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Have you ever been interested in writing for an international audience that encompasses an average 1.3 million unique visitors and 5.1 million page views each month? Are you an expert when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of a specific destination, how to pack for an extensive stay abroad, or other travel related content? Do you have a passion for meaningful travel and the experience to prove it? Then GoAbroad.com would like to have you as a Featured Contributor!

What GoAbroad is Looking For:

GoAbroad is the leading online resource for meaningful travel with directories that include:

Content submitted to be featured on GoAbroad must be relevant to one or more of these directories. Please also review current content on the GoAbroad Blog, so as not to run into the issue of submitting an idea/angle that has already been covered.

Suggestions for the type of content GoAbroad is interested in may include: a destination feature (specific to a location), a program feature, a list of your “top” travel tips, a feature about a cultural marvel, or a review of accommodations abroad. Keep in mind, though, that these are simply suggestions and GoAbroad is open to a topic that may not be included here.

What You Get Out of It:

1). PUBLISHED WORK: The GoAbroad online communities encompass more than 45,000 world travelers, with over a million visitors to GoAbroad each month–elevating the presence of your work on the web and adding credit to your name as a published travel writer. GoAbroad has long been known in the travel and international education industries for publishing high-quality content, and the Featured Contributor Program will serve to emphasize this.

2). FEATURED BIO: Also included in your post will be a short bio (75 word limit) with a link to your preferred network. If you would like to include a headshot with this biography, you are encouraged to submit it with the other photos that accompany your post.

3.) PAYMENT: All GoAbroad Featured Contributors will receive $25 per article, received via PayPal, upon publication. This fee is non-negotiable at the present time.

Submitting a Pitch:

Please submit all pitches to the GoAbroad Featured Contributor Form. Only pitches received via this form will be considered by GoAbroad.**

**Due to the Featured Contributor Program having more extensive requirements for travel experience/expertise, not all articles will be accepted even if the pitch has been approved by GoAbroad Editors.

What to Expect After Submitting a Pitch:

1). Due to the large number of pitches we receive, please allow for up to two weeks to be notified if and when GoAbroad decides to accept your pitch.

2). If your pitch has been accepted, GoAbroad will be in touch with you via email to request any changes/edits, additional photos and to discuss any other details related to your submitted content. You will submit all content to a specified GoAbroad email address.

What to Keep in Mind Before Writing Article:

Once your pitch has been accepted by GoAbroad Editors, please keep these guidelines in mind when compiling your article:

  • The content must be between 300 and 800 words
  • Review your content thoroughly for any grammatical and/or spelling errors before submitting it for review. GoAbroad Editors will also review the content, but there will be less chance for editorial changes if you do the same.
  • Make sure to provide a short bio, highlighting your travel experience/expertise with your post.
  • The content must be original and unpublished work. GoAbroad requires that all posts featured on GoAbroad be unique and adhere to the Author & GoAbroad Agreements (see below).

Differences from Other GoAbroad Blogger Programs:

The main difference to note about the Featured Contributor Program is that GoAbroad retains all future rights to the work (see Author & GoAbroad Agreements below). If you would prefer to retain all rights and copyright to your work, please consider pitching content to have published through our unpaid Blogger Programs

Author & GoAbroad Agreements:

1). The Author grants permission to include his/her posts (hereafter referred to as the Work) at www.goabroad.com, or any of the sites within the GoAbroad Network, (hereafter referred to as The Publisher) as well as any future publications associated with GoAbroad.com.

2). The Author agrees to grant The Publisher ownership to all future rights of the published Work. This gives the Publisher the non-exclusive worldwide right and license to (1)access, use, reproduce, distribute, translate, publicly display, and digitally display the Work(s) on its website at GoAbroad.com; (2) to sublicense the Work(s) for redistribution, republication, translation and display on the Internet; (3) to edit, revise, abridge, expand or retitle the Work(s), including removing the content as GoAbroad deems necessary or desirable to protect against potential liability.

3). The Publisher is only interested in original, unpublished Work; the Author agrees to not republish or distribute the Work in any format without the express consent and agreement of GoAbroad.com.

4). The Author grants permission to the Publisher to archive the original published Work in an online version of the GoAbroad Network.

5). The Author warrants that the original published Work is his/her own writing (not someone else’s), the Work does not infringe on someone’s copyright, the Work is not libelous, and does not contain libel. The Author also declares the Work to be accurate to the best of his/her ability and knowledge.

6). The Publisher agrees to provide the Author with a biography and one permanent link to a preferred network within the body the of the published Work.

7). The Publisher is not held accountable or liable for any errors in the Author’s submission that may lead to any problems, inconveniences, etc.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. The parties further agree that the federal or state courts in the State of Florida shall have jurisdiction of any dispute arising out of this agreement.