Degree Programs in Central America

23 Degree Programs Abroad in Central America

United Nations mandated University for Peace

This specialized Masters program focuses on the theories, procedures and practices for resolution of international and transnational disputes through the rule of law. Students gain holistic, rigorous, and critical knowledge of the role that international law and institutions play in the settlement of disputes. Apart from building a solid foundation in international legal theory and practice...

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies with LIU Global

With four centers and two programs around the world and a student body and faculty drawn from more than twice that many countries, LIU Global is uniquely international. Although actual enrollment varies from semester to semester due to visiting students, it hovers around 130. The Program is designed for students capable of assuming greater responsibility for their own lives and learning. The Pr...

Degree Abroad Programs with Galen University

Complete a graduate degree in 14 months with Galen University in Central America. The Professional Master's of Business Administration program, which consists of 33 credit hours, is designed for career professionals who have finished their baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration or related fields.