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ONE CAMPUS. EXTRAORDINARY POSSIBILITIES. * For more than 50 years, Macquarie University has been a progressive voice across the Asia-Pacific region. With a 5-star QS rating, Macquarie is considered one of Australia’s best universities, producing graduates that are among the most sought after professionals in the world. With a strong tradition of innovation and exploration, we continue to b...


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Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers innovative undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of Hospitality. These programs have been strategically developed in partnership with prestigious institutions and universities in Australia. They offer a great start for a successful career path in the field. They offer the following courses and programs in Adelaide: - Certificate III in Hospita...


Enroll at UNSW, one of the leading research and teaching institutions in Australia. The University has been consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities. Students can take courses from the following disciplines: - Arts & Social Sciences - Art & Design - Business School - Built Environment - Law - Engineering - Science - Medicine UNSW is renowned for its innovative wor...


The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) will assist you in finding the right program in Australia or New Zealand where you can earn your Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or PhD. Our services are free to you. We do not charge you for the work we do on your behalf. By utilizing TEAN's services you are saving money on international postage, faxing, and phone calls. Here is a list of the ways we ...


The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is recognised as the leading provider of university-level hospitality education in Australia. With two campuses in Leura and Sydney, Blue Mountains is now ranked number 1 among hospitality management schools in Australasia for an international career (TNS Survey, 2010). Recently awarded the 2010 Qantas Australian Tourism Award winner for...


Earn your Diploma of Digital Media Technologies from AIT in Australia and start your career in the exciting fields of animation and digital design. The program provides you with valuable skills in a variety of digital media areas while also granting the opportunity to concentrate in Animation, Games Development Specialization, Film Specialization, or Digital Design Specialization. AIT emphasize...


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Take a Bachelors in Business Admin, Communication & Economics the S P Jain School of Global Management in Sydney, Australia. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Acquire employable skills and stay ahead in the highly competitive and complex world. S P Jain redesigned the BBA program to emphasise skills such as global agility ad critical thinking, as well as technical knowledge. B...


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Choose to study abroad with The University of Newcastle Australia. The university offers variety of interesting and exciting courses for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels. Post graduate degrees may choose programs such as Architecture, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Teaching, Surveying, Social Work, Science, Nursing, Computing, Fine Art, Modern Languages, Classics, History, Math...

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Degrees Abroad in Sydney

Located on Australia’s east coast, Sydney is settled around the largest natural harbor in the world, stretching from brilliant, golden beaches in the east to the Blue Mountains in the west. Not only is it Australia’s largest, most iconic city, but Sydney is also one of the most multicultural and internationally connected cities in the world, making it the perfect place to earn a degree abroad in Australia. There are endless academic opportunities in Sydney, from international studies to medicine to business to hospitality. No matter your scholarly interests, Sydney is an exciting city where you cannot help but thrive while getting the ultimate cultural experience!

Degree Programs in Sydney

Sydney is home to some of the top universities in Australia, and has become a popular place to earn a degree in Australia. Some of its more well-known universities include Macquarie University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Western Sydney University, and University of Technology Sydney. But your options for degrees in Sydney do not end there; there are many smaller universities that can offer more specialized degree programs in Sydney, too. Most Australian universities offer top-notch degree programs, as well as endless access to networking and internships for students pursuing these degrees.

Since Sydney is the leading financial and commercial hub of Australia and Oceania, some of the most popular degrees to pursue are business, technology, and international relations. Other popular degree programs in Sydney are centered on hospitality, and even culinary arts, as there are many job opportunities in the hospitality industry in Australia (and further in nearby Asia). However, international students do not have to limit their studies in Sydney to the realms of hospitality and business. Most universities in Sydney offer a range of degree program options, from the arts and sciences to engineering and law, and everything in between.

Universities in Sydney offer both undergraduate and master’s degree programs, although the length of these programs vary. Undergraduate programs will often last four years, with the academic year beginning at the end of Australia’s summer in February and ending in November. Lengths of master’s degree programs in Sydney vary depending on the degree, but most will begin at the start of the academic year, like undergraduate programs. All classes and coursework in Sydney will be instructed in English, Australia’s most widely used language.

