Degree Programs Abroad in Italy

146 Degree Programs Abroad in Italy

Degree Abroad at Istituto Europeo di Design

Students have the chance to earn a degree in Italy and choose from a plethora of bachelors as well as masters academic programs offered by IED - Istituto Europeo di Design. Based in six cities including Rome, Milan, and Florence, these programs are a blend of the areas of product design and communication. These are further supplemented by intense workshops and some substantial scientific compon...

Prepare For A World-Class Career in Rome!

Complete a degree abroad by studying in Italy. John Cabot University has programs that specialize in a wide array of subject areas, including Foreign Language (Italian), International Business, and Communications. Students in the program may also go on field trips and excursions during their stay and join various cultural and sports activities. The programs are open to American, Canadian, and N...

Domus Academy: The Home of Italian Design

Domus Academy has grown into one of the leading postgraduate design schools in all the world. And we’ve done so by following a carefully synthesized approach that reflects our nature as both academy and laboratory and that derives from our fundamental belief in learning by doing and learning by designing.

Experience the Glory of the Renaissance

Come experience your own personal rebirth in the city that gave birth to the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment! Students will receive inspiration both personally and artistically from the vast wealth of Art and Creative Energy that fuels Florence ’s thriving creative community of writers, musicians, actors, artists and film makers. Students will be challenged to create fresh and origina...

Degree Courses in Italy

Our design school courses have been specifically created to give a detailed understanding of Italy's rich culture. The Florence Institute's courses teach the foundation of interior design by combining modern technology with inventive traditions. Our graphic design school courses teach tradition, theory and the latest graphic software.

St. John's University: Your Choice of Majors

Explore the architecture of Ancient Rome while earning a degree at St. John's Universities. With available courses to choose from such as Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Government and Politics, students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for a future career. These courses are open to worldwide participants with Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Study and Immerse Yourself in Chic Italy!

Get a degree at the Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) with Academic Programs International Italy. With a wide variety of degree programs offered to American and Canadian students, API provides an environment conducive for learning in the historic city of Florence. Participants will receive an enriching and comprehensive degree program while exploring the sights of their host city and interacting ...

Fairfield University Office of International Studies

Fairfield University's Florence program has an extensive list of academic courses to choose from. Students complete a three-credit course on Italian Language along with other English-taught subjects. Have an unforgettable semester or year in Florence with organized cultural activities, academic programming, and support services.

CIMBA- Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analy

Take up a Master of Business Administration in Asolo, Italy with CIMBA. Students will receive extensive knowledge that could be used in the real world workplace, improve both leadership and managerial competence, and are taught by certified leadership development instructors who use an advanced technology in giving their feedback. By the end of the program, participants will earn an AACSB-accre...

Study Abroad In Europe

Travel to Italy as a student through Study Abroad in Europe. The organization offers degree programs that concentrate on various industry fields, such as Fashion Design, Visual Communication, and Hospitality Management. The programs cover tuition, books, and housing. Programs run for 1 to 2 years and are based in Florence. Open to participants from all over the world.

Study Arts, Interior Design, and Fashion in Italy

Lorenzo de' Medici has partnered with Marist College to offer the first four-year U.S. Bachelor's Degree Program in Florence. This degree program has been designed to meet the academic needs of qualified students from around the world. Our program gives students the opportunity to interact with a multitude of cultures and build the kinds of skills and experience they need to succeed in this inc...

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