8 Must See Summer Festivals in Europe

Glastonbury FestivalAre you studying, teaching, or interning abroad in Europe this summer? Along with thousands of attractions, museums, and stunning landscapes there are tons of unique and fun festivals all over Europe during the summer that you can’t miss!


Noted as the world’s largest dance party, Tomorrowland is electronic dance music (EDM) fan’s dream. Last year, 185,000 people were in attendance to explore the psychedelic scenery and listen to DJs and artists on 20 different stages.

  1. Where: Boom, Belgium

  2. When: July 18-20 & July 25-27 2014

  3. Website: http://tomorrowland.be/en

Haro, Spain Wine Fight Festival Haro Wine Festival

Join thousands of Spainards and tourists as they climb a mountain and commence in a massive red-wine fight.  La batalla del vino, or wine fight, will take place on the 29th, but the parties in Haro will start the day before and inebriated partying, dancing, and dinning will take place well into the day after the battle ends.

  1. Where: Haro, La Rioja, Spain

  2. When: June 28-29, 2014

  3. Website: http://www.wine-fight.com


Founded in 1970, Glastonbury is a music and arts festival that takes place in the rolling hills of England in June. This festival is charity-run and gives thousands to organizations like Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid as well as draws in major headliners like Mumford & Sons and The Rolling Stones.

  1. Where: Glastonbury, England

  2. When: June 25-29, 2014

  3. Website: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

If you are a lover of art, any kind of art ranging from opera to improv comedy, then the Fringe festival is your ideal festival. It is the largest art festival in the world that brings together thousands of artists, performers, and spectators from all over the word.

  1. Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

  2. When: August 1-25 2014

  3. Website: https://www.edfringe.com

Secret Garden Party

This is not your average British tea party. This festival takes place next to a scenic lake, and the party lasts all weekend with music and free spirits of over 30,000 gardeners. Don’t forget to bring your costume and say goodbye to convention in the garden of free spirits and great beats.

    1. Where: Abbots Ripton, England

    2. When: July 24-27 2014

    3. Website: http://www.secretgardenparty.com

Il Palio

This historic horserace only lasts about a minute, but the celebrations last for a few days. It is recommended to come a few days early to explore the beautiful city, which is a World Heritage City, and to see a few of the practice races.

  1. Where: Siena, Italy

  2. When: July 2 & August 16 2014

SzigetSziget Festival in Budapest

Called the “Island of Freedom”, this music festival takes place on Obudai Island in the heart of Budapest. It is a week of non-stop cultural programs, exhibits, and music. In 2014, headliners include Imagine Dragons, Queens of the Stone Age and Stromae.

  1. Where: Budapest, Hungary

  2. When: August 4-11 2014

  3. Website: http://www.szigetfestival.com

Roskilde Festival

This 8-day music festival is one of the older European music festivals beginning in 1971. The first four days are for camping and enjoying all that the festival has to offer outside of music including swimming in the lake or watching a movie. The rest of the festival is filled with music from big-name artists to smaller Scandinavia acts.

  1. Where: Roskilde, Denmark

  2. When: June 28-July 6 2014

  3. Website: http://roskilde-festival.dk

Meghan Tankersley is the Inbound Marketer for Global Experiences. Meghan completed an international internship in Dublin, Ireland during college and now works to help students and graduates share their stories of interning abroad. Meghan is a dog-owning social media junkie with a love of travel, a fierce loyalty to the South Carolina Gamecocks, and an addiction to reading. Read more of Meghan’s posts on the Compass Blog or connect with her on Facebook.

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    music lovers might like to check Meadows in the Mountain. lovely music festival nestled deep in the Bulgarian mountains offering spectacular views, nice people and diverse line-up of musicians.

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    I hate reading time-consuming posts, only because i’ve got
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