Degree Programs Abroad in China

38 Degree Programs Abroad in China

Quality Pharmaceutics Study

Obtain a bachelors or masters degree abroad at China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing. The university offers more than 25 degree programs, such as those in Pharmaceutical Informatics and Biotechnology. Students from around the world can complete their degree while being immersed in the local culture daily.

The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata

Based in Kunming, China, students can attend The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata and explore the rich culture of China. A recommended degree abroad destination by the World Health Organisation, Medical Council of India, and National Board of Education, Kunming Medical University is the largest medical unit in Yunnan. Students therefore have the opportunity to earn a Bachelors Degree in Me...

Duke Kunshan University

Earn a master's degree in China with Duke Kunshan University. Situated in the city of Kunshan, participants from across the globe have the chance to broaden their knowledge in the subject area of Global Health in a new country. Students gain a better comprehension of research methods and techniques used in the field.

Degree Abroad Programs in China

Students can begin graduate studies in the United States and finish their degree in China with Concordia University Irvine. This International Studies masters degree program focuses on three concentration options, International Relations, International Business, and International Policy and Diplomacy. The portion of study in China is available in various Chinese cities, including Shanghai and H...

INTO China

Complete a postgraduate degree at some of China's best universities through INTO China. Two master's degree programs are available at Nankai University in Tianjin, International Relations and International Economics and Business. Throughout their program of study students will inevitably build their Chinese language skills as well.

Cologne Business School

Earn a Masters Degree in Shanghai through the Executive MBA program offered at Cologne Business School. The program lasts for 24 months and is open to all nationalities. This MBA program provides students with the opportunity to learn the basic as well as the advanced concepts of business, while learning about international business and a new culture at the same time.

LIU Global

The China location of LIU Global offers a year-long program for American undergraduate students that includes language courses, cultural immersion and education, and independent study. Students study at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Through additional academic components, outside of the regular classes, students learn about Chinese culture, politics, society, and history.

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