Degree Programs Abroad in Sydney, Australia

17 Degree Programs Abroad in Sydney, Australia


Earn a degree in Australia with The Center for International Studies (CIS). They offer programs that help students reach their academic, professional, and personal goals. Students choose from a wide range of courses that are classified into four major categories: Master's Degree, Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma, Ph. D, and Bachelor’s Degree.

Degree Abroad Programs Available in Australia

Globalinks Learning Abroad works with prestigious universities in offering degree programs in Australia. Open to American and Canadian students, the programs include undergraduate, post-graduate, and professional degree levels. Students benefit from the comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-efficient program only a provider with 20 years of experience in the field can deliver.

Macquarie University

Earn a degree in Sydney with Macquarie University. Students will be immersed in a multicultural environment with a university that has thousands of students from more than a 100 countries worldwide. Macquarie University offers programs in a number of subject areas including Psychology, Women's Studies, and more.

Academy of Information Technology

Experience living and studying in Sydney with AIT. The academy offers students a variety of programs in different fields such as Interactive Media, Information Technology, and more. The students will experience a global exposure and acquire new skills that can put them ahead of other students.

The University of Newcastle

Choose from a wide range of degree programs at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Open to prospective students from across the globe, Newcastle's degree programs have been recognized for providing a challenging, intellectually-stimulating environment for students. Consequently, the university consistently produces competitive graduates who are prepared for the international job market.

Blue Mountains International Hotel School

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is one of the leading providers of hospitality, as well as travel and tourism courses. Gain expertise in Australian hospitality while pursuing an international degree program. Students from all over the world can learn the basics of the industry while enjoying a paid placement to earn experience.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Australia

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) assists students in finding the right degree program in Australia free of charge. Whether the students seek a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree, TEAN will be able to find a great match with their long-standing links to several prestigious universities. They help select the ideal program for the participants, taking into consideration individual needs and pr...