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Look Like a Local: China

Feature - Wednesday, 17 April 2013 - 1 Comment

China by Dainis Matisons

China used to be a traditional, conservative country that held conformity in high regards. While tradition and uniting with some sort of group, even if it’s just family, are still valued in China, younger generations have become much more fascinated with Western culture. Today, Western trends are just as popular…


Tibetan Treasure: The Unforgettable Beauty of Namtso Lake

Feature, GoAbroad Contributor - Thursday, 17 May 2012 - 0 Comments

Lhasa, Tibet

Today on the GoAbroad Blog, we feature a guest post from international education professional, Tom Hopkins, of Minds Abroad! His newest post takes readers into the mountains of Tibet, where Namtso Lake is “as old as the dinosaurs.” This Tibetan marvel of landscape offers world travelers a taste of culture and…

Guest Post, Walt Goodridge, Spandarish

Today on the GoAbroad Blog, we feature of a guest post from Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of  The Jamaican in China blog. During his time living abroad in China, Walt learned a great many things about himself and Chinese culture. We are pleased to share some of these experiences with GoAbroad readers….


Top 7 Types of Internships by Field of Study

Feature - Thursday, 11 August 2011 - 3 Comments

Photography Internship Abroad

Have you ever considered an international internship? With many economies struggling to recover from unemployment rates, internships have quickly become go-to opportunities for students. When you combine an internship with traveling abroad, it enriches your travels with practical working experience. So what are the kinds of internships in which students are…


Celebrate International Youth Day!

Feature - Thursday, 11 August 2011 - 0 Comments

Celebrate International Youth Day!

Sometimes it takes the smallest voice to make the biggest difference. International Youth Day — August 12 every year — is right around the corner, and as day that draws attention to worldwide youth issues, there is no better time to make your voice heard! With issues ranging from education to…


Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2011

Feature - Monday, 1 August 2011 - 4 Comments

World Atlas

Ever wondered what study abroad destinations travelers are searching for on GoAbroad? Today we’re featuring the top ten most popular study abroad destinations, based on how many users searched for a particular country on GoAbroad.com. Whether you’re interested in perfecting your Italian language skills, exploring the Australian Outback or studying ancient…


Let Your Travels to Taiwan Touch Your Heart!

Country - Tuesday, 14 June 2011 - 0 Comments

Map of Taiwan

Today we feature abroad opportunities in Taiwan! Here are the links to our GoAbroad listings for: Study Abroad Programs Degree Programs High School / Gap Year Programs Internship Programs Job / Work Listings (updated daily) Language Study Programs Teach Abroad Programs TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification Programs…


2011 GoAbroad Innovation Awards Student Video Finalist: A Beijing Love Song

News - Thursday, 12 May 2011 - 0 Comments

2011 GoAbroad Innovation Award Finalist: Student Video

We’re pleased to announce one of the 2011 GoAbroad Innovation Awards finalists in the category of Innovative Student Video. We received many wonderful nominations and the selection committee has chosen the finalists. Each day this week, we will be featuring one of the Student Video finalists. UPDATE: The finalists have been chosen…


JourneySong: Good Life by OneRepublic

Feature - Sunday, 20 February 2011 - 2 Comments

JourneySong: Good Life by OneRepublic

For anyone who has spent time abroad, this song reflects the happiness of discovering the world — and how sometimes even your friends (especially those who haven’t been abroad yet) don’t understand. Woke up in London yesterday Found myself in the city near Piccadilly Don’t really know how I got…


Check out China – 5000 Years Young!

Country - Thursday, 3 February 2011 - 2 Comments

Map of China

With such a vast history and unique culture throughout the country, China is sure to teach each visitor something different. There is much to see, from the Great Wall to any number of Buddhist temples and sacred mountains. Visitors can explore the larger cities of Beijing or Shanghai, which are…