Life in Sydney

It is nearly impossible not to fall in love with the charm, energy, and dazzle of Sydney. This iconic city is home to over four million people, making it the largest city in Australia. Filled with endless excitement, students earning a degree abroad in Sydney will never be bored. When thinking of Sydney, most students immediately envision sightseeing around the Opera House, watching tourists who appear as small as ants climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the distance, or having dinner and drinks around the harbor; but there is so much more to Sydney than Circular Quay. There are coastal walks along sheer walls of sandstone, beaches with fine, golden sand, wineries nestled into the Blue Mountains, museums and art galleries, trendy suburbs to explore, and a thriving nightlife.

Most “Sydneysiders” spend their free time in the great outdoors. There are many beautiful public parks throughout the city. Students can go for walks through gardens and admire the architecture of fountains and other monuments, or just sit and soak up the sun with a good book. When classes are over and summer rolls around, students can take surf lessons at Bondi Beach, while keeping a lookout for celebrities at this great people-watching spot.

Sydney is full of quirky suburbs that are common hangout spots for students. Newtown and Glebe are both located just outside of the city’s central business district. They are much quieter than downtown Sydney, but they are worth exploring with their trendy hole-in-the-wall cafes, boutique shops, and many restaurants with exotic cuisines. Manly is another popular spot for students; only a short ferry ride from Circular Quay, students love it for its top-notch beachside restaurants.

Like most big cities, Sydney’s culture is thriving. There are weekend markets, annual music festivals, and heaps of exciting spots to explore. The city is an international melting pot, and while students will inevitably experience some culture shock upon arrival in Australia (“you call flip flops WHAT?”), there is no better place to earn a degree abroad and get a true cultural experience than Sydney.

Scholarships & Costs

Earning a degree in Sydney opens doors to the professional world after graduation, while breaking you out of your comfort zone. But, students must prepare themselves for the high cost of living while studying in Australia. There are steep tuition costs for international students; but don’t let money deter you! Learn how to budget or apply for a part-time job. If money is still holding you back, there are many scholarships that can help you have the funds to earn your degree in Sydney.

Accommodation & Visas

International students have several options when it comes to housing throughout their degree program in Sydney. Most universities offer on-campus housing options, but many students choose to seek off-campus housing in apartment rentals instead. It is important to remember that housing is expensive in Australia, and students will usually need to find furnished apartments and live with roommates in order to cut down on cost. Another way to save money is to participate in a homestay; this accommodation arrangement offers a true immersion experience for students since they’ll get the chance to live with an Australian host family. No matter which option students choose, universities will often offer resources to assist in finding affordable living near campus.

Before arrival, students who plan to earn their degree in Sydney will need to apply for an Australian student visa. There are several visa options, depending on the length of your degree program in Sydney, but most universities will specify the visa required and offer assistance through the visa process. GoAbroad can help too; check out GoAbroad’s Australian Embassy Directory for more information on visa processed.

Benefits & Challenges

Aussie Culture. Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world. The people are friendly, the culture is lively and laid back, and there is always something fun to do. Students who decide to get their degree in Sydney will have the opportunity to spend several years in a country that is world famous for its beauty and adventure. International students can fully immerse themselves in Australian culture, embrace a new way of life, and truly become “Aussie!” Students who earn their full degree in Sydney will learn that Australian culture is more than just prawns on the BBQ, singlets, and thongs.

International Experience. Sydney is a diverse city that attracts people from across the globe. The population is comprised of only 27 percent Australian-born citizens, while the rest is made up of people from England, China, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, and many other countries. Students who earn their degree in this multicultural hotspot, therefore, will have the opportunity to meet other international students, interact and build relationships with people from all over the world, and have the ultimate international experience.

No matter your interests, you will find anything and everything you are looking for by earning a degree abroad in Sydney. Break out of your comfort zone, explore a breathtakingly beautiful country, immerse yourself in the rich Aussie culture, and get lost in the excitement of this diverse city!

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