Degree Programs Abroad in Australia

54 Degree Programs Abroad in Australia

Degree Abroad Programs with the University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is ranked in the top 10 in the overall ratings for universities and colleges in Australia. Worldwide participants can sign up for a Student Exchange Program and complete their studies. The program includes courses in subjects such as Education, Business and Government, Design, and many others.

University of Canberra University of Canberra
Degree Abroad Programs Available in Australia

We offer you the largest choice of universities to choose from, with 25 Australian Universities, 8 universities in New Zealand, and 5 universities in the U.K. Many of the universities are ranked in the top 100 worldwide. All universities are internationally-recognized and offer a high quality education, so selecting your program and university should be focused around your particular needs. ...

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Earn a degree in Australia with The Center for International Studies (CIS). They offer programs that help students reach their academic, professional, and personal goals. Students choose from a wide range of courses that are classified into four major categories: Master's Degree, Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma, Ph. D, and Bachelor’s Degree.

Academy of Information Technology

AIT has been home to thousands of students from Australia, North and South America, Asia and Europe. We offer Bachelor and Vocational courses which are recognised by most of Australias leading Universities. We provide an exciting and inspiring education that prepares students for successful careers in 2D and 3D animation, games development, digital media, graphic design, interactive website de...

Murdoch University

Earn your degree at beautiful locations in Australia. At Murdoch University you will attend class with 3,000 international students and 17, 000 local students, and be able to choose from programs that range from Veterinary Science to Chiropractic Science. Participants will also receive plenty of opportunities to become immersed in the rich culture of Australia.

Spend a Semester Brisbane, Australia

Individuals can participate in a degree abroad program like no other with Fairfield University in Australia. Based in the vibrant city of Brisbane, this semester-long program allows students to learn more about their fields of expertise in an engaging environment amid a fascinating new culture. The program is open to undergraduate students.

Macquarie University

Earn a degree in Sydney with Macquarie University. Students will be immersed in a multicultural environment with a university that has thousands of students from more than a 100 countries worldwide. Macquarie University offers programs in a number of subject areas including Psychology, Women's Studies, and more.

Australian International Hotel School

The Australian International Hotel School offers a graduate degree program in Australia. There are two different academic tracks to choose from based on education and experience. One is designed for those with a Bachelor's Degree, but no experience in the field and the second is for those who hold a degree in Hospitality and have prior experience related to the field.

Carnegie Mellon University Australia

Earn your degree abroad at the top ranking school, Carnegie Mellon University Australia. Ranked top among the "New Ivies", the university is acknowledged for its exceptional academic programs. They offer a wide range of American degrees.

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