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Are you interested in writing about your travel experiences for an audience that encompasses an average million visitors each month? Are you an expert when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of a specific destination, how to pack for an extensive stay abroad, or other travel-related current events? Do you have a passion for meaningful travel and the experience to prove it?

If so, GoAbroad.com would love to have you as a Featured Contributor! Please click on the link below to begin:

The GoAbroad Write For Us Form

Article ideas MUST be received via this form to be considered by our Editors. We receive many inquiries, and only those that fit with the GoAbroad Mission will be will be considered for publishing.

The GoAbroad Blog & Article Directory – What We’re Looking For

GoAbroad.com features a variety of content in two distinct places. These include:

The Blog features posts that incorporate the following:

  • Written content is shorter than a traditional article, falling between 200 and 800 words maximum
  • Posts can be a photo essay/video essay, as opposed to written content
  • Posts can be written in the first person
  • Posts are edgier in style and theme
  • Posts that are time sensitive to international holidays, campaigns, etc.
  • Posts that are relevant to current events in the meaningful travel industry
    • This includes study abroad, volunteer abroad, working abroad, teaching abroad, living abroad, interning abroad, etc.
  • Posts that feature news, announcements, giveaways, etc. that are relevant to an international audience interested in some form of meaningful travel

Please also review current content on the GoAbroad Blog, so as not to run into the issue of submitting an idea/angle that has already been covered.

The Article Directory features articles that incorporate the following:

  • Articles MUST be original pieces not published on any blogs, websites, or other sources.
  • Articles should be written in third person
  • Articles MUST be at least 900 words in length
  • Practical Information for individuals who are interested in participating in meaningful travel programs
  • Location specific information to help individuals narrow down their country and city of choice
  • Useful tips for first-time travelers and adventurers
  • Insider experiences of what it is like to participate in unique travel programs

What You Get Out of Writing For GoAbroad

1. PUBLISHED WORK: The GoAbroad online communities encompass more than 92,000 world travelers, with over a million visitors to GoAbroad each month–elevating the presence of your work on the web and adding credit to your name as a published travel writer. GoAbroad has long been known in the travel and international education industries for publishing high-quality content, and the Featured Contributor Program will serve to emphasize this.

2. FEATURED BIO: Included in your post will be a short bio (75 word limit) with a link to your social media channels and website or blog site. Your featured bio will also include a headshot, which you will submit with any other photos that accompany your post.

What to Expect After Submitting a Pitch

1. Due to the large number of pitches we receive, please allow for up to two weeks to be notified when our Editors decide to accept your pitch.

2. If your pitch has been accepted, GoAbroad Editors will be in touch with you via email to provide requirement details, and then once a draft is submitted, to request any changes/edits, additional photos, and to discuss any other details related to your submitted content. You will submit all content to a specified GoAbroad email address.

All content MUST be original and unpublished work. GoAbroad requires that all posts featured on GoAbroad be unique and relevant to readers.

Does Writing for GoAbroad Sound Right for You? Click here to submit your article ideas today!