Degree Abroad Programs in Australia

57 Degree Programs Abroad in Australia

Macquarie University

Earn a degree in Sydney with Macquarie University. Students will be immersed in a multicultural environment with a university that has thousands of students from more than a 100 countries worldwide. Macquarie University offers programs in a number of subject areas including Psychology, Women's Studies, and more.

Earn Degree in Australia with International Studies Abroad

Pursue your degree abroad in Australia with ISA and experience the wonder of life down under. With a chance to choose between literally hundreds of areas of study and specializations at one of over 15 universities throughout the country, possibilities are truly limitless.

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
Want A Degree From A Prestigious Australian School?

For over 40 years, the James Cook University has been providing a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that aids students from all over the world gain more knowledge and better comprehension of their chosen field of study. Currently ranked as the world's second ranking research institution on climate change, the University provides a challenging yet enthralling environment f...


Earn a degree in Australia with The Center for International Studies (CIS). They offer programs that help students reach their academic, professional, and personal goals. Students choose from a wide range of courses that are classified into four major categories: Master's Degree, Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma, Ph. D, and Bachelor’s Degree.

Spend a Semester Brisbane, Australia

Individuals can participate in a degree abroad program like no other with Fairfield University in Australia. Based in the vibrant city of Brisbane, this semester-long program allows students to learn more about their fields of expertise in an engaging environment amid a fascinating new culture. The program is open to undergraduate students.

Murdoch University

Earn your degree at beautiful locations in Australia. At Murdoch University you will attend class with 3,000 international students and 17, 000 local students, and be able to choose from programs that range from Veterinary Science to Chiropractic Science. Participants will also receive plenty of opportunities to become immersed in the rich culture of Australia.

LIU Global

Students who study with Long Island University Global College in Australia can earn a full Bachelor of Arts degree through study abroad. Participants start out taking interdisciplinary courses and choose a subject of specialization by their junior year. These degree programs include rewarding extracurricular activities and fieldwork that prepare students for future careers and experiences.

Internship in HR at CareerDC | Sydney, Australia

A young internship Coordination and Consulting company in Sydney is looking for a motivated intern to work on an internship in Human Resources. Through the program, the intern can learn the following: - Internship Coordination - Business development - Working with local and international students - Interview skills - Candidates selection - Account management - Resume writing - Prof...

University of Melbourne

Students from all over the world have the chance to be educated in one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Australia, the University of Melbourne. Offering around 80 undergraduate majors and 270 graduate programs, ranging from History to Business and Engineering, there are around 10,000 foreign students who attend the University each year. Participants also have the rare chanc...