands

28 Degree Programs Abroad in the Netherlands

VU University Amsterdam

Earn a degree in International Business Administration in Amsterdam with VU Amsterdam University. Students learn about political policies, gain a deeper understanding of the global business environment, and develop better communication skills and strategies. Students will be studying alongside other international students and experience the Dutch culture.

Amsterdam University College

Obtain an international degree from the Amsterdam University College. The Amsterdam University College's Liberal Arts and Science Degree Programs lets students major in sciences, social sciences or humanities. The College requires students to have at least a secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch VWO, good mathematics skills, and proficiency in written and spoken English.

Master of Arts in Comparative European Social Studies

Get a Master's of Arts degree abroad. Students can study in Maastricht in the Netherlands through the organization Master of Arts in Comparative European Social Studies. Students will be conducting comparative international research, prepare for social work practice, and more. It is available for an academic year, requires students to have a bachelor's degree, and is open to students of any nat...

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Earn a degree abroad through this international program developed by The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Talent scholarships are available to European participants who are talented, intelligent, and consider themselves to be global citizens. This program lasts for an entire academic year.

Antioch Education Abroad - Antioch University

Students get the chance to take semester programs abroad in the Netherlands while finishing a Liberal Studies degree at Antioch University. Antioch Education Abroad (AEA) offers an effective combination of international experience, practical internship placements, and first-rate academic courses.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University offers more than 30 graduate programs in English. Most programs (MA, MSc ) take one year to complete. Others may take 2 years full time or part time (Research Master).

Earn Your Degree at the University of Groningen!

The University of Groningen believes that academic talent should be further stimulated and encouraged in order for the same to evolve into true passion and performance. With 400 years of experience in educating the young minds of the local Dutch as well as those from different parts of the globe, the University has consistently produced quality education. Hence, it has been part of internationa...

Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees in Utrecht

Study in the Universiteit Utrecht, a renowned international educational institution with a high number of graduation rates. The University provides a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees (Bachelors, Masters, and PhD) ranging from the most well-established to the more modern disciplines to students from across the globe who are interested in earning a degree in the history-infused city o...

Earn a Bachelor's Degree at Tilburg University!

Become an international bachelors degree holder at Tilburg University. Considered as one of the most distinguished universities across the globe with specialization in the fields of Philosophy, Law, and Economics, this program allows students to strengthen and hone their knowledge in their chosen subject area. The University provides high quality education and employs an experienced team of ins...

HRC Culinary Academy

Earn your academic degree through this two-year program at the HRC Culinary Academy in the Netherlands. Situated in the busy city of Amsterdam, participants receive lessons from international chefs, enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, and even receive a paid internship. Furthermore, they get to indulge in the country's exceptional culture, history, and people.