A Life of Travel: GoAbroad Talks with Anil of foXnoMad

Anil Polat, foXnoMad

Anil Polat of foXnoMad

Today on GoAbroad, we’re thrilled to bring you a new series of interviews, featuring some of the most adventurous and unique travel bloggers around the world! This is your chance as readers to gain advice from those who have traversed  interesting worldwide destinations, and who have “been there, done that.” Today we speak with Anil Polat of foXnoMad. Anil began traveling with his parents at a young age, but four years ago he left his job as a computer security consultant to travel permanently. See what Anil has to say about travel.

In your blog, you say you started traveling with your parents at a young age. What made you decide to travel extensively as an adult?

I’ve always enjoyed it, there was never a moment where that snapped into mind.

Before you started traveling you were a professional computer hacker, so it’s safe to say you know technology. If you could give 5 pieces of tech advice to travelers, what would you say?

That’s a broad question I don’t think I can answer specifically. Though I’d suggest to evaluate what you need and don’t neglect the advantages of traveling with tech.

Have you gained skills through traveling that can be applied to everyday life? Give some examples.

Absolutely. Evaluating what you really need and disassociating happiness with objects.

What do you think the most rewarding part about traveling is?

Experiencing humanity.

Anil Polat, Formula One Race Car What do you think the most challenging part about traveling is?

Challenging yourself and preconceptions.

You’re currently living out of one bag. What advice would you give to other travelers striving to do the same?

If you have to convince yourself you need it, you probably don’t.

What would you say to a travel newbie who is contemplating going abroad?

Have fun and if you need any help along the way, let me know.

What country or city would you love to revisit and why?

There are so, so many. Egypt immediately comes to mind.

Name one not-so-practical item that you can’t travel without.

They’ve all got a use I suppose.

Thanks for chatting with GoAbroad, Anil! Stay tuned for more GoAbroad interviews with travel bloggers who have all sorts of advice and stories to offer!

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