Degree Programs in Middle East

36 Degree Programs Abroad in Middle East

The American University in Dubai

Through the Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies program at The American University in Dubai (AUD) students will develop an understanding of the environment, cultural, politics, and history of the Middle East. This understanding will serve any students well whether they are seeking employment within the Middle East (regardless of their profession) or have a strong interest in the region. P...

BSc in Civil Engineering

The Technion International Israel Institute of Technology teaches students about construction management at different stages of the construction process, touching on areas such as management, economic business, planning, and legal issues associated with the process. Topics related to the design and management of water delivery and supply systems, water and wastewater treatment and recycling, an...

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev offers degree programs in the Middle Eastern region. Graduate and undergraduate students can study for the academic year. The program offers courses in Linguistics, Engineering, and Business Administration.

University of Haifa International School (UHIS)

Travel to the Middle East and enroll in a masters degree program at University of Haifa International School. For the whole academic year, students from all over the world can learn about the Israeli culture. The program offers courses in Religious Studies, Sociology, and Business Management.

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)

The Doctoral Program in International Relations (hereafter IR) aims at the creation and interpretation of knowledge which extends the forefront of the disciple of IR (in the wider reading of the discipline), through original research and critical thinking. Holders of a Ph.D. in IR will be able to conceptualize, design and implement projects for the generation of significant new knowledge and/or...

Study in Cyprus

Situated at the crossroads of three continents  Europe, Africa, and Asia  with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a summer running from May to October, Cyprus might be the ideal place to study. X-Plore assists prospective students gain admission to educational institutions in Cyprus to further their studies. The basis of this placement is an individualized assessment of each potential ...

Tel Aviv University

Enroll in a graduate degree program in the Middle East with Tel Aviv University. Have international experience and make friends with the students in the institution. The program offers courses in Archaeology, International Relations, and Business Management.

Polis The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities

Enroll and study the science of Philology through Polis The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities in the Middle East. For a whole academic year, graduate student studying humanities can focus on mastering the Greek and Hebrew texts and languages. Courses include Classical Civilization, Classical Studies, and Liberal Arts.

Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing

The Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing is for English-speaking Israelis, as well as writers from around the world. The two-year program is offered by Bar-Ilan University in their English Department located at the outskirts of Tel Aviv and only an hour's bus ride from Jerusalem. This MA in English specializes in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction. Participants in this p